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Direct General / bad service

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1.) Applied for benefits during open enrollment, filled out an evidence of insurability form for life insurance policy and clicked on short term/ long term disability.
2.) I noticed only life came out only on (7/11 check), so I called Anita to inquire about disability benefits that following Monday. She said everything was submitted and she seen that I had clicked on short/long term disability, but she’s waiting on approval and mentioned that it takes awhile.
3.) Received check on 7/25, still didn’t see it taken out, so I called that following Monday and Anita said, it still hasn’t come back yet.
4.) I receive 8/8 check, still nothing, so I call Anita and she says that it is going to be disapproved because I’m pregnant. (Pre-existing condition)
5.) On the 20th of Aug., Amanda helped me locate the contact number for The Life Insurance Dept. that handles Short term/Long term disability info.
6.) I call on the 21st of Aug, gave my Soc. Security number and they said I’m not showing in the system, and I ask customer service if pregnancy is considered denial due to it being pre existing and they said no, it goes through underwriting, just like any other claim.
7.) I call Anita, and she yells telling me that my pregnancy is pre existing and I will be disapproved due to past experiences and customer service doesn’t know what their talking about, only underwriting, and that customer service couldn’t find me through my ss# because my paperwork is in the underwriting dept. but she couldn’t provide me a number to contact that dept.
8.) I inquired about my paperwork not being their due to them not finding me by my social sec. number, and she persisted on saying that she submitted everything, My EOI and any other information they needed and she continued to say that they deal with 900 other people and it takes time for them to get to me.
9.) I call Amanda, because this issue is not getting resolved and my DSM calls Anita
10.) Anita tells my DSM that she’s just waiting on paperwork for me to send back before she even talked to me
11.) Then Anita calls me after she spoke with my DSM asking for a fax number to send the EOI to and for me to fax it back. Because she said she went through my records and realized that I didn’t do an EOI for the Short/Long term Disability.
12.) I was off that day (September 22nd) so I came to work the next day and faxed it back.
13.) Now the same day I faxed it back, I have this letter typed up from Anita stating that, I missed the deadline and it’s too late for me to send an EOI for short term/long term disability, when all Anita had to do was check my records from the beginning to see if I was missing any paperwork instead of blowing me off since July.
14.) I feel she lied telling me she did her job when she didn’t when all she had to do is look into it because she judged my pregnancy based on previous experience, and stopped me from even knowing if I was ever going to get approved or disapproved.
15.) Now I find out through Reliance Standard Insurance that I’m disapproved after speaking with Zahkia Geter on Mar 3rd 2017 due to my approval being done late and me getting approved in Sept instead of July.
16.) I feel I’ve been treated wrongfully and unfairly. I’ve done everything I was suppose to do and followed my chain of command and no one seems to be helping me. Now I’m going through a financial hardship because people didn’t do their job.

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  • Sh
      25th of Nov, 2009
    Direct General - they dont want to pay
    Virginia Beach
    United States

    direct general insurance is the worst auto insurance to ever have my car flooded in the storm virginia just recently had they want to cliam fraud how is that i would never abanded my car its an 2017 bmw x5 i worked hard to get that truck they just dont want to pay i plan oon sueig the insurance company behind my caqr i live on the beach they said they needed to get proof of a storm now they want to send an investagator out here i hope he sees all the damage that has been done to my area

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