Dubai First / credit card collections

dubai, United Arab Emirates

It has been observed that eversonce i got to br a customer of dubai first, i faced nothing but issues. It all started with wrong email address of mine and also no statement reaching at all. I called up and complained however, nothing was sorted for few months. I still used to make min. payments so that the card is active. Matters got worse when i got inti financial difficulties and cpuld not pay any longer. Eventually my card was blocked and i started recieving regular collection calls. I tried to explain them my isssues due to which i fell into financial cruch.

In this process Dubai first was taken over by FAB and i haven't found the right person to talk about settling the card. I need to settle the card once and for all and get on my vredit rating back to the way it used to be.

Sep 23, 2018

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