SUBMIT A COMPLAINT order deduction refused change by discovery financial services

On jan 4 2017, i applied to change my bank from nedbank to fnb.

On this date fnb on my behalf submitted a notification to discovery advising them of my new banking details and that discovery needs to change my debit order from nedbank to fnb!

Discovery informed fnb - they will not and rejected the request!

I am changing my bank, so from my side, i did everything to try and make this transition a smooth one - which is not happening!!

I also submitted last week on discovery's website for someone to contact me, as i have the change form request for discovery to change my details - but nobody has bothered to come back to me? & it appears that they do not care

Discovery had better sort themselves out, as if there is any issues relating to the debit order or payment, do not blame me!!!

Jan 10, 2017

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