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I received a bill on April 12 on which an adjustment of $413.42 was added to my new charges of $189.39. During the previous month, and I do not remember the exact day, I had come home from work unexpectedly and found a Duke truck in my driveway. A nice gentleman assured me they were just changing out a defective meter, even though I had received no call that this would occur. I assumed that something had gotten mixed up since my energy usage has no changed and there was no reason my bill would be higher.
April 13, 2017: Called Duke Power and was rerouted to [protected] where I talked to a man who said he had no idea why I’d been charged the adjustment and he needed to research. He promised to call me back that day.
April 14, 2017: I had received no return call from Duke Power on Thursday, so I called back. Duke was closed for Good Friday. I called the online number to check on my bill and got a recording saying my bill was being recalculated. I foolishly assumed that the error was being corrected.
April 27, 2017: Because I had not received a new bill, I called again to make sure the amount I needed to pay was $189.39. Imagine my surprise when Samantha told me nothing had been done. She promised to research the issue and call me back within an hour.
I called back a couple hours later, and after giving all my information for a fourth time, was told by Chloe that Samantha was helping another customer and would get back to me. She did not.
April 28, 2017: Called at 1:30 and asked for Samantha; after providing all my information, was assured Samantha would call back within an hour. No call, so I called again at 3:00 and asked for Samantha, gave all my information again and was told again she was with another customer and would call back. If not by five, Samantha would call first thing Monday morning.
May 1, 2017: When I had received no call by 9:30, I called again, and again provided all my information and explained the problem yet again to Gayle. Gayle was very nice, but unable to help. She kept saying it was an adjustment for an estimated reading. I explained to her that I have worked in the energy sector as an information technology consultant and fully understand estimated readings and that this was not the case. As long as the previous and current meter readings are correct, estimated readings should automatically adjust and asked her to explain the discrepancy. She stated there was no corresponding readings to explain the adjustment. Unfortunately, I got an incoming call and we were disconnected (my fault).
I immediately called back and talked to Cynthia. I asked for Samantha or Gayle and was told they were unavailable and Cynthia would help me. After providing all my information and providing yet another detailed explanation of the problem, Cynthia could not figure out why there was an adjustment. Cynthia then assured me she would send the bill for review which would take 7-10 days. I told her that I had already called repeatedly and wondered why a review was not requested when I called on April 13. She checked something and told me that the bill had been review and the adjustment was due to four months of estimated readings. I tried to explain that that that was not the case and asked her to give me the estimated and actuals, which she could not. After yet another repetition of how Duke estimates readings and makes adjustments for actuals I begged her to give me the adjusted readings. She could not. She did promise Samantha would call me back.
Samantha did call back but I was in a meeting. When I able to call back, it was almost five and I got Lolita. She repeated the party line about estimated versus actual readings, but again, could provide no specifics. She promised a supervisor would call first thing Tuesday morning.

May 2, 2017: At 11:00, I had received no call and called yet again. Lolita answered the phone. To her credit, she remembered me and did not force me to yet again repeat all my identifying information, but said no supervisors were available because they were all “in a meeting.” When I questioned her about when I would get a return call, she said “sometime today.” I asked if she could be more specific and she stated she could not as she didn’t know how long the meeting would last. I asked if there was any supervisor I could speak to and she said they were all in a meeting. I told her that I had been stressed by this long enough and needed to talk to someone. She repeated that someone would call today—keep in mind this is the same woman who promised a supervisor would call first thing. I hung up, very frustrated.
After all these calls, and all my time, I am not remotely close to having this issue resolved. I haven’t even had a chance to bring up the additional issue of 0 eKWH Energy Delivered to Grid (the first time since I installed my panels this has occurred and conveniently at the same time the meter was swapped. I am beyond stressed about this.

May 2, 2017
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