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my name is Particia Randle I live in texas and I was affected financially by Hurricane Harvey in August 24-31 of this year I called to make a 1/2 payment on my auto insurance and was told that it didn't matter because if it wasn't paid in full it will still cancel so with that being said i paid the other half off my payment today Stept.20, 2017 and i was told that it would take 7-10 days before i get coverage for my car this is insane and on the 27 is my renewal i will be looking for another insurance company with a little heart because i think it's in human to do what this company does Direct Auto is not a good auto company at all so i will be taking my business somewhere else

Sep 20, 2017
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  • Sa
      Oct 09, 2017

    horrible company, they take advantage of people..

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  • Pa
      Apr 20, 2018

    I m so LIVID right now. I paid my auto insurance policy up front and specifically declined roadside assistance. The amount of my policy showed one thing before I was charged but I was charged for the extra feature any way. I also encountered a very rude customer service rep when I was trying to rectify the issue. The last straw that broke the camel's back is that my policy was cancelled after I sent some requested documents in as I was told to by a rep. I will DEFINITELY be contacting the BBB. This ordeal has put an extremely bad taste in my mouth. I will NEVER refer any else to Direct.

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  • Ar
      Jul 22, 2018

    Attn: For all the ones that has been wronged via Direct General. Good news; you may have up to five, yes 5 years to get your claims heard.
    1st. Contact your local city small claims office, to file a small claims suit to get the ball rolling.
    2nd. Let them know, we the people are no longer taking their crap. All insurance companies: Delay, Denie and Defend, it’s their golden rule. Bottom line until we the people stand up and speak up, hold them accountable, Direct General will continue to do what they do best. Bleed us out of our money that lawfully ours on our claims.
    3. Once you file the simple start forward small claims complaint, pay the small fees, serve it upon them. Good thing is, the major big shot lawyers that defend them are not allowed in small claims court. That's right, it’s you against them and a fair Judge that is there to listen to what you have to say.
    4. Make sure the court clerk’s office have your correct contact information:
    cell number, home or business address. Once you file your claim in small claims court, make sure you ask for a court date. The courts normally will assign you one once the case is assigned to a judge. But you can also ask for one. Most times; the clerks can tell you when your court date is and whom the judge is assigned to hear your matter.
    The cost to file a small claims court action is very small considering your amounts your owed and may be awarded.
    Be sure to not miss your court date, and if Direct General fails to show, simple as for a DEFAULT JUDGEMENT.YOU WIN.

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