Dubai Duty Freebought a used pair of sunglasses

F Nov 19, 2017

Good day,
I have purchased on 13th november on my transit to Thailand-phuket from Dubai Duty free a pair of sun glasses Escada SG ES 40151096C model .When i chosed it, the vendor told me was the last pair so though they looked like they were little used, i liked them very much so i bought them. Unfortunatley the glasses broke after 2 days! The screw holding the right arm gone and the sungalsses are unusable! Nobody if the optical shop we tried in Thailand were able to repair them, I strongly believe that these sunglasses were second hand sold as brand new, it is unacceptable to sell such expensive glasses in such condition, this is considered as cheating and fooling the client taking the advantage that very few clients will come back to same place to complain! Obviously people from store are using the sunglasses and put them back after few days or weeks!
I will be back to transit on 26th of november and I would like to have my sunglasses replaced by new ones or being reiumbursed or being upgraded for same value.
I hope i will get a positive answer promptly before filing a claim to Dubai airport authorithies.
Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.
Best regards.
Florentina Vladeanu

Dubai Duty Free

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