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I have had lots of trouble with this company, mainly for incorrect billing, wrong deliveries, etc. and I have already filed complaints against it but never got a resolution or even an answer.
The last one is that I arrived to an agreement with supervisor Mary to settle the account for $79.63, told her that I would pay immediately (which I did on Feb. 1) and asked her to note the account.
Some days later I was called to advise that my account was past due, they had not received payment because they changed their address without notifying me, I verified that funds had not been withdrawn from account, a late fee was already assessed.
I got on the phone with supervisor Kegan, who was adamant that I had to pay a dollar more, so I ended up paying $80.63 on Feb. 19, over the phone.
On Feb. 22 the original check was posted and money withdrawn from my account, so I paid twice.
Please note that I use a payment service to pay my accounts, I don't issue checks myself, so whatever is in the file for that payee is used, DS waters did not advise, and the check was routed incorrectly.
When I requested a refund I was told that it would take 6 to 8 weeks just to process the refund, plus the time for the check to arrive and be deposited.
I found it unacceptable for them to use my money for 2 months after all the inconveniences they created.
I spoke with supervisor Marco B. after being literally one hour on the phone, got same answer and was forced to apply my money to a credit.
This provider should be fined or sacked, if you don't do it I will cancel my account as soon as my money is used.

DS Services of America, Inc.
DS Services of America, Inc.

Feb 29, 2016

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