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Dr. Marco A. Munoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic / / malpractice

Germany Review updated:

Everybody looking for dental service in Costa Rica should be forwarned.The service of Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini does not meet the standard
of any clinic in the US or Europe.They had implanted posts in a wrong way (diagonal)though they had to be removed by surgeons.In casde of my husband, they used post, which hadbeen broken after 2 years and the fractions had to be removed in a 2 hour surgery in Germany.They offered
retreatment in Costa Rica, which we naturally have avoided, after these bad experiance.Do not waste money- go to best and expensive dentist
in your area, and it will be cheaper anyway, if you calculate the cost of flight and lodging and after treatmentrepairs.

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  • Jo
      9th of Nov, 2011

    Dr Marco Munoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic. Let me first say that have no problems with the dental quality I received from Dr. Marco's dentists, and in fact I believe they saved one tooth from a root canal; however I did have different dentists each time.
    The front office is horrible. Today was to be my 3rd appointment, which I called and confirmed last week, to complete 2-3 composite fillings. Again, they can't find my file, I sign in by writing my name after the last person -- I don't think appointment times matter. There is no patient database, everything is written, charts are not professionally tagged or indexed, they don't have "appointment cards, " you get a date and time on a post-it note. The front office staff has no formal training, self-taught and non-standardized practices, and are obviously disorganized and unapologetic.
    There is no prep for the day, i.e, computer generated patient list, nor have the files been pulled prior to the patient's arrival. This is a mess, and it's so low tech nothing is straight forward, including paying or what's next in the treatment plan. The waiting room is getting a bit too tired too, I wish there was a chef Gordon Ramsay for dental clinics because this one needs a make over and the front office needs a kick in the rear.
    They never did find my file, I left after waiting an hour and getting no communication from reception, it's really a mess at the front desk. I'll be going back to my old dentist in Santa Ana, he's a great dentist and High tech, totally disappointed as I thought I found "my dentist". Lesson learned, I already had

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  • He
      9th of Nov, 2011

    All, you are reporting, about the malpractice of Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini, is absolutely true and I can only underline, what you have had experienced.The office is a total mess, appointments not held, with a waiting time
    of several hours and the quality of the dental work is miserable.My wife and I spent $ 6500.00 for 4 implants, which had been posted in a wrong way, and mine had been broken after 2 years.The painful surgery cost us another
    $ 8000.00 for my wife and me, overhere in Europe. Every patient should think about this, before going to Costa Rica, especially to see Dr, Marco Munoz Cavallini.Better stay home, see your local dentist and it will be cheaper
    and better anyway.

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  • Mi
      27th of Nov, 2011

    I am so very happy to hear that at Dr. Cavallini;s office after a post or a broken problem after two years they offered to re-do it and I would imagine at no cost just your travel. In the United States if you have a problem after two years forget about the dentist even offering to repair. You will get recharged all over again. I thought Germany had free dental and was pretty much metal free dental. If this is true I don't understand why you would go to Costa Rica to pay for dental work. I will talk more with my German friends.

    As far as the office everyone says it is slow but at the savings and the quality they say they receive it is worth it.

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  • Mi
      27th of Nov, 2011

    So was that cost of four implants with the crowns? The most expensive implant at Dr. Cavallini's office are $1000.00 and those are the metal free not the titanium. Then the most expensive crowns are $400.00. I would imagine exrays and other cost could come up to $400.00 total but not much more than that.

    I thought all people living in Germany have health and dental. I am just very confused why if this is the case (and I know someone from Germany who had her teeth all redone there without any charge) would you travel to Costa Rica and pay for services?

    Please explain to me about Germany's dental coverage. Nana still has many relatives living there also so I am confused from what your post is saying.

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  • Ke
      4th of Dec, 2011

    Sounds like a disgruntled, hard to please jerk. I had a complete mouth restoration at Cavallini's clinic in Costa Rica, upper and lower. He used top materials from the U.S. (I saw it all, he showed it to me before he put it in). I saved tens of thousands of dollars, and a couple years later my teeth are holding strong ... looks great, no problems. So you have to wait a little longer in the waiting room? So what? O.K., so go to your regular dentist and let him whisk you right into his office, so he can drill you real good in you wallet? Get real! Rest assured, Cavallini does great work, at a great price and the reason is is backed up because the word is out ... Costa Rica is the place to go for great dental work and save a lot of money.

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  • Pa
      28th of Jan, 2013

    I had excellent and attentive care with Dr. Cavallini -- the cost is about 1/3 of what I was quoted in the U.S., even with two trips for 2-stage implants. When people ask me about the office, I always tell them to be sure to bring books, games, etc, as there is a lot of waiting during the day. You may have a 10 oclock appt and another one at 3. However, they don't stop working from 8 am to 7:30 at night -- and, as I have found with all Costa Ricans, they want to make sure your every need is taken care of... and they will make sure it is exactly what you want, so don't cut them short on time... I am thrilled with this clinic.

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  • Th
      12th of Apr, 2013

    I am currently getting treatment from the clinic. Yes, the wait is longer than I would normally wait at my local dentist in the US, but so what. I can watch CNN or read a book or magazine while waiting. Oh yes, talking and sharing information with other patients in the waiting room prove to be beneficial for me too. The doctors and the technicians are friendly, caring, and will answer any question you have.
    The only complaint I have so far is that I spend close to 10K with this office, but I can't get a cup of coffee upstairs, just because I don't stay in their recovery center. No big deal, but I thought it is strange. I am sure the doctors would rectify the situation but I didn't bother to tell them.

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  • Lo
      21st of Apr, 2013

    John bob has it right. The office and its procedures is chaos. If i were in the States after 20 minutes i would walk out. I have spent more waiting time than actual chair time. Don't get me wrong since i believe that the primary dentists, e.g. Dr. Marco C and Dr. Marco P are top notch. Lack of communication and language barriers are dominant. I have had a newly capped tooth almost removed because of the lack of communication. I'm sure that there is a dental "program" available that could alleviate some of the waiting time, appointments and confusion. I return shortly to CR and the Cavallinis for a third visit for repair on a crowned tooth that is bad shortly after being replaced my cost for airfare, hotel, etc. At $1, 500 for repair my savings are being eroded slowly.

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  • Re
      10th of Jun, 2014

    I have to agree with the displeased on this forum. I went to Dr. Marco Peralta
    in 2010. I had a full mouth restoration plus 6 implants. What a mistake. The first month after I returned home a tooth on my bridgework became loose. I called and the good Dr. said he would pay all my expenses for return trip. He did this except I had to take another week off of work and that wasn't repaid.
    I then went to my home dentist in Maine and asked them to look at the work. They did a full exam and told me about the shoddy work that had been done. The margins weren't correct, the crowns do not fit well to the gums, the teeth are all even so they don't look real, they are thick and the metal is already showing through the enamel.
    Another tooth that held my bridgework together cracked and so I called to see if he would re
    -imburse me some of the money it would cost to have it fixed here in the States. He declined but was willing to have me fly back at his expense yet again so he could fix the problem. I did not go back for whatever he would have done would not be right.
    I now have pockets forming around 5 of my teeth some of them implants and the bone is de
    teriorating around them.
    Needless to say I have to have all of the work re-done piece by piece. Just spent $7000
    to have a 5 tooth bridge replaced. I also had my dentist send him photos of my teeth pointing out all of the errors in dentistry that he made. Still no offer of re-imbursement. When I told him I would have to write a bad report he said that it didn't matter and that people will still come. Oh, and forget about appointments, he has you wait hours before you are seen, like a whole day and he waits till the last minute to install the permanent teeth so that if they don't fit right there is no time to fix it.
    This was one of the worst experiences of my life. I saved alot of money by going there and now realize that you get what you pay for. I pity anyone who goes to this dentist.
    R. Caron
    Saco, Maine

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  • Dd
      8th of Aug, 2014

    After years of misery with other dentists in the US, I made the decision to come to Costa Rica and have a full mouth restoration with Dr. Cavallini. I worked with Dr. Marco Cavallini, his son Dr. Petralta and many others in their office. I will say, by far they are the most compassionate, well qualified doctors I have ever met. I am from New York and have had multiple quotes ranging from $74, 000 - $93, 000 in the states. I came here and quite frankly am VERY happy with the work that I have had done. Sure, I would agree on some level that they could be a bit more efficient in their scheduling practices - but when you have 30 patients a day clamoring for your attention, I imagine its a little tough to organize. After all was said and done, I spent less than $15, 000. Am I happy? bet I am!
    My teeth look better (and feel better) than they have for all of my life. I love Dr. Cavallini. His 40+ years of experience is unmatched. Not only that, they FULLY guarantee their work - so not sure why anyone would be complaining here!
    Besides the wait, I can't imagine there is anything for anyone to complain about in their office. They use all top quality materials - made in the USA and all of the equipment is state of the art out of Germany. Their office is clean and comfortable. Interestingly enough, I brought my tablet and book to read knowing that I would be sitting in their waiting room and never even pulled them out. There are so many wonderful and interesting people from around the globe (mainly from the US) to talk to. I even met a US Emergency Room Surgeon and a US Federal Gov't Employee while sitting in Dr. Cavallini's waiting room (ha-ha, what's wrong with that picture??)!
    ZERO complaints here! I am a patient for life!
    Warwick, NY

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  • Gi
      6th of Apr, 2017

    @D.Davis Hi Denice.
    Small world. I'm in Sloatsburg. I'm going to Dr Cavallini in September for a whole mouth restoration. Would love to hear more of your experience, if you don't mind. I'm very nervous. Feel free to contact me at [protected]

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  • Sa
      11th of Jan, 2019

    @D.Davis Hello
    I am a patient of Dr. Marco as well ... I live in Monroe. Small world!

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  • Ex
      24th of Sep, 2014

    I am a neutral person so far as I have been referred by some past patients to Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini and based on recommendation and their past experience, I had not bothered to go any where else and contacted Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini Clinic. I am scheduled to go to San Jose, CR for treatment but even after several days and sending in all dental records and details, I have not received any proposed plan nor do I know if or whether I will see this. I also do not have any medical questionnaire to fill and medicine interactions or history, no instructions on what to do the night before etc. I am worried from what I have read so far above and my own experience of lack of communication. It is one thing to have transportation arranged and receive standard price lists but critical to receive doctor patient communication in timely manner especially tentative treatment plan so one can plan the schedule. It is easy to uncover if the office is computerized and maintains good record keeping which is important to check drug interaction databases or history etc. I will await any response I get before making my final decision of who/what/where to get done. It is good to do the proper research and eliminate those folks who are fake posters.

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  • Qu
      2nd of May, 2015

    The problem with this doctor is that he rushes his work because he has too many patients in his office on any given day. I had only one front incisor implant which he put in an a matter of ten minutes and it went in crooked. I took a picture of the xray when they wern't looking and it shows the implant up against the incisor next to it. My tooth has been loose since just a couple of weeks after it was mounted and is still painful to bite down with so I avoid using it at all. The implant was installed in early March of 1014 and the post and tooth at the end of August 2014. My dentist here doesn't want to mess with it until it comes completely loose. I would definitely not recommend this clinic for implants. many of the patients in the waiting room were there for problems they were having after receiving implants from this doctor.

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  • Qu
      8th of May, 2015

    Please disregard comments made by me on May 2nd, 2015. I was misinformed that this doctor would not back his work when, in actuality, he does. My deepest apologies for misled. I should have checked the source.

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  • Ez
      18th of Oct, 2015

    Very interesting? Hmmmmm!

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  • In
      27th of May, 2016

    Okay, now this is the end of May, 2016 and I have been considering going to this dentist for three implants. Does anybody at all have any (updated) reviews? Or perhaps ANOTHER Costa Rica implant dentist they could recommend, because I simply cannot afford the cost here in the U.S.

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  • Sh
      14th of Jun, 2016

    I want to schedule a appointment with Dr. Cavallini for the " all on 4 " procedure but I'm a little hesitant. Has anyone had a positive experience? Any reccomendations for other doctors in Costa Rica?

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  • Ja
      7th of Sep, 2018

    @Shineon I had 4 implants at the Cavallini clinic, 4 years ago, all top quality work I'm heading back to have my root canals removed in the place of implants. I stay at the hotel attached to the dental office and wait in the room for my appointments The waits were long, but so worth it.

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  • Im
      2nd of Aug, 2016

    I am a grateful patient and recommend this dental practice. You must remember that you are not in the U.S.A. There are cultural differences and you may need to wait. There is an initial consultation with Dr. Marcp and and exit consultation after your work is completed. I stayed at the Casa Marco and it was very clean, comfortable and convenient. Traveling to a foreign country for dental work may not be for everyone. All implants are from American and European manufacturers and they have a high tech dental lab on site. Having had experience with the corrupt American dental system I am grateful for this option. My dental work, which is guaranteed, was 1/3 the cost I was quoted in the USA, including my airfare, hotel stay and various day trips I took around the countryside. Highly recommended!

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  • Lo
      6th of Apr, 2017

    @Imogene Kluson I concur with the above review - mostly - the $ savings for me was huge. I, too, stayed at his 'hotel' and to me, I have to admit that was a god-send. As many reviews have noted the scheduling/appointment 'system' is HORRENDOUS. Since I stayed at his 'hotel' I didn't have to wait in the extremely small waiting room for hours on end - (had that happened in the states - I would have walked out) when they were ready for me they would call me in my room or in the 'common area' and I went in for my appointment. One of the major issues that I do have to note is that I knew I would need extensive work so I took my two week vacations - I unfortunately had to spend an extra week there - I am reluctant to say it was due to the poor scheduling or my slowing healing due to my personal health issues were the cause. They did paid for my extra week at the hotel and the cost to change my airline ticket. I am a heart patient and I have to say they were remarkable on making sure I had 'no issues' - they of course requested a health questionnaire along with medical release from my primary physician and cardiologist - in addition to phone calls to each. When I did have some issues with pain medication - they were right there to make sure I was 'okay' - I was also given a room which was easily accessible should the need arise. My experience took place in 2011 and 'knock on wood' my mouth has had 'NO' issues. And I'll tell ya - it beats the hell out of wearing dentures which I did for a year - no comparison whatsoever.

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  • Ja
      3rd of Jul, 2017

    Planning to visit Dr. Marco early September for 7 implants. I'm very nervous to leave the U.S. for my procedures. I'd spend about 30K to have done here but only 9k in Costa Rica (procedures only) I see mixed reviews on Dr. Marco, I don't care about waiting ...I do care about my oral health and his level of expertise. Advise anyone? [protected] Thanks!!!

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  • Mi
      6th of Jul, 2017

    Hello All,
    As per Dr. Marco Treatment plan I was offered major restoration work with Oral surgery ( Sinus Lift + bone grafting ) for both UPWER and LOWER arches. Sure, I’m worried about outcome during and mostly after several years of treatment in Dr. Marco clinic, as I had already experience of the implants installed in Canada and failing after 4 years of the bone grafts which should be redone now…).
    I’m looking for the former periodontal patients review and opinion with at least 5 years of past experience. Please, let me know, how do you feel now after years of treatment. Any issues ?
    Thanks in advance,

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  • Jo
      31st of Dec, 2017

    I had 5 implants top and 6 bottom done by Dr Marco Cavallini in November. So far everything is healing well. I agree with the waiting room coveffe but in the end they process a ton of people through the office and as far as I could tell no one was complaining about the work done. I go back in April for phase two. Yes I would recommend the savings, the expert work and the trip to Costa Rica for some r&r and dental work. lonestarnorth

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  • St
      31st of Jul, 2018

    I had 2 implants done by Dr. Marcos Cavellini in Sept 2017. One implant was put in at an angle towards my jaw. The other one was put to far back from the tooth in front of it. I wrote Cavellini about this he said the implant put in at an angle needed to be done this way. This is totally wrong. He never addressed the other implant. I will not go back to him for the crowns. I would rather pay for good dental work done in the U.S. I would not recommend this dental factory to my worst enemy. BTW Appointment times mean nothing at this dental factory. You will wait for hours

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  • Kj
      27th of Aug, 2018

    @Steve Fl. Congratulations that you can afford dental care in the US.

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  • Kj
      27th of Aug, 2018

    @Kjenblack Dr Marco warranties all his work. For others who may be interested.

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  • St
      27th of Aug, 2018

    @Kjenblack Sorry you can't afford it. I do not like to unnecessarily spend more than I have to but I would not go back to Cavalleni after experiencing what I did at his factory.

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  • St
      27th of Aug, 2018

    @Kjenblack The implants have already been done improperly. Not willing to go back for more problems especially since Cavellini said he had to do them this way after I wrote to him. just a COMPLETE WASTE of time and $$$

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  • Kj
      27th of Aug, 2018

    I’ve seen Dr. Marco for five years. He is an excellent surgeon and person. His work is professional, completely warranted, and my periodontist in the states says his extensive work and materials used on me are quite good. People who embark on a serious endeavor like this need to make a commitment. This is not a vacation, not a party. It is your choice as to whether you are willing to man up and get your teeth fixed at reasonable prices. Go prepared to wait. Take water and crackers or a snack if you need that. You might even have two appointments in one day, but you WILL be seen without fail, and the work you receive will be of great quality. Take a book or something to keep your mind occupied, for heavens sake relax, and you will end up with excellent dental work at a fraction of the price. The people in the clinic are professional and kind, even fun to be around. I could never have had the extensive detailed work, including bone grafts, sinus lifts, and numerous implants I received if I had not gone to Dr. Marco. I could never have afforded this work any other way. I’m honored to have Dr. Marco in my life.

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  • St
      27th of Aug, 2018

    Excellent surgeon? Really? More like a shoemaker who can’t fix shoes

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  • Ox
      29th of Jan, 2019

    When I first found out about dental tourism I sent X-rays to just about every single dentist in Costa Rica and requested an estimate from each of them. By far, Doctor Marco of Dr. Marco Munoz Cavallini Dental Clinic was offering me the most for the least money.

    I had been struggling with bad teeth and dentures all my life so I needed a full top and bottom restoration. I was looking at paying $40, 000.00 - $50, 000.00 here in America while Dr. Marco was offering to do everything with Zirconium, the best, strongest material for ten - twelve thousand.

    Some have complaint about the filled waiting rooms and the long waiting times. There is a good reason for this popularity, Dr. marco is the least expensive and does a superb job. I especially liked that I was able to board right on the same building, so I was able to wait in my room and they would give me a ring when ready for me. I also liked that they have a high tech lab right on the premises with CAD CAM equipment for designing the teeth.

    OK, let me tell you a quick story about their service. They had a young, new dentist put in my temporary. I was to go back home and wait for the gum and implants to heal. After a few days back home I was chewing on pizza crust when the temporary broke. In all fairness they had cautioned me not not chew on anything hard with the temporary.

    I immediately contacted Dr. Marco and told him about the break and sent him pictures. He responded by saying, "Manny, get on a plane immediately. I will pay for everything". He paid over $1, 000.00 for the emergency flight plus paid for the flight back home, He paid for the car travel and he paid for the boarding. He also paid for medicine I needed. And of course, he put in a new temporary at no charge and fired the assistant who put in the temporary that broke. Talk about standing behind your work. I still cannot believe how he came through for me. Of course, I was not happy having to go back, but who is to say that same thing would not have happened here in the U.S.A. Believe me, I had plenty of failures with dentist right here in the U.S.

    You may have a long wait but believe me, it's many times worth it! And, if you stay in one of their two hotels, one in the same building as the clinic, the other across the street, then waiting won't be a big deal. By the way, I also stayed at the Aucentico hotel, which the clinic arranged for me. The hotel was very nice with a swimming pool and restaurant ($75/night) and only a 9 minute walk to the clinic.

    My work is now completed and I'm happy as can be with beautiful white teeth, top and bottom.

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  • Pr
      21st of Mar, 2019

    One of the best dental clinic I The a world
    Knowledge and intelligence
    Compassion and love
    They are getting better at the reception They would do everything to please you and make you happy
    Yes same prouas USA and Canada and other countries
    Yes dated waiting room but super cleaned and professional dentists and hygienists and assistants
    You need minimum 10 working days so if you can just take days off and enjoy Costa Rica
    I had a entire upper jaw with the right work
    3 crowns
    Right implants
    I spent 150.000$ plus in Canada
    They all failed excepted my periodowji supported me when I decided to go inCosta Rica He had a heart to follow with dr Munoz
    with respect and integrity
    Canada bill was another 140.000$ with the BEST one
    I went to Costa Rica Dr Munoz clinic Hot a graft with my one bones and healed amazingly gums and growing bones after 6 months
    Bill 8000 $
    With all my family and friends We do not have any doubts and it was wonderful and worth
    They consider you as a human and not a wallet
    Be patient and smile with your heart and enjoy
    If you expect too much or are impatient just stay where you are
    Many Blessings

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