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I placed my order in the middle of October last year for 3 items. I received 1 item after about a month and then nothing up until now. I sent an email on Dec 5th regarding
the other parts of my order and they didn't respond until Dec 25th!! They offered no explanation or reason for my order being missing and just said "your order has been shipped", the same message as was sent for the original order. It's been more than 30 "business days" since I received that message and I still haven't received the remaining parts of my order.

I have a strong suspicion that the company uses an old tactic. They deliver everything perfectly and treat the customer well in the beginning, when the orders are small (My first order was only 1 item I think), and then when they've gained the customer's trust and he orders multiple items with a higher price tag the company just fails to provide the product and doesn't respond to emails.

Another suspicious point, the price for my product changed both times I purchased it. I just checked a second ago and it has changed again, but lower this time. It's possible the system remembers you, assumes you think the price hasn't changed, and then charges a higher price than you just payed a month ago without you noticing.

Something else that's interesting, while it might be true that the packages have to be split for customs reasons, it also allows the company to collect the payment before you realize anything is wrong. So even if you do call your credit card company to report fraud/abuse/not receiving full order, the money has already been payed out and can't be withheld/retrieved from the company.

The website, email responses and the gentleman on this board all offer phone numbers to call (all of which are different) in case of a problem. Yet, I've attempted to call these numbers more than 10 different times and at differing times of the day and not once has anyone ever answered the phone! Many times an answering machine will pick up and the voice will be in a British accent but the number I called today had a message in Hebrew or Arabic!

I really do think this company is a scam but they try to trick you into trusting them and spending more before they decide to rip you off.

I hope I can get a response from this site because I sure haven't got one by emailing [protected] Saar Levin, if you are reading this message please look up my order, 303184 from 10/17/09, and find my email address and then email me personally explaining what has happened to my order and when I will receive it. If this doesn't occur, I will start posting complaints on every website I can find to hurt your company's reputation. After that, additional, more unfriendly steps, will be taken as a response to being ripped off.

Thank you

Scott J.

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  • Gi
      3rd of Jul, 2010

    I have ordered 400 Embassy No1 from these shysters and guess what they have been seized. Despite me paying extra tax on their website to comply with duty free laws in UK.

    I have now received a very suspect looking letter from the UK border agency. YEAH RIGHT!!!


    I paid $182-00 including extra duty tax for 400 Cigs these were not cheap and you still ripped me off.

    The order no is 138534 for any company fraudsters who like to reply to this.

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  • Ta
      27th of Jul, 2013

    I order from them all the time, Sometimes my order gets sent back to the company, and I call them and tell them that i did`nt receive the order they ask me for my order number and the quanity and price, and they tell me that they will resend it and they always do So keep all the information I just gave you and perhaps that will solve the problems Thanks Tammy

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