Dubai Duty Freecustomer service dishonesty

On 5th December 2018, my Father was in transit at Dubai Airport - from UK to Australia - as he has been on many occasions. He is a Pensioner and was in a wheelchair being pushed by a staff member. He gave a piece of paper to a staff member (name and cashier number can be supplied) which had the names of 2 perfumes (both Jean Paul Gaultier) written on. He advised the staff member that they were for 2 ladies - one of them being me. The staff member did not advise my Father that one of the perfumes was not available and instead substituted the requested one with another - a 125 ml Male Perfume!! Totally dishonest and appalling behaviour! It was not realised until he arrived at my home and gave me the perfume. I immediately tried to contact Dubai Duty Free but for over 3 weeks kept receiving a message advising my email could not be submitted! Eventually I managed to find another email address and contacted them regarding this matter. I supplied a copy of the receipt and all other information requested, then spent the following 14 days getting the runaround from the staff there. These people just do NOT care. Eventually, I was advised that the staff member advised my Father that the perfume (the one for me) was not available and offered the other one, which my Father agreed to. LIES!!! My Father informed me that this was totally untrue. Why would he buy a large perfume which was for Males - for me, his Daughter?? This was a deliberate act of dishonesty and deceipt. The receipt states that items can be returned within 6 months if unopened but these arrogant customer service people have now informed me that they can be returned only if arriving in Dubai and NOT in transit! My Father is an 83 yr old pensioner and Dubai Duty Free have literally stolen from him. I would also like to add that the prices of the perfumes in the Dubai Duty Free are far more expensive than in the normal shops in Australia!! My sister lived in Dubai for over 20 years and both she and her husband worked for Emirates. I used to spend one month each year over there and loved it. Things have obviously changed, for the worse, and I would never wish to travel there again. I'm happy to pass this story (and others I have just printed off about Dubai Duty Free complaints) on to the Australian Media if I do not get a response!

Jan 12, 2019

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