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My experience with Truth – written by Mahatma Gandhi, became world famous.
My experience with DS Max – written by author of this comment not even heard to the person who resides to my next door.
I have read numerous adverse comments in the recent past about DS Max Properties (P) Ltd in the following two site and reply to these comments by DS Max also :
What ever comments written by many gullible buyers are 100% true. I strongly support their views and have all supporting documents to prove that DS Max are organized cheat. Now, it is high time to wake up Government and Press/Media. If not, anybody can do anything and get away scot free. Our forefathers were fighting against foreigners and we will be fighting with internal mafia group. Our constitutional and political set up are also in such a way that “Anybody can do anything and get away Scot free”. Media and Press are the organized business platform for these kind of mafia group. They survey only to prove, which daily news paper is in largest circulation etc. Media/Press will not go against these mafia group because they get a lots of revenue through advertisement. I repeatedly followed The Hindu newspaper to publish one article that “Anybody can do anything and get away scot free. All went in vain.
My replies with proper document proof to all the flat owners and prosperous future buyers are as follows.
1. One of our friend Pushpa Venkat ( as “Their popular trick is to make the customer believe that there is only one plot, flat or house available and that it can be booked only against down payment of 20% in advance on the spot. It is only after the 20% payment that the customer is entitled to see the title deeds and to discover that the seller are not ds - max at all but some unknown developer, many times non – existant”.
My experience - This is absolutely true. Same thing happened with me. But even after two years of possession of apartment, DS Max are yet to sell their flats.
2. Another friend (used fake id as fooled by DS Max in commented that they did not give possession on time on the frivolous ground like electricity connection etc.
My experience - This is also absolutely true. I booked a flat in Jan 2013 with the promise to get possession in Mar 2013. In Mar 2013, they asked me to do registration and take possession. Even after the lapse of 3 months of registration, they didn’t even attend to our phone calls. I had harrowing experience in taking over possession, ultimately occupied forcefully and was prepared to meet the challenges. They have given possession letter and electricity supply on the very next day after my forceful occupation.

3. Illegal construction of one floor : DS Max did not show the documents unless I pay token advance i.e. 1 lac or above. When I paid the money and saw the paper found that more than 40% violation from approved plan. They have constructed one floor extra without approval and sold it to gullible clients and enjoyed 4 crore. They took signatures on the construction agreement with the clause that open terrace is not the property of any individual. It does not mean that they construct one floor and sell which results in reducing of undivided share of land.
4. Kant123 commented in as “I wonder what they eat ?”).
My reply – What language would be worst than this. Very befitting language used by kant123. I made phone call to Ms Sudamani Legal Adviser of State Bank of India to confirm the genuineness of legal opinion given by her to SBI. She spoke to me in such a language that you want to take free legal opinion through phone. This is the status of our country’s lawyer. I personally feel that SBI, Ms Sudamani and DS Max are all hand in glove. If the Government not takes initiative to stop these types of corruption God also can not save Bharat Matha. If at least BJP Government takes initiative to curb the corruption front at higher level, automatically country will become clean India. He need not to clean himself with broom stick in front of media.
5. One of our friend (used fake id as New Cust in commented as “DS-MAX is bunch of jokers... There marketing guy confirm the prices.. their GM changes it.. ### holes.. never ever go for this builder”
My experience – This is very true. One joker from marketing team by name Mahesh promised to provide Cauvery water to our apartment. I took it in writing. Another joker (Umashankar) also confirmed at the time of possession that will take 3 – 4 months time to get Cauvery water connection. Now after two years of possession, DS Max is claiming that they never committed to provide Cauvery water connection.

6. fooled by DS Max in expressed his displeasure
My reply – Solar water - As per the Government order and agreement with BESCOM and TERI (Chapter 9), Solar water heating system is mandatory in all apartments to save electricity energy as well as SAVE EARTH policy. DS Max is cheating BESCOM/Govt as well as their customers. Any one can visit our apartment and inspect. Dummy solar system is available on the terrace even today after two years of possession. Bold reply by DS Max is that that is kept only to take electricity connection from BESCOM and this will be moved to other project to take electricity connection. Due to this reason they find difficulty in getting connection or have to pay heavy bribe to BESCOM. Ultimately due to their violation of agreement, owners are to suffer for possession for indefinite period even after registering their flats in their name.
7. Parking area – Due to violation by DS Max and constructed and sold one extra floor, prosperous buyers are lured to free car parking and discounted price. Parking for extra occupants of unapproved flats are being shared by all which results in congestion. Now we the residents fight every day for parking in congested parking area.
8. Other friend used id as customer Sanskruti in commented as – “you can not get other interiors people to get your work done. And there own workers charge are really high. 2 Painters, plumbers, carpenters they say, its because security reasons and they might damage the structure. There charges are really high too, when compaired with the market.
My experience – 100 % true. I too faced the same problem with this builder. If you want to get your interior work done from your source, then you need to pay Rs. 10, 000/- as commission to DS Max. This clearly shows that DS Max is not worried about structure, they worry only for their profit or commission.

9. Main Door (Teak) – At the time of selling their flats, they publish, Main Door is Teak. This has been mentioned even in construction agreement. Any professional can come and inspect whether it is teak wood or third class wood.
9. Maintenance for 3 years – At the time of registration, they forcefully charge maintenance for three years, which is totally illegal. No one can force their clients to give their maintenance service to DS Max only.
10. My reply to DS Max comments – We can talk over phone to Mr. Naredra Modi or even Mr. Obama but not with Directors of DS Max Dayanand and Arun. Even if you happen to go personally to their office with complaints, you will be replied with answer that Directors are out of station or asked to sit in the reception for hours together. Cheated clients are raising their deep grievances online as they have no alternate. Media and Press are only for the people who pay money to them and not for common layman. There will be a big column in all leading newspaper about sneezing for Sonia Gandhi. Instead of repenting to the clients they threat the public under Section 499, 500 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860; and further under Cyber Law’s rules. Clients are afraid of raising their genuine voices …. (please fill …. with your imagination during Britisher’s time/colonial period). There is no fundamental rights in the country. Hence customers are using fake id.
Our people also mad after film actors. If you are Cine film actor it is easiest way to attain the position of King like MGR, NTR, Jayalalitha or Smriti Irani. Over a night you will be become God and people will construct temple in your name. Same ideology is used by KV Sathish Chairman of DS Max in Real Estate industry. (Refer Kant123 sad comments “)
11. They did not give occupancy certificate and khatha till date. I am worried about the legal title of my property.
Let us form a forum of Victims of DS Max so that any one, cannot easily become builder and make public a bhakra.
If you are courageous male, come forward boldly with your name, DS Max ____ (Project name), Mob No and email id with your genuine concern at [protected] I am sure I will be killed shortly by any of these anti social elements or mafia group. If one man kills is not big issue if thousands of people live without being cheating by mafia group in the years to come. Unity is only the solution.

Please remember your death is not in your hand it is decided by Lord Brahma at the time of your birth not anybody else.

Dec 27, 2014

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