Dollar Rent A Carcar rental

One day rent 01/12/2017 for a compact car to tour the island. They operate a pick-up and drop off service from our hotel. We were picked up from in Old San Juan by Gabriel. He could speak english but hardly communicated throughout our journey and, more importantly, barely communicated throughout the rental process back at the Dollar office. We had to ask questions about the rental, for example Toll charges, fuel policy. It was quickly apparent that he was just rude. He didn't even answer some of our questions and ignored us. When we asked when we could bring the car back he said we had rented at 9.47 so we bring it back at 9.47 the next day. We said we may want to off-hire later that day and he said that he closed at 5pm. We asked if there was a key drop and he said no, he had to be open. When we said that we had never heard of a car rental company working from 9-5 he said that we could take it back to the airport but they would not return us to our hotel. A cab would cost us $30. He checked the car for dents and fuel. The agreement was full and full on return. As we drove off we noticed that the fuel gauge was down by two bars. When we told him he said it had been noted. Because of the late start in our day we did in fact return the car at 4.55 that day. He never spoke. We said that we had filled the car with fuel and reminded him that it was two bars down on collection. He said nothing. We waited by the shuttle bus for our return to our hotel. He went into the office. He then returned and asked us to also come in to complete the paperwork. If he had asked us initially to follow him in we would have done so. He did not ask us if all had been ok or if we had had a nice day and when we asked for the shuttle back to our hotel he looked shocked as he had gone past his 5pm close time. He did take us back and again never spoke. We will never rent off this company again. This man Gabriel was the rudest person we have met in a long time. If we could have walked out in the morning and gone somewhere else to rent we would have but the office is outside the tourist area and it was not possible to find another company at short notice.

Jan 19, 2017

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