Direct Buyvery bad people - &open house day& is a scam

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My husband and I were invited by Direct Buy branch in Ottawa to assist to what they call a "open house" day. They called us several times to confirme our presence, which we did. My husband was very curious about that "free gift" stuff they were promising.

First, they told us there was no fee and that if we show up at the store, we will certainly win something. With those difficult economic times, we though "hey, why not" ? We just bough a old house and need to do some stuff inside and outside.

So, we showed up ! We drove about two hours from Quebec to Ontario to make it.

The men who welcomed us was very nice, probably a ferocious salesperson, but a nice guy. But It got ridiculous when a women who was calling herself "marketing assistant" met us in the hall. She looked like a crazy robot and forgot to tell us the schedule of the evening, even if we asked before...

In fact, that "open house" crap was all about selling memberships, which are thousands of dollards ! We had to watch a scary video about the company and the mission and we have been refered to some "sharks" who wanted to sell memberships. When the scary women came to see us afterwards, I mentioned that I had to go to the washroom and she followed me just to make sure I wasn't leaving !

Impressions about the whole situation : scary and pathetic. We felt like if they were all on some hard drugs and that they were harassing us.

If they call you to assist to one of those crazy "open house day", refuse !! All you'll do is waste your time, energy and confidence in people !!!


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      Oct 17, 2009

    I and my husband gave the kids their instructions as we eagerly walked out the door to check out this new idea called Direct Buy. We were called several times by their telemarketers and after watching a couple of commercials we finally agree it might be something to check out. We walked in the West Creek Parkway office in Richmond VA. On 10/15/09 and were greeted by a cheerful woman that told us someone would be up soon to talk with us. Max and the owner Dan approach us and expressed how happy they were that we where there. Max took us to a table and within two minutes was asking us about our employment. We answered his questions as vaguely as possible not wanted to give our full financial position to a person we met two minutes ago. He asked about our employment and our answer was my husband was between jobs and I was a full time student; he smile, said please excuse me, I need to go get nametags. His boss came out and sat down with us asking us again about our financial position and employment. My husband and I looked at each other kind of bewilder by their blunt questioning method that made you feel like all they were worried about was your financial worth to them. We told Dan that we were ok and we were here to check out his establishment and tried to continue on with the conversation about Direct Buys Programs. After three sentence he then said “And guys as I was saying if you’re in between jobs and you’re not planning to build for another six months maybe you should wait and come back after you have gotten a job..” Understand we had discussed with Dan that we were remodeling our house to rent out, we were in the middle of buying a house to flip, and we are building another house in six months. Anyone with a Brain and common since would be able to tell just by our projects we are involved in that we are not really hurting for money. My husband works as a welder has a hobby not out of necessity. We are not here to brag or to put anyone down but we have had some good fortune in our life and let’s just say that our great, great grand children will be benefiting from our good fortune. We were profile, rudely treated, and dismissed while being advised that it would be better for us to come back when we have a job and could afford it. Little did Mr. Dan know that my husband was sitting there with ten thousand dollars cash in his pocket t because we knew that there would be membership fees and he was going to buy me a nice dinette set for my birthday. For about five minutes we were pissed then we laughed our butts off at the ignorance of Direct Buy and the money they lost. We went to Value City where we greeted, welcomed, and treat very nicely. Value city defiantly didn’t profile us when we walked in the door. I am eager to go back and pickup My new dining room set, two new bedroom sets, a double recliner wrap around couch, and we are every getting this really cool vibrating/heating recliner.

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