Dunia Finance / unethical behaviour of collection department dunia finance

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I m the Customer of Dunia Finance for many years, I have Credit Card and Loans. I m going through a bad Financial issues since last 02 years and unable to pay big amount of installment. My installment per month is 1570 nett for 10years. Our company has reduced our salary for last 03 months and eventually for the last 04 Months. I have missed almost 03 installement as well. I request Dunia Finance Collection guy Subhu to help to reduce the installment amount to Aed 1000 with decent lower amount as I can see I m paying for ages and my amount is increase to 92000 aed its never reduce.

I really need help if I can get decent installement plan I want to live my life peacefully with no threats as they keep on threatining about depositing the cheque of Aed 100000. And they dont have any policy of deffer payment as well.

Shikha Kapoor

Nov 16, 2017

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