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1 Gauteng, South Africa
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For discovery, as a classic priority member paying r2478, 00 a month, i am appalled that discovery as my health service provider is not able to cover me properly on my pregnancy. I was equally shocked to see that they only have two gynecologist in the johannesburg area charging their medical scheme rates... So much for providing choice combined with affordability. Thus i am forced to go to a doctor that does not cover your rates, only to find out from the breakdown how shockingly low their rates actually are! Do theyreally expect a respected and professional doctor to charge r340 per consultation and less than r262 for a baby scan??... I am utterly speechless and beyond shocked. You know what they say, you truly only realise how decent your provider is when you are faced with a health situation different from your norm, discovery is anything but decent. It is a sad day when my company chose them as a health provider. Please make them wake up, they are exploiting people with their rates. At the very least, they must put in place a pregnancy program to acknowledge that this is a unique heath situation which does require a little bit more assistance than a person who is not pregnant. Or increase choices of medical doctors who charge their rates. Something must be done. Brigitte monvoisin

Jan 5, 2016

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