Duke Energy / stealing

Winston Salem, United States

I contacted Duke Energy t pay a bill today and shortly thereafter, I noticed that the draft on my account was duplicated. Duke Energy actually drafted two of the same payments with two different tracer numbers, from my account. When questioned about these transactions, Duke Energy first denied that they did this. Then asked me for bank statements that I did provide. Then they went on to say that in order to give me my money back, they would first have to find out where it went and how this happened, as if that has something to do with me. This happened on January 29, 2015 around 9:00 am. After speaking with 3 of the most unhelpful reps. on the planet, I am still no closer to getting an answer of my money back. One rep. even went as far as to say that I couldn't speak to anyone higher up than her because there was no one higher up than her. These types of practices along with a few of the ones that I've just on this site, is a clear indication that there needs to be options for people in the utilities industry. Duke Energy evidently understands by way of the poorest customer care that I've seen since my time with TWC, that having a monopoly is like having a communicable disease, it just passes the worst parts of its self on to others.

Jan 29, 2015

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