Direcpath / product equip

I moved into my apt complex that only serviced directpath for internet and in Jan they switched over to comcast directpath/directv were hooked up together at the same time one person, and when i cancelled my direct tv and direct path they sent us a return equipment package which i did direct tv said they received equipment and gave me a credit i was due no problem, i was due a credit from direct path and have talked to them 4 times and they said we will send your credit in 7 to 10 days that was in Jan 2016, after ten days i called and they said it again, still do credit after being told this 4 times, now they say the did not get equip, because all equip was not suppose to be sent in one box one to direct tv and one to direct path, no one told me this and now they say they have to try and tract equip down in direct tv warehouse, this is B--S all equip came together and no one told us none of my neighbors that the equip to be returned in separate boxes they only sent one box i want my credit refunded, this is not my fault it is direct path mishandling my # is [protected]

Mar 02, 2016

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