Discovery Insurethey lost my car

I had a car accident on the 17 April. Here i am almost 3 weeks later and they have not even completed the assessment on the car. I have no idea what is is going on with the claim because no one bothers to inform me. I call in daily and there is no progress. I spoke to a manager who also failed to assist me. My request was clear, kindly allocate my claim to someone else seeing that the current consultant is unable or lacks interest in doing any form of work. Yesterday I called the dealership where they claimed to have sent my car and they had no record of the car. I had to call them to inform them that the car is not there. This is after almost 3 weeks of them lying about the assessment. If the car was booked in for the 4th of may how on earth did they not know that the car had not reached its destination. I am completely shocked and dismayed by the level of incompetence displayed by discovery insure. I informed them yesterday that the car is MIA and they did not even bother to contact me after. An entire reputable entity fails to complete an assessment in almost 3 weeks and then loses a car!!!

May 06, 2017

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