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Driver Solutions / Pam Transport / 3 months wasted

1 297 Henri DeTonti Blvd.Tontitown, AR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-283-5174

My husband and I weren't even making ends-meet when he decided to go into the trucking industry. He stumbled upon the driver solutions website and we both thought it would be a good idea since he wasn't having good luck with getting a job our here. Well, he applied and was contacted by a man named Brian Kelly I believe. We went through a process of application as normal and they checked out his dvr record and all was fine and ready to go. He went to C1 Trucking School in Springfield, MO for a 3 week training course to get his CDL. Everything went fine and dandy for a while and he passed and received his CDL. He was hired on to P.A.M. by the time he was done with the school and this is where it starts to go bad.
He was scheduled to start the following Tuesday with them. Now grant it, I was working but barely making it with the house payment and babysitting costs on my own. So by this time we were pretty broke with supporting him while being gone. So we were more than ready to get him on the road to start making some money. Well, he was supposed to be on the road for 4 weeks with a trainer getting only $300 a week (minus taxes and a portion to pay for part of the tuition). That was fine, any money was good money at this point.
Well, he calls the contact at P.A.M. to start his loads and training, no answer, leaves a message. Well, we don't get a call back all day, he calls again, no answer, leaves a message. So we suffer for two weeks of no answers and leaving messages and asking a rude receptionist to page her to her desk for our call and her refusing to do so. Finally, the lady calls back. Well, she claimed that she couldn't get through the phone. That's funny, because he left messages with two phones to contact, both in working order and even C1 was frustrated this so called coordinator lady from P.A.M. because a ton of other new employees were having the same problem.
But whatever, he gets started with a trainer two weeks later after C1. So we're finally making money. However the "training" mind you lasted 6 weeks before dispatch finally decided to get my husband to the orientation in Tontitown where they were supposed to get him his own truck. The other thing was that his trainer was rude and unsafe with his driving, and took random pictures of women everywhere he went. My husband remembers finding piles and piles of pictures of random women in the trainers glove compartment. Interesting...what kind of people are they employing.
But nevermind that, he goes through orientation and gets a truck and makes one run and gets to be home finally. He has a couple days off at home and then got to head out again and start making regular (better) pay. His dispatcher calls him for a run and tells him to go back up to Effingham to get the truck inspected (since it was run down in the first place when he got it) and then start his load. Well my husband got to the shop and told the mechanics the truck was there for it's inspection. The mechanics looked at him funny and told him he was only there to drop off the truck. So he called his dispatcher and his dispatcher immediately transfered him to the safety guy. The safety told him he was fired for a speeding ticket back in 2006 and he was on his own for getting back home. He asked why all the sudden that supposed ticket came up when it should have been caught in the beginning when they said he was good on his dvr report.
So I had to get my infant son and drive for 7 hours to pick him up and get him back home. No compensation, nothing. They didn't even pay him for his first run, his layover or anything. P.A.M. Transport is a rip off! 3 months of "training" to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, no money, no nothing, sucked dry of money spent on essentials for that crappy truck. He has left messages in almost every department there demanding to see that so called report and to be compensated and actually get his payment for the runs that he did for them. Several messages, no answers, no returned calls or emails. We are looking for a lawyer or a class action lawsuit to join. They left us with tuition (promised to pay, yeah right!) and even more broke then we were before. Those life sucking idiots should never be trusted! Don't go with P.A.M. Transport ever!

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  • Tr
      2nd of Jan, 2009
    -8 Votes

    My husband has been with PAM for 3 years, no major problems. They even paid for his trainning!! They paid him damn good money! Home every weekend.

    AS for your husband...first rule of trucking. Keep a clean driving record. Know all the tickets you have or have ever gotten! Request copies of your MVR after every ticket! And finally be honest. He should have told them from the beginning that he had gotten a ticket in 2006. But then again, PAM wouldn't fire you because of ONE ticket! Im sure they is more to the story, you just wanted your husband to look good and PAM be the bad guys! I hate to tell you this sister, but truckers and their wives are mean people when you try to ### with the company that puts food on their table!!

  • Ov
      14th of May, 2009
    -6 Votes

    I am looking at going to C1 school in little rock and I want to get on with pam since i have heard 99 percent that they are a decent company and I have a perfect driving record and background so I should be good to go and I also know how to manage a buck so no problems there. I can see how the first year and a half can be hell but after all they are there to make a living not someone wanting to play truckstop cowboy or a wheel jockey and that first year is mostly to build the drivers skills and stuff. most of my family has been in trucking for 50 years. I look forward to joining a good company like PAM.

  • Le
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    my name is john Casey I went to C1 school in st. louis mo... I also been scamed...MO state took St. louis C1 license away as well as the school in silkton Mo too... I think its time to do a law suit... please any one please email me at I had enought... I have been send a summins to go to court in Indy in augest...

  • Bi
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    My name is Eric and I went thru the Drivers Solution program. When I had completed the program they told me to go home and wait for P.A.M. Trucking to call me for training. I sat wiating for a phone call for 3 weeks. I called Drivers Solutions asking what is going on. They told me that I had to contact PAM Trucking. I called and left several messages over the next week with no return calls. On the forth week I received a letter in the mail stating that my employment was never terminated. Now driver solutions is harrassing me about payment. I asked for the reason why I was let go and Driver solutions keeps telling me to call PAM. Now I stuck with a 6000 bill for nothing. Driver solutions is a BIG SCAM! If there is anyone out there starting a class action suit I WANT IN! Thanks Eric

  • Bu
      25th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Driver Solutions is a rip off, after 4 1/2 weeks of so called CDL training at C1 Indy where I had the worst of all trainers Dion. He was lousy always yelling and cussing he had no respect for you as a grown man. The reason it took so long is because I was held back while others were trained. Then I'm off to USA Truck in Van Buren AR. Training there was also terrible, and I still had problems backing, they send you to the worst pickups, places where there is no way to back a 53 ft trailor. My fleet manager Teresa was a total ###. Once just off of some home time my first day back it was around 4 in the evening so I get to my truck ready to roll out the next morning then I get a load assignment that would require me to drive all night with no rest at all. Even though I had the hours to do so fatigue was a major factor I was swerving off the road dozing off, so I had enough I pulled over and went to sleep so the evil ### was mad telling me I should have been well rested and ready to go after I told her I had my son all day.USA also cares nothing about any family issues you may have. I was written up I really dont care about that. What was i supposed to do fall asleep behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler killing myself maybe even others. Then all the times I was lost because of all the wrong directions I was given. I just feel like this was all a rip off then when I got that paycheck for $10.86 I had enough, thats well below the 35 to 40K they say you will make your first year. I would talk to other drivers at truck stops who worked for USA, and all they would say is they're not making any money getting no miles and paychecks for less than $10. But they have the nerve to want their tuition paid in full they must be crazy. I told her that USA was a bad company to work for and how we are trying to keep our house from foreclosure and my car being repossesed, thanks to 3 months of this mess. If there is a class action suit I want in contact me at

  • Da
      7th of Nov, 2009
    -3 Votes


    I don't work for any of the companies you mentioned; but you should thank God they put you through the training without paying up front and they got your Husband the CDL. Other school will charg about $2, 250 upfront for the classes.

    If you were smart instead of ignorant, your husband would take that CDL and work for another trucking company since there is about a 50, 000 driver shortage and growing.

    Your husband should add a TWIC and SeaLink card to his credentials and Hazmat endorsement to make him more attractive to trucking companies. If your husband is anything like you, I woul fire him too.


  • Cr
      5th of Dec, 2009
    +4 Votes

    I went to driver solutions in indy. Halfway through classes they told us 50 percent of us wouldnt make it as truck drivers. This is after i had quit my previous job and signed the paperwork. They wont tell you that part before you sign, only after. I think its acually more beneficial for the school if you DONT end up driving for the company they are in cahoots with. They just sue you for the outrageous full tuition. I honestly think c1 makes more money from suing drivers that didnt make it than by actually training them.This means they actually sue fifty percent of the people sitting at the desks next to you. Explain to me how this is NOT a scam.While not in these exact words they say after the classes are complete we are going to sue half of you in the room for 7000.00$ each.Like I said before, they make sure you have quit your job, signed the paperwork, and are halfway through the course before they tell you this. What kind of school is this where only fifty percent of the students end up as drivers?And The other half get sued? I think it should be a law if you cant get 70 to 80 percent of the students to pass you are obviously a horrible teacher and SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO TEACH.WHERE IS THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU?Well, I passed and went to USA TRUCK where i would make "40 to 50k A year". What a lie. You would do well to make half that. They wont tell you that either. The facilitys were basically a huge garbage dump . The most disgusting things i have seen were at the headquarters of this "wonderful company where I would make 40 to 50k a year.Every desk had a spitoon full of tobacco spit on it. Showers and beds? Dont even think about it.I wouldnt wash my dog in those facilitys. Got with a trainer and off we went. Down the side of a mountain at 90 in a blizzard while talking constantly on a cell phone at 2am. No rest ever. I honestly dont know how this guy has lived this long and i just cant believe USA didnt know how illegal this guy was really was. They obviously didnt care what he did as long as the loads were shipped.They made sure to use paper logs so the drivers could cheat like crazy. It was embarrassing to see the name USA on the truck after a while. What kind of company would steal the US AIR FORCE symbol from the goverment and then bar them from using it anymore. Must be a slap in the face to a lot of vets. Like my brother who retired from the Air Force after 20 yrs. Somehow I gritted my teeth and made it through the training. My trainer was a habitual liar who had dinner with president Reagan not once but 2 times, and was an ex navy seal. "I was with the teams" he used to say. More than once he had the crosshairs on a south american drug lord only to be stood down at the last minute by order of the president . Must be strange to go from having dinner with the pres to driving for one of the worst companies in the country. Did more research on USA TRUCK while at home waiting for my first assignment and a truck. Come to find out its one the most dangerous haulers out there. That really shows the quality of both the school and the company. Then I was off to pick up my new truck. What a dangerous pile of crap it was. Too much wrong with it to list. I'd be here all day. First assignment. Drive crap halfway across country with no load to a different repair facility. After all, crap is unsafe to drive and needs repair. Did I mention that i picked up crap at a huge repair facility to begin with?Since I had no load I drove dangerous crap for free for the "wonderful company i would make 40 to 50k a year with". Finally I catch a bad case of pneumonia and off to the hospital i go. Right lung collapsed and filled with blood. Called dispatch. They said drive or your fired. Laying in a hospital bed filled with drugs and tubes and a collapsed lung and i get "drive or your fired". Nothing like showing how classy they really are. Doctor says its illegal for me to drive while on the drugs they have given me. I tell this to dispatch. Dispatch instantly fires me while i lay in hospital. School instantly wants 7000.00$ tuition. Since i had quit my previous job and not been at USA long enough to get coverage i had no insurance. 10, 000.00$ bill. I emptied my retirement savings to live on while i recovered and looked for another job. Another 10, 000.00$ Got a job as a temp at a local factory near home. 9 bucks an hour. Try raising 4 kids and making the mortgage payment during all of this. After more years of constant harrassment by the school for their tuition they finally sued me. I couldnt afford the 2 or 3 hundred in fuel it would have cost to drive to the courthouse to defend myself. I live in new york, school is in indiana. I have since recieved papers from court saying that 25% of my after tax pay will be taken from EACH WEEKLY PAYCHECK untill tuition is paid. Its probably bancruptcy time for me. I WOULD BE VERY INTERESTED IN ANY KIND OF ACTION AGAINST THIS SCHOOL AND THE COMPANIES THEY ARE IN CAHOOTS WITH. This has cost me 30 to 40 grand and two yrs of constant harrassment and the payments havnt even started yet.

  • Ev
      29th of Jan, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I also went to C-1 in St Louis a few months before they closed down.

    It was the middle of winter, they had no working bathrooms and sewage all over their basement where we were to have our lunches and breaks.

    They also would not allow you into their offices to warm up or use their bathroom. They had porta potties and propane heaters set up in trailers outside.

    They would demand we gather wood to burn in large trash cans to stay warm.

    The trainers would cuss us out and they would hit on me because I was the only girl.

    I passed the first two tests but a pin in my ankle was hurting me (from an ankle surgery a year before). I asked John Triplette if I could resume my last class after I had surgery to remove the pin and healed. He said that was fine.

    Then the collections calls came. I told them I was given permission from the school's director to leave until my ankle was repaired.

    When I was better I faxed Drivers Solutions and PAM my release to go back to school. The St Louis crapshack was already closed and I was told I could attend school in another part of the state.

    Well, Pam called me and said they were dropping me after that. I asked them why and she said my medical records (the records she saw before) said I had a sleep disorder?

    I checked the records she was talking about and it was a record from my initial ankle break. It said I had trouble sleeping and was related to having a broken ankle.

    This was a whole year before I even tried to get into that crappy school.

    I just had to pay Drivers Solutions 6 grand out of a settlement I received for my ankle.
    I also found out that there was a certified letter sent to my old house in St Louis and that there was a court date in Indiana that I had no idea about.

    If I were not able to pay the 6 grand. There would have been no way of knowing about this lawsuit or the warrant I would have had in another state.

    Now that I have paid them, I am wrestling with walking away from this horrible experience or joining some kind of class action suit.

    I ###ing hate C-1 and PAM.

  • Sc
      9th of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    c1 trucking school ... wow ok where to start! I went to class with a completely clean record. NO REASON TO BE DISMISSED FROM THERE COURSE!!! I show up on Friday of my first week and get a call from pam saying that the physical that i took was not good enough for them because the first blood pressure reading they took from me was a little high and then the doctor that they bring to the school took it again manually this time instead of using there dumb little bp machine and it was well within range and was ok for me to get a DOT physical card. But in any case they now want me to go to my physician and get put on bp medication. So i jump through there hoops and get a appointment with my doctor for the following monday first thing in the morning. Well i get to my doctor and get my blood pressure taken and it is 138/86 and the standard for the job is 140/90 so i figure that this should be the end of it ... situation taken care of. Well no it cant be that ###ing easy ... they tell me that if i dont get put on bp medication that i am ### out of luck. That my sponsoring company will no longer sponsor me until i am being treated for my bp issue ... the bp issue i dont have!!! so i spent the next two days talking to my doctor along with several others that all told me the same thing... no bp issue ... nothing to treat ... so i got dismissed from class ... sure hope that they do not expect me to pay ... i will be getting lawyers involved
    ### C1 AND PAM

  • Jo
      11th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I was thinking of taking this course to get my CDL so I can work for PAM.. in North Florida...

    Now i'm scared to do it.. I have a perfect driving record and perfect health. Army vet.

    Does anyone have anything good to day about Drivers Solutions and P.A.M.?

    I cannot afford to get CDL training any other way.

    email me and let me know plz. I am interviewing Monday Feb 15, 2010.

  • Jo
      11th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes


    "anything good to SAY"

  • Pr
      17th of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I filled out P.A.M.s online application. I got to the point where it asked about my drivers license and I filled out that I had a CDL class A from Missouri. Soon after I finished the application and sent it off I received an immediate response that they had no positions in the Kansas City area. Smelled bad at that point. Got on line to check out P.A.M. They have a nationwide network of locations that need drivers and they want to train new drivers. Starting to smell like ### now! Then I Google P.A.M. and find this site about all the complaints. All stating the same thing. We train drivers to get a CDL. Training? Well according to all that I have read here is that it is highly suspect in nature. But they offer training to get CDL. Then by circumstanses beyond the control of P.A.M. the drivers are released/terminated/canned/left out to dry/###ed out of a "job". Now comes the good part. The drivers are sued for 3 weeks of education at a tune of $6k to $7.5K. I think these dudes are part of the Russian or Nigerian scammers on the internet. Only you get to send your hard earned $$$ to a lawyer that represents the "company" that trained you. Guys Gals a big T H A N K Y O U!!! FOR POSTING THIS ON THE INTERNET! Maybe, just maybe the Attorney Generals of the different states will put their collectived heads together (as soon as they get them out of their ###) and put a final stay against this practice. Fight for justice!

  • Pe
      18th of Feb, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I went to C-1 Indy. It's not easy or fun but u can pass no problem and have a CDL A after you're done. I then went to work for P.A.M. and had a minnor accedent while still with my trainer. P.A.M. gave me my own truck and I worked with them for 11 months before they let me go for the stuff that happened with my trainer; leaving me holding the bag for C-1 $$$$. Jokes on me I guess?

  • Da
      20th of Feb, 2010
    +3 Votes

    OMG and just think i was about to go to this place and start the training.
    i have spent about 4 hours reading NOTHING but BAD reviews of the driver solutions network.
    i was wondering why the guy wanted me to sign up asap... a few hundred people in debt for at least 6, 000.00 or more is a slick way to make a living if your have no concience. just imagine how many people are already paying into this and the money they are making ...
    I also was checking into CR England they sound like a similar scam to get you into debt to they so that you can be garnished on anything you make in the future from the non-truck driving job you are forced to get. maybe i should find a hotel job like i have had for the last 20 years.
    i can't afford to get into debt only to get fired for some stupid crap and not have a job.
    i want to drive a truck. but not at this cost!!!

  • Al
      24th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Ok, i was planning on doing this and i am glad that i found this site before i signed up. my only concern is that I gave my social so that they can run a background check. Now i am freaking out. I mean i am broke as it is so they really can't screw me more than i am, i haven't signed anything or gave any other personal information. anyone know what can happen?

  • Bl
      9th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I really appreciate everyone taking their time to comment on this "scam" topic. I was considering going to a trucking school as well. Though I liked the idea before, I now realize that there are a lot of loop holes. It's hard to believe that a company can get away with such horrible things, but now that I think about it, it's not that hard to believe. If Driver Solutions and Pam are really doing these things, which it appears they are, than thank God I saw this thread. Though those complaints against these companies seem to complex to be fake, it would be even more convincing if there was some hard evidence to see. But if I got ripped off and went through all this crap I probably wouldn't want to take the time/money to go about displaying and explaining the situation. Maybe a video recording of a day in court battling these companies could be displayed on youtube or something? I don't know if that's possible, but you catch my drift. Anyways, I don't want to take a chance on these companies either. If they were really upfront I imagine they would probably offer online video training which is GOOD plus inexpensive. (by the way, I have tried an online cdl training course before and believe me, they are totally "mickey mouse" as well.) Yeah, if there was an "accredited" online training course that was made by someone with a brain larger than a "lug nut", than that could be some good shi*. If it went through everything that these supposedly stupid as* training schools do. You could make money off of advertisements? plus a small fee. If anyone is interested in funding that idea let me know, I would like to help as long as I don't have to pay out any $$!!! ;) If someone wants a cdl, I would suggest finding the DMV test scores from someone. I can't find them myself, but lots of people have them, and if you have all of them which is like 7-8 versions, than you can easily pass the Drivers test for that year until the DMV makes new tests. All you have to pay for after that is the driver training which I don't believe should be to costly. ( Hey if someone calls pam looking for a job and they say they are hiring all over the place, and then you have someone with a different voice call with a class a cdl asking fro work and they say they arn't hiring, or that they are. Then you send tour app or whatever, and if they don't get back with you or nver return your calls, or whatever, that says something. "you can record all of this a put it on youtube? Maybe, idon't know if you can record any one without their permission legally, but whatever. Anyways, lets bring these mothers down!! if they are Mother [censored]s.

  • E4
      22nd of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I went to C-1 in Ft. Worth and got on with PAM. I worked for them for a year and moved on. If I knew then what I know now, I'd have stayed. With one exception, PAM was the most well organised company I've ever worked for.

    I'd say the school and the company have the same business philosophy. My trainers weren't the nicest people, but they knew what they were doing. I had to ask questions, over and over, but I learned and kept learning. The trucking industry as a whole operates on one simple idea... It is up to the driver to stay informed, aware and legal.

    In all the negative reports, I have no doubt there is more to the story, on both sides.
    If a driver is easily pressured, he is going to fail in trucking.
    A driver who makes it clear that there is a limit he won't cross, will succeed.

  • No
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    well like most of you i was scammed by those losers c1 as well, went to "school" yeah right what a joke, in st louis where they dont train anyone to do anything you were lucky if u got behind the wheel for more then 2 minutes a day backin through some cones. the instructors were rude but oh well i can deal with that. they farm people through there that dont have any buisiness being behind the wheel then they tell you to sign the paperwork or they wouldnt take you for your licence and you would owe full tuition at that point without any paperwork saying you passed the course. well as you can imagine at that point i had already suffered the joke of a course and signed. big mistake! they sent me on the road with p.a.m and a nasty trainer then after that was done with thank god put me in a complete piece of ### truck. well meantime the pay was really fkn pathetic they say one thing and give you another if you like to starve and not be at home and be forced to drive over legal hours then this is the job for you! so i put up with this for about 3 months untill they kept me out for over 8 weeks with not sending me home. so on my last run to indy of all places the transmission went down on the truck, they told me where to limp it to so i did and was told over a week to get fixed...well great so i called my rep at pam and they wouldnt put me up was told had to find a way home till it was done.. ARE YOU ###ING KIDDING ME??? so i called my now x to drive almost 7 hours to come and get me over a week later at home they still made excuses about it so id been outta work for 3 weeks when finnally i said to hell with this place. thats just some of the ### with pam that i dealt with now to c1 driver solutions.. not only did i nor anybody else that went there receive proper training by any form of the word but also have been harrassed by them foul mouthed calls to me and my familly for their money, uh uh im not payin for that especially when i received a letter from my state saying that there training facility was not recognised as a legal training or testing facility so my licence is not valid! yeah and they want my money... are they ###ing high?? i got a lawer who warned them to back off the collections and to drop this or we would sue them well they snuck a court date in and got a judgement against me wich i was not informed of till afterwards. ok i see how they are they do this in indiana where they know most people cant get to for court and get it done like a sneaky dog well now they froze my bank acct wich again no notice but i have kept the threatining letters from them wich lol are actually just really sad and the letter from my state saying that they were basically a scam so as of now im lookin through these complaints and lookin to start a class action suit against them i have some of your email add, mine is oh and if any of you from driver solutions or c1 or whatever youre called now are reading this dont bother responding because you can be sued you are not immune as you like to think, and further more am planning on goin public with your practices and how youve scammed so many of us have a nice day.

  • Ge
      7th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    i was lied to by recruiter, who said I'd have to have 1 yr OTR before i could go to work at p.a.m.Sure glad i found this website and found out they are just as bad as Swift! thanks!

  • Tr
      9th of May, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I am a 45 yr old woman who attended C1 in Indianapolis, IN. Had Jacky as my driving instructor. Nice guy. It was obvious that the instructors had less patience with those who struggled. There was not a problem learning and passing the school. The only problem I ran in to was trying to pass the state test with the horrible truck that the school supplied. At one point, I could not get it into 4th gear, the truck bucked, my seat came unlatched, I went flying forward into the steering wheel, ripped my shoulder that was still holding on to the stick shift. Unbelievable!!!

    Also, the learning material and the test did not match. I made such a stink about it that they changed it to match while I was there. Should make more sense for future classes.

    The Hotel they provide was great! Very nice staying there.

    Supposed to go to work for PAM. If the continue to contract with more students than they have trainers available, this problem is going to continue! I have been waiting for 2 weeks to get sent out. I offered to take a bus to a trainer, stay in a more local area so that I might be more accessible. They wont even call me back! I do not have the expenses that some of these other people do. How awful it must be for them.

    I have other companies wanting to hire me. At this point I would rather forget PAM, pay the school myself and work for a more organized company.

    Good luck to you all.

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