Discovery / unauthorised debit order

South Africa

After phoning two days either Discovery Credit Card or FNB I am still in the dark how this company can authorise a debit order without my permission. I have this CC for years (?6) and never before was it paid by debit order. They then even said in a message as per your telephonic commitment another debid order will be taken. The more I explain no one spoke to me and I never made a telephonic commitment, the less the people at either one of these places can give me a answer. The phone connection was then disconnected by them. They are either not trained or are making up phone call commitments. I had to phone 8 different numbers before someone attempted to help and he said I gave permission on the phone, when I phoned to ask what is happening in my account...I still had no answer en do not think I will get, but I will stop any debit order from Discovery card as they make up information about commitment and then put down the phone when confronted.

Jul 27, 2016

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