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Had a quote for £800 which I accepted. Paid £200 deposit then was told very very quickly now you have paid the £200 you will be debited £101 per month for 9 months. Hang on the premium is £800 and now its £1100. I just paid £200 so the interest on £600 is £300. No thanks cancel it. Let me look at it he says. Ok. He gets back to me we will knock £60 off. Ok I say but only cos i'm sick of ringing round. . 1 day later get call. Your son cant now be on your policy even tho he is 28 been driving for 10 years never had a point never had a bump but he cant go on it because he has a sia card ??? I said whats one of them. Its a security industry authority card which means he has been passed by the police to do security at events and public houses. Oh yes I said he used to be a door man and I have talked him into working for me full time to get him out of that type of work. Ok ill cancel it then. They say they want to take £140 from the £200 I have given them as a deposit even tho I haven't witheld any info from them and the insurance doesn't even start till the 20th of feb 2017 its the 3rd as I am writing this. Rang the bank lloyds. They say as I have given it them willingly I cant do anything about it. Oh and it took 27 minutes on hold for them to tell me that.

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