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I was previously a digi subscriber up till December 2012. I have been receiving calls from Digi's outsource number [protected] regarding an outstanding bill recently. I have switched to celcom since December 2012 and the call on outstanding bill came 7 months later in July 2013 without even a hardcopy statement being sent in the whole period of 7 months! Nevertheless, I had gone to the digi centre in Satok Kuching to verify and paid it off on 5th July 2013. A letter of release was also issued confirming my payment of the last outstanding bill. Today I received another call from the same outsource insisting that I have not paid because it DOES NOT SHOW UP IN THE SYSTEM. I also took the following actions:

1. I asked her to verify with the digi centre in Satok. All I got was an sms message again saying I have outstanding amount.

2. I tried going online to the digi website. No place for lodging complaints or feedback or even to talk to a customer service person. Obviously I also cannot log in to the OCS anymore as I have switched to celcom.

3. I tried calling your digi help line [protected]. There are 4 options. Option 1 - If I am still a customer (I am not!), option 2 - broadband issues, Option 3 - Pin code for blocked lines, Option 4 - digi's other exciting packages and services. NONE OF THE ABOVE enables me to bring up my concern or talk to a customer service person.

4. I called [protected], the number stated on my release letter. They told me I have to call digi customer centre at [protected] and they could not help me because they cannot check.

So, WHERE CAN I GET MY ISSUE RESOLVED?? If this is how digi avoids their customers by being vague and not clear about where customers can actually get help, it is indeed a far cry from excellent service. I would also like to point out that the customer should not be penalized for Digi's system not being updated and the outsource team or at least Digi's internal processes for handling such cases should be robust and resourceful enough to be able to check among the digi centres where payment was indicated to be made - without having the customer to tell the staff how they can go about checking! It's frustrating trying to get help to resolve the issue when one is telling me it does not show up on the system, customer service for such enquiries are practically non-existent and the customer just get passed around in circles!

Jul 10, 2013
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  • Rw
      Jul 18, 2013

    Digi says they always want to improve BUT they do not get anywhere with this kind of lousy services and unhelpful staffs... And it's so funny that they made a fool out of themselves by even bother to send you an SMS asking you how likely will you introduce "Digi Services/Line" to others after any call... I can say "NEVER"!!!

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  • Rw
      Jul 18, 2013

    Digi's services are getting worst instead of better. And ALL THEY THINK is how to cheats your $.
    They can give you the reason of their charges is "Because you did not ask". As a customer, no matter how patient you are, you will feel that this is not the RIGHT WAY to talk to your clients!
    And it's so funny that they made a fool out of themselves by sending you a feedback SMS asking "How likely will you recommend Digi to others" after you have called them... and my HONEST FEEDBACK would be NEVER!!!

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  • Da
      May 18, 2014

    Internet connection is so damn bad!! I've been using digi as my telco for almost 10 years already and this is the first i just couldn't accept the bad connection. My video was pause and I can only hear voices, what nonsense is that? It's totally unacceptable. It's in the middle of city and at non peak hour. Nonsense!! Fix it fast or else I'll switch to other telco. You choose

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  • An
      Sep 26, 2016

    My wife has lost handphone after my car is broken down by criminals, reports on the digi been made to prevent online abuse at September 11, 2016. Due to the holiday feast the next day and 2, 3 busy to manage windscreen broken and failed to get it, both sim cards were made on september 22. However disappointing my wife's mobile phone number has been lost or terminated by the digi without notice and without warning. I have no experience of this kind are very disappointed because the numbers that have been used for many fizzled and the numbers that are not claimed within 5 days will be confiscated. Very disappointing ... Good exchange to other companies. ( bye-bye 012-2319738 )

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