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DTE Energy / terrible customer service

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I have attempted to return to receiving a regular, paper bill from dte energy ever since I enrolled in e-bill and I never received my statements. I contacted the company by phone twice and sent one email requesting them to please send me a bill.

Instead, I kept receiving threatening calls when my bill due date passed. I would immediately pay when I was told the amount, and once again request a paper bill.

The last time, they did not call - they just placed a negative report on my absolutely perfect credit report.

I called to, once again, complain and I received a lecture about how I was supposed to know when my bills were due and how I should have been going to the website to check the amount.

This is not a company who should have a monopoly on service to customers. They are incompetent and it is the customers who pay the price.


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  16th of Oct, 2008
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First, DTE outsources their customer service representatives...Have you guys in Michigan ever wondered why all of the representatives you talk to may sound just a bit to southern for your neck of the woods? That would be because they outsource through a company in Norcross GA...as a former employee of that outsourcing company, let me tell you this...We used to laugh when you guys called in with your issues...(I know thats horrible). We even hang up on the extra rude ppl...which if youve ever called you know that 20 minute hold is stressful. I hear that the economic distress in Michigan is worse than it is anywhere else, so why does the company outsource when its obvious that you guys need the jobs more than we do? But, to defend the representativses that may seem rude to you, I know that being a former employee was stressful...9-10 hr shifts, 30 minute lunch breaks, and rude and (rightfully and sometimes not so) frustrated customers that berate you, expect you to work miracles, and blame you for their $1500 gas bill in a one bedroom apt...(came across that every 7 or so calls)...and speaking to the supervisor does nothing...(thats if you were talking to one...we used to hand them off to the agent next to us to reiterate our points)...So if youve ever wondered about the "horrible" custoner service, just know that there we reasons behind it...and if you need someone to blame for your mental distress, look to the quality control managers at DTE and the companies the outsorce through (NCO as well) and blame them for making the lives of the agents a living hell...
(Happily) former employee
  19th of Feb, 2009
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I have also had all of the above problems with DTE. It is an absolutely horrible company with the worst customer service ever. DTe does not need to provide good service because they have a monopoly. We have no place else to go. DTE stopped sending me bills a couple years ago. They insisted that I sign up for "recurring payments". I did that. Now, although my credit card is being charged, DTE is not crediting my account. They are threatening shut off, and charging all kinds of fees, though they created this mistake
  24th of Mar, 2010
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I work for a company and we have a commerical account - Transferring services in and out of our companies name is a daily task. The phone prompts in the beginning "Press 1 for residential, press 2 for commerical" do not correctly work. I always press 2 for commercial, considering we have a commercial account and every time I get transferred to the residential sector. Which the residential section will not assist me and I must get transferred and placed on hold for even longer. I have contacted DTE about this matter and the problems has not been resolved.
  20th of Jun, 2016
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Every day at least once we lose power, usually for hours! Through attrition Dte has failed to maintain adequate personnel and as a result has failed to maintain equipment! There is no excuse for such shoddy service! The stock holders be damned. Hire some people and keep our power on!! 😡😡😡
  20th of Jun, 2016
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Get it together!!

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