Dubai Firstfraudulent credit card & unethical and unprofessional retention executive

I am having issue cancelling my dubai first moments ‘free for life’ credit card which was issued to me by your cse mr. Aniket bendre.

There is no outstanding on the card and I don’t want to continue this card further especially after the pathetic and unethical manner your cancellation team member ‘ms sneha kisnani’ behaved on phone (She refused to mention her last name but your call center was helpful enough to provide me this information). If your phones are recorded please check the phone conversations on january 9th (11:54 am from landline number: [protected] & on 15th january 201, 11:52 am). I requested to speak to her manager or person incharge and as per her she is the department manager and no other person will be able to help me on this case. This even after clearly mentioning that I do not want to speak with ms. Sneha at the start of the second call.

For cancellation of this card, she is asking me to deposit aed 400 as charges (She was not clear on what type of charges are these, as per her this was administration charges on the card) or wait for 3 months to cancel the card. This was not part of the agreement or was not told to me at the time of card purchase. I even checked with mr. Aniket and customer service executives and they confirmed that what ms. Sneha was mentioning is not correct and I can go ahead and cancel the card anytime without any payment.

Jan 15, 2017

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