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This guy Roman Shashkov has threathen me with false allegations on the web about my company if i dont pay him for work he didn't do
Also he has removed my website and holding it ransom to pay him
This guy was empolyed to do 20 add words
400 dollars per month
He said if he it was not on first page after 3 months he would do it for free until it does

Bull crap it never came any where near first page and was never going to

I contacted my credit card holder and told them about his scam
They refunded my account

My advice stay well clear

  • Direct Web Design Customer Care's Response, Sep 17, 2018


    Are you able to prove that you're a real customer of ours as we cannot find any records of your name or business name on our server.

    This appears to be a fake review most likely from a competitor trying to post up fake reviews.

    Direct Web Design Team

  • Updated by Tristan Siegertsz, Sep 17, 2018

    I have receipts emails call logs your bank details recorded threats
    And police report should i go on

Sep 17, 2018

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