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Roman took months and months to design my website. It was clear someone from overseas was hired to complete the task and if we wanted to deal with someone who was not fluent in english we would have opted for a much cheaper service overseas. The content we submitted was never displayed how we had sent it the pictures were stretched and everything had spelling or grammar errors Roman stated 'we don't really care about spelling errors as long as the site is running because you can go in and fix that later' this led to us having to waste time constantly scanning the site for errors and it was painful going back and forth with him. It was clear he lacked common sense. On top of that they would fix one error and suddenly the next page that was previously error free would have a huge error. Now our website is FINALLY completed after months and months of going back and forth and Roman taking AGES to complete the most simple of tasks but we now have issues with our pricing suddenly changing to 'sale' prices that we never requested or agreed to. So our customers have been purchasing from our site overnight and we are constantly waking up to having sold products at ridiculously low prices due to this mistake which Roman has tried to say was our own. However we literally have not changed a thing on the website. Roman is also constantly MIA when you need assistance. Avoid this web developer like the plague he is absolutely TERRIBLE. We are now sourcing someone else to step in and fix up all the mistakes wasting even more money.

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  • Direct Web Design Customer Care's Response, May 30, 2018

    Hi there CEB88,

    You have not mentioned your name, website address or any form of contact details proving you're one of our clients.

    This review seems highly exaggerated and appears to be the work of one of our competitors trying to place a false claim on our highly regarded reputation of over 4, 500+ websites we have built.

    It is easy for anyone to go online and easily post a fake review and this review has no mention of the clients name, website address, email address or any contact details, so it seems a bit suspicious.


May 30, 2018

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