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Dick's Sporting Goods / total customer ignorance!

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I set up a 'Wish List' on Dick's Sporting Goods website, supplying my real e-mail address but making a point of un-checking the boxes that would sign up for what amounts to spam. I then printed out the wishlist and went to the brick-and-mortar store in Christiana, Delaware to look for the items that I found online. This has prompted two complaints regarding this company and their business practices.

Complaint 1: This has to do with the online version of the business. Even though I specifically UN-checked the opt-in boxes, I *still* ended up on their e-mail list. So, I tried to unsubscribe. At the bottom of each e-mail is a link to click to unsubscribe. Clicking on this link takes you to a webpage that states you have been removed from the list but that it will take two weeks to fully process. I did this no less than five times in that two week period. After two weeks passed, I called "Customer Service" and spoke with a real, live person who said that it would take two weeks. I waited *another* two weeks, again clicking the unsubscribe link multiple times, and called "Customer Service" a second time. The rep who answered stated that she would remove me herself. I then asked for the phone number and/or e-mail address of the Information Technologies department, but was told the only way that I could contact them is through an online form. The rep suggested that I double check my "account" to verify that the boxes are unchecked (they are). While I was there, I changed my e-mail address to a ficticious one. In response to that, I got a confirmation e-mail that my address had been changed and it was sent to my real address! I then found the Helpdesk form on the website and filled it out, but received an automated reply to call "Customer Service". This morning, I received yet another piece of spam. I did receive a response to the online form, but one must change the subject of the e-mail in order for a real, live human being to read it. For those who need it, send an e-mail to and put "Customer Service Follow Up." in the subject.

Complaint 2: This one involves the brick-and-mortar store. Armed with my wishlist printout, I walked into the local store in search of two pairs of shoes. Neither brand was carried in the store let alone the specific model. I picked out two different pairs, one costing $80 and the other costing $120, and proceeded to wait in a conspicuous spot for the attention of a sales person. Apparently this was the day that half of the high school soccer team needed new cleats, and both sales persons were busy. One would think that the manager would discover this and send more people over to help being that there were no visible customers in the rest of the store. Not. I stood there for a full twenty minutes being ignored. I put the shoes back, never to return again.

After these two experiences, I will never shop at Dick's Sporting Goods again and I will warn all of my friends to avoid doing so as well. I got MUCH better service from who had both the brand *and* the model I wanted and delivered them to my door in less than one week.


Location: Online as well as Christiana, Delaware

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  • Lo
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    dicks sporting goods store in the freehold n.j. at the freehold maul, I had my tennis racket strung and when I pick it up the receipet was on the handle and also a tension device when I went to p-ut the tension device on the racket the tension device broke and I went back into the store to tell them, so I thought I would get another one instead I got an insult from the manager who made it seem that I was trying to cheat them . they did not seem to know if the tension device came with the stringing and he refuse to give me another one I hope someone can do something about this I always buy maney things fron the store and send all my students there but I need to get some kind of reaction from you people this happened at about 5 pm on wednesday so maybe you know who the manager is my tel no is 732 462 0229 thank you louis zaccardo 226 daffodil drive freehold n.j.

  • Se
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I will never spend a dime at Dicks! I went to test a product I saw on Dicks website, drove the 20 miles to find out it is only offered online! Nothing on Dicks website made me think it wouldn't physically exist at a store. I was told by the manager that I should have called first! Talk about lame! Then I searched the store 3 times trying to find my boys who happened to be putting in a side room. When a clerk asked me if I needed help and I told him I couldn't find my kids, his unconcerned reply was, "I don't do domestics." There's plenty of decent sporting goods stores out there, please don't shop at Dicks!

  • Lu
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Dick's Sporting Goods - Service at register
    United States

    Upon returning a mouthguard which didn't fit quite right, Jodie at the McHenry location was incredibly demeaning and rude. I was unaware this was an unreturnable item, and would have gladly been told just that without an extremely offensive attitude. This employee made me feel belittled and has shaken my loyalty to Dicks Sporting Goods.

  • Pa
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Dick's Sporting Goods - Your gun policy
    United States

    Dicks Sporting Goods - Your decision to stop selling firearms in Florida announced today is a liberal sell out.

    I have destroyed my Dicks Credit card and will take my business to your competitors.

    You liberals will learn NOT to threaten the patriots of this republic, one dollar of profit at a time.

  • Sa
      4th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Dick's Sporting Goods - Customer Service in the Westminster, MD Location
    United States

    There was a cashier named Rebecca working this evening when I went in to turn something with a friend of mine. She was very unpleasant, very rude, and rolled her eyes at my friend when she was explaining what she wanted to return.

  • 56
      5th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    Dick's Sporting Goods - Coupon denial
    United States

    I chose to shop at Dick's for tennis shoes because I had an internet coupon for $10 off $50 purchase . When presented at register was denied . Cashier asked 'someone', who I don't know or what said. I wouldn't have shopped without coupon . There wasn't any explanation or apology. What happened to satisfying customer ?

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