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Dick's Sporting Goods / return policy

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I bought a Mountain Bike for my sons birthday. First of all the purchase transaction itself was made unnecessarily difficult. I waited 30 minutes for them to inspect the bike, and filled out more paperwork than I have to buy a car. A few hours later when I went to give the bike to my son, I discovered that one of the tires was flat. Some inspection! Happy Birthday son, heres your bike you cant ride. I tried filling the tire but by the next morning the tire was flat again.

Two days later when I tried to return the bike, the store manager refused to exchange or refund the bike even though I had the receipt. When I insisted that I receive a new bike or refund, I was told company policy would not allow him to do that. I pointed out the posted refund policy that promises refunds with receipts. I was told they had the right to limit or refuse a refund regardless. The best they would do for me is put a new tube in the tire. No matter how much I insisted I did not trust the quality of that bike, they simply refused to refund my money. I was excited to see this store come into our area just a few months ago. I would not buy a golf tee from that store now.

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  • Ki
      12th of Jul, 2008

    I just had the same experience.

    My husband and I decided it would be fun to buy some Mountain bikes. So we went to Dicks hoping to get some assistance on what to buy and we ended up buying what we thought were two "mountain" bikes. During the first ride, my husband went over a curb and the rim on the back bent. This was enough to make us realize that these cannot possibly be the type of bikes we were looking for as we wanted mountain bikes, and mountain bikes should be able to take curbs. So we tried to return the one with the bent rim.

    The customer service manager proceeded to argue with my husband in front of all the customers insisting that mountain bikes have no business going over curbs and that my husband irresponsibly rode the bike in a way that he shouldn't have. "That's what ramps are made for on sidewalks" he said, in an attempt to belittle and embarrass him in front of me, our son and a number of customers. He then stated in a harsh manner that we could only have the bike repaired and said they do not return bikes that have been used.

    After this I did some research on the internet and I now realize that the bike they sold us is not a true mountain bike, but instead what they call a hybrid, which is basically a mix of a mountain and a road bike. The bike we bought should NOT be used as a mountain bike, but DICKS advertises it as such.

    As beginners, we were not sure what to buy and relied on their bike technicians to give us advice. However, no one informed us that these specific bikes should not be rode on rough terrain because they are evidently hybrids. Instead the signs plastered all over the bike spokes said "Mountain Bike".
    Wait a minute Isn't that what a mountain bike is for? Rough terrain?

    Not only are they falsely advertising bikes as mountain bikes that are actually hybrids, their clerks didn't bother to give us the right information and their manager handled the entire situation by being rude and embarrassing us and insisting mountain bikes should not be rode over curbs. Now because of their "no return" policy on bikes, we are stuck with two bikes that we cannot ride in the way we had hoped and we are out several hundred dollars. I have spent alot of money at this store over the years, from exercise equipment, bikes, scooters, rollerblades, hunting gear, etc. but I guarantee that I will never buy anything from them again.

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  • Ke
      17th of Jul, 2008

    I just had almost the exact same situation occur at Dick's Sporting Goods. Never has there been a company with a more fitting name!

    I purchased a bike with coaster brakes, refused their in-store warranty, and waited around for their 30-minute back-room "inspection" of the bike. It sounded fine when I wheeled it to the cash register, but after this inspection, shortly after leaving the store, I heard a grinding noise from the rear wheel. I called the bike manufacturer and they said it was a defective coaster brake, and that it could be replaced under warranty but that since I just purchased the bike I should take it back to Dick's and have them exchange it. I called Dicks, no more than 15 minutes after having left the store, and let them know what the manufacturer said. They told me to bring it in.

    When I got there, I showed them the problem and they wheeled it back to their back room to "inspect" it some more. When the department manager came out he said he wouldn't replace the bike. He told me that it showed signs of my having been in a "collision" and that he "didn't know what I might have done to the bike since leaving the store." When I told him it had been no more than 15 minutes before I called and came back, he just stared at me blankly. Of course, I was NOT in anyt "collision" in that time period. I barely rode it for 5 minutes total before determining that it was unsafe, even after their "safety inspection". Still, he absolutely refused to help me. I was polite at first, and got a negative response. I was firm, and still got a negative response. I was finally angry and desperate (this is transportation for me, not just recreation) and he agreed to take it in back and switch out the rear wheel if I were willing to wait for half an hour. After he practically called me a liar, and was refused some basic customer service, this was the best I could hope for.

    I had no choice, so I accepted.

    About 30 minutes later, he brought out the bike. The wheel wasn't grinding any more, so I said I'd accept that and left. No more than two minutes into my ride, the tire went flat. I checked it out and it appeared that the base of the air valve had a small puncture in it. It was fine previously. Now, suddenly, it was punctured?!?! I put air in it, sprayed water at the valve, and sure enough there was a small leak at the base of the valve where there hadn't previously been one.

    What I believe is that Dick's Sporting Goods pushes their in-store warranty on you, and then if you don't accept it, they INTENTIONALLY cause damage to your bike when they do their "inspection" in the back room, where you can't observe them. Whether they do this to get you to pay for a warranty/repair, or just as petty revenge for not aiding their warranty commission or sales numbers is not for me to say, but I DO know that my bike, which has been in my possession less than five hours now, and has been ridden a total of seven minutes with no incidents of my own making (no curbs, no collisions, no problems caused by my driving. Just a short ride on a smooth, clean sidewalk), had a perfectly good inner tube when I purchased it initially. It held air until AFTER I had them replace the defective wheel, which they only did begrudgingly.

    I would advise EVERYONE to avoid Dick's Sporting Goods. The company's policy of making their employees sell warranties has led to some shady business practices, and Dick's does not provide any information to take complaints to a higher level. The department managers seem to be in on the scam. If you refuse the warranty on a bicycle, be prepared to have it sabotaged when they do their "inspection" before you leave.

    Oh, and by the way: They FORCE you to have the bike "inspected" and they require you to sign several waivers that supposedly absolves them of any wrongdoing should you have an accident immediately after the inspection of your bike by the crack team of Dick's.

    It seems pretty clear to me what is going on, here. Dick's are purposely damaging their bikes as a means of pushing their warranty. If you fall and break your neck because of it, they're not liable because you sign a waiver to get the bike. Any place that won't let you watch when they do their "inspection" should be suspect.

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  • To
      28th of Aug, 2008

    The bike technician teched the bike out right in front of me. I couldn't have asked for a more professional experience than i received. Now of course i wasn't looking for a high end mountain bike either. If I wanted that, i would go to a bike shop. To say that someone would intetionally sabatoge a bike is insane to say. All they are doing is causeing themsleves more grief by having to deal with you more. Chalk it up to bad luck and move on. You'll shop there again. i've heard that same sad song before.

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  • Pa
      2nd of Nov, 2008

    I was at Dick's in Dartmouth, Ma. While there, I noticed a gym set advertised for ???. The card stated $700 off list price of 999.99. Therefore, I should be paying a price of $299.99 The store manager was very nice but told me I could not get it for that price. It was a Shape System by Powertec. I told him that I would be back. I told him that I would first contact the complaint department and afterwards the state Better Business Bureau. I was told that the price of the item would be $799.99.

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  • Mi
      15th of Nov, 2008

    I am very sympathetic to the people's complaints above. People need to know about their piddly warranty they try to push down your throat when you buy one of their flipping bikes.

    We bought one last night, and the sales tech asked us both 2 times to buy the warranty...a 2 year...and a 3 year...the 1st thing that came across my mind was...ok...this guy gets money for pushing warranties...then I thought, hell, if the bike fails, I can probably fix it myself...after all, I am mechanically inclined.

    At the purchase counter, I gave the lady a blank stare when she proceed to ask me again for purchase of the warranty. She could tell that I was a bit peeved at her little bit. She stopped and said, I'm sorry, I'm required to tell you about the warranty offer.

    Wow. Talk about the shove our policy down your throat bit.

    What's wrong with you Dicks? I know the economy sucks and all, but give people a break!

    And what's up with your Black Friday Ads? Why don't you put your bikes on sale? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

    Be cautious everyone!

    PS - I purchased a hybrid mountain bike for my wife at a tune of $377.00.

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  • Tl
      12th of Jan, 2009

    I work at a Dicks sporting goods, and I am a Bicycle Tech. The warranty is not a scam, the only thing it doesnt cover is brake pads and tubes for the tires. The 2 year plan is 39.99, and comes with one free saftey check (19.99) and one free tune up (59.99), and the 3 year is 49.99 and comes with 2 free tune ups. I do all my work in front of the customers, the check we prefprm before you take the bike home is a basic saftey check, just to make sure all the bolts are tight and theres air in the tires and to make sure the bike shifts okay, and some other stuff. It shouldnt really take a half hour to do. But sometimes if there is a problem it may take longer. I think its a good thing we do that, with the bike you buy being on the racks in the store who knows what someone might have done to it. And the paperwork you fill out you make it sound like you filling out a huge contract or something. Its your name address and phone number, and then you read and initial a few lines saying you recieved the owners manual, and that I preformed the check on the bike. We do get paid for getting you to sign up for the warranty, you want to know how much? 25 dollars for every 500 dollars in warranties we get. Not a whole lot, Me personally I just explain it to you and if you say no sobeit. We do all of are repairs in store and have about a 2 day turn around, depending on the problem. The warranty isnt a bad thing that some of you are making it out to be, say a derailer goes bad, do you know how to fix it? if you said yes, you need the warranty, you cant fix a broken derailer it needs replace, the lower end shimanos are around 29.99, with higher end ones reaching 200 and then some. The srams, are just as much, now if you would got a warranty for 39.99 it would cover all that.
    The return policy is clearly stated on the back of the reciept and whoever sold you the bike should have explained it to you. we dont return them because we fix them. Now for the gentleman who purchased the bike, and it broke right away, that was a shoddy inspection they did, and should have fixed it for you no problem. for them sabotoging your bike, who knows, theres bad seeds everywhere. Me personally i like my job, and when someone brings a bike in for work, it gives me somehting to do, a little thing called job security.
    Ording from our website, well just sucks, for lack of a better word. Its not affiliated with the store, and should be stated somehwere on there. If you do buy a bike on there though you can bring it to a store and have someone assemble it for you at no cost. As long as you provide the reciept from the website, or proof it was from
    There is piss poor customer service everywhere, Im not trying to say I give perfect customer service, or anything, but its hit or miss wherever you go not just dicks. That is all, comment away...

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  • Br
      19th of May, 2009

    Hey everyone, I am a 16 year old guy that bought a mountain bike (iron horse maverick 4.2) from Dick's in January and purchased their $40.00 warranty along with it for a grand total of around 450 bucks. I was very pleased with the quality of the bike given the great deal I found it at. About every other weekend i would take it to some local XC trails at Yellow River Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia and ride for about 2 hours. I also used the bike for road riding around my community frequently.

    One day when I was riding around my neighborhood I hopped a curb and the rear wheel SNAPPED OFF without hitting the curb. Now, mind you, I did this every time I was riding and by no means did the back wheel ever sustain any trauma. [Regarding a earlier comment: Whatever employee said that a mountain bike shouldn't be used to hop curbs is an ignoramus and clearly never rides them and is not aware of the essential functions of a true MOUNTAIN bike.] So, back to my incident, I nearly broke my neck in this mechanical failure and most of the rear parts including the derrailer were broken by grinding on the pavement (because the wheel was not there). After carrying the nonfunctioning remains a quarter mile back to my house, the very next day my dad took it to the Cumming, GA, Dick's for the inspection and repair I bought and DESERVED with the warranty.

    They contacted me 2 weeks after it was dropped off (apparently they forgot about the eyesore in the corner) with the news that the initially perceived damage was not the only problem, but that the frame was bent IN 3 DIMENSIONS. I still don't know how that is possible, but the awe remains. OK, so the bike was bent up much worse than I thought (pun intended), but no worries, because I have a warranty, right? WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. The technician tells me that this is a cosmetic issue that was clearly caused by misuse of the product, therefore, my warranty is nullified. "EXCUSE YOU!, WHAT THE HELL KIND OF IDIOT DO THEY THINK I AM?!, " is what I (and my father) said to the technician, manager, and soon after, another lying ### from the under-writing company's customer service hotline. First of all, cosmetic damage doesn't inhibit a person from riding their bike, SO HOW ON EARTH IS A (3D) BENT FRAME, BENT RIM, AND DESTROYED DEURAILLER COMPONENTS COSMETIC DAMAGE?!

    Because of these damages sustained, I cannott and have not ridden my bike in over a month. Regarding the accusation that I misused my product, I am riding Georgia XC terrain on a full suspension XC bike, not Whistler DH. I am aware of the capabilities of my bike and its limitations. No where in the warranty or owners manual does it say that "my product" is not meant for riding over roots, rocks, and dirt. And do you know why it doesn't say these things? BECAUSE THAT SUMS UP THE ENTIRE SPORT OF MOUNTAIN BIKING! It also never catagorizes the damages listed above as not covered by the warranty. These accusations are ludicris, false, and from the looks of numerous complaints before me, not unique to my shared situation. A previous writer was correct in saying that there is no better fitting name for this group of conniving schmucks than Dick's.


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  • Yo
      28th of Jul, 2009

    i recently purchased 2 mountain bikes from Dick's Sporting Goods in Horseheads New York. We arrived at the store about 7:30 on a Saturday ( July 11th). After looking over the bikes and picking out 2 that we liked we purchased 2 mountain bikes and a bike rack. The employee handed us to pieces of paper and sign "initial down through and sign the bottom" to which I replied "does this basically just say if we get hurt it isn't your or the manufacturers fault?" he replied "yes" and I initialed and signed. At this point he said I have to get a manager to to sign off on these and went to get the manager. At this time Cari (the manager) came to sign the bikes for release while inspecting she noticed the seat was put on crooked and the handle bars needed fixed. At this point the employee says to Cari " I am surprised this bike is like this YOUR DAD put it together" After these 2 things were fixed Cari signed off and we left the store. Upon leaving the store we realized a thunderstorm was blowing in so we put the rack on and started our hour drive home.

    The next day we decided to take the bikes out for a ride as we started out we noticed the tires on the bike were soft, checking the pressure the PSI was 10 for the front and 15 for the back. We inflated the tires assuming they just missed this little detail and began our ride. About 2 minutes into the ride we realized the derailer was not allowing the chain to be shifted at all, it kept slipping off and jumping when it wasn't in first gear. After riding back and having this fixed locally rather than driving all the way back to the store we tried again a few days later. During this ride we made it about 10 minutes into the ride and the handle bars broke loose falling and twisting and almost causing a nasty bike wreck. We returned home once again where I got and allen wrench and tightened the handle bars back in place. 4 days so far and we have had this many problems it should have been a sign. Later that week we did manage to take the bikes on a 45 minute ride on a local (paved) bike trail. Then came the day of the 4th bike ride. We began riding on the same local trail. About 3 minutes into the ride there was a small hill as with any hill you attempt to gain speed before climbing the hill. As my girlfriend got to top speed and just started up the hill the chain snapped and she lost control of the bikes peddling.

    At this point I was furious with the bike and the obviously hasty service that had went into its assembly. I loaded the bikes on the wrack and returned to dicks sporting goods. Upon entering the store I proceeded to the bike area where employee Frank was working. I told Frank I had a problem with the bike and it was only 14 days old and I would like to return or repair it. Frank's reply was "We don't do that unless you purchased the warranty so you will have to call the manufacturer". I knew at this point it wasn't a manufacturer issue it was the fact that the bike wasn't properly assembled. An improperly configured derailer, loose seat, loose handle bars and brakes that were so tight when you set on the bike it wouldn't ride. At this point I asked to speak with a manager, Frank said " You will have to go up to the register to request that". I then proceeded to the front register and asked to speak to a manager. The girl on the register called for a manager and shortly a guy named "Mike" showed up and said how can I help you. Under the assumption this was the manager I explained the story to Mike. He said "Bring the bike to the back if Frank can't fix it fairly quick we will exchange it". I thought finally some good customer service. WRONG! I took the bike in to Frank and which time he said you are lucky they really shouldn't have let you bring it in seeing you didn't purchase the warranty. I then explained to Frank all the things that had went wrong and he said "It doesn't sound like whoever put it together did a very good job, If I were here it wouldn't have had these problems"(Later I found out Frank assembled the bike.) Frank then said it is going to be 3 or 4 days before I can even look at this broken chain. At this point I went up front and asked to speak to the manager again. At this point the girl at the register called "Mike" and after speaking to him on the phone paged for any available manager. Karen(The only good part of this experience came to help) I told her I had spoke to manager Mike and what he told me about the quick fix or they would swap it. She said she knew who Mike was but he wasn't a manager. So WHY WAS HE HANDLING MY SITUATION IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN I ASKED FOR A MANAGER????? I explained to her that I lived an hour away and the bike hadn't been put together right in the first place and I wasn't very pleased with the way things were being handled. She went back spoke with Frank and came back out. She said there really was no way Frank could get to it till Tuesday and she offered a $40 gift card for the driving inconvenience. Finally some good customer service. IT WAS SHORT LIVED.

    I received a call from Karen 3 days later telling me that my bike was done and ready to be picked up and that FRANK had replaced the chain and fixed a problem with the break pads. Karen also mentioned that she would like me to ask for her and if she was available she would like to apologize again. I would like to make sure everyone know KAREN SMITH was of GREAT HELP and was never part of the problem. Unfortunately Karen was not there when I returned to the store. I went in and spoke with Chuck who helped us locate the bike and told us there was no need to speak to a manager and to just take the bike and gift card and we were fine to go. As we were leaving the store I decided to take it for a quick ride in the parking lot. Glad I did Once again the bike could only be rode in first gear and we noticed the derailer was at a different angle than any bike we had seen before. So we took the bike back in and asked to see a manager.

    Cari emerged(The original manager who signed off on the bike and whose father Frank assembled the bike). Cari was rude from the beginning and making it seem like all the problems were our fault. The employee Chuck pointed out the derailer wasn't on appropriately at which point she began to become frustrated with us. She said we gave you a $40 gift card what more do you want and I said just a bike that works. She then said well I don't know what more you want us to do about it. It was not my job to make a recommendation on how to make me the customer satisfied. Finally I said do you have the same exact bike we could swap for. At this point Chuck went to see. Chuck came out with another bike exactly the same. We compared the derailer and clearly the bike we were returning AGAIN was not put back on correct. At this point Cari says "Well if we swap these then we have to figure out how to sell this broken bike" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Is that the customers problem? I then say "The only part that is visibly used is the tires why don't u swap them I am fine keeping the old tires" to that Cari replied no that is way to much work. I then said " I am just trying to help you guys out". She then says "Well you take them back with you with this bike and make them test it, I am not going to let this become a habit".

    We then go to the back with Chuck who puts the bike up and test the shifting the derailer and the tire pressure as well as makes sure the brakes are good and nothing is loose. I asked him if this is standard or special because we had so many problems. Chuck says this is standard. THAT'S INTERESTING THEY NEVER DID THIS WHEN I PURCHASED IT!!! I tested it for a minute around the store and said it seemed fine. Chuck then said we could go I asked him if I needed anything and he said we could just go. On the way through the register I saw the manager Cari again and she asked for the paperwork. I told her Chuck said we didn't need any she then said "I don't know why he didn't give you anything you need it to change the bikes that are registered. " ONCE AGAIN NOT MY PROBLEM. I then waited for her to return with the paperwork. After returning she handed us the new receipt and said "You really need to bring it up if there are any problems you can't be trying to fix stuff on your own." and then said " You need to ride it easy this time for 30 days and then bring it in for a checkup"

    My main issues with DICKS SPORTING GOODS is we were treated like we were at fault for loose parts. We were talked down to by Cari and told by Frank that we had no place bringing a bike back if we didn't want to pay for the warranty. WE WERE NOT OFFERED THE WARRANTY THE FIRST TIME OR THIS TIME WHEN WE BROUGHT IT IN FOR REPAIR. I was also upset that we were never told about the 30 day free tuneup until AFTER WE HAD RETURNED THE BIKE FOR REPAIR and then treated like garbage for not knowing about either of these. I will be email Dicks Sporting Goods as well as reporting this to the BBB and any other Consumerist organization that is willing to listen. I used to purchase several things from Dicks Sporting Goods but as of today they have lost my business.

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  • Pa
      13th of Aug, 2009

    i used to work at dicks sporting goods, and a woman came in to buy a kayak. i walked with her out to her car and she said here is my car. it was a pink mazda miata. i looked at her and asked what she wanted me to do?

    she lowered the top to the car and had me put the kayak in the passenger seat one end in the floorboard, and the other pointing feet above the normal roofline of the car.

    i asked her if she would like me to attempt to tie down the boat. she said no thanks. and i said well how about i buckle the seatbelt around it at least? she said sure, so i did.

    this was the dead middle of indiana winter. there were paved mountains of snow in the parking lot, and i laughed to myself seeing this abnormal sight of a pink miata with a kayak jutting from it like a sail. top down cruising in the 10 degree weather.

    usually a kayak isnt an impulse buy right? do you think she thought ahead of time about how she would get it home?

    oh well it was really funny, and she seemed to think so too.

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  • An
      3rd of Dec, 2009

    It's funny how customers can complain, complain complain all day about everything they think is wrong- but WE the sufferers (retail workers) have to deal with their arrogance daily! This world is sooo messed up, people think that because we're in a service buisness that we owe them everything. I mean seriously customers complain about the smallest things, they you expect us to change company policies when (I guess this is how dumb customers are) managers don't own the company, never talk to the owner, and only take direction from the corporation because we HAVE CHILDREN TO FEED!

    You dumb arrogant peices of ###! I hope you loose your homes and suffer. LEARN TO GIVE RESPECT TO GET RESPECT ###!

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  • Me
      9th of Mar, 2010
    Dick's Sporting Goods - This was an experience I will not forget
    Dick's Sporting Goods
    United States

    When I entered the store 2 females were talking about the weekend and ignored all customers who came in. When I made it to the fishing area I finally flagged down a guy for a question. He in turn told me to ask the man down the isle for help. I finally found BOB for help as his knowledge was great. At checkout I gave the cashier a 10$ coupon if I spent more than 50$. She then gave it back and said my total to be $48.42. I looked at reciept to only find out the coupon was not taken off. Apparently after mind reading I was $1.58 short. Had the cashier said this instead of just giving the coupon back to me I would have purchased additions product to bring the total up to $50. This was an experience I will not forget.

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  • Fo
      8th of Apr, 2010

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous how horrible you consumers are to representatives The people who answer the phone calls are just doing their jobs. They did not lose your package, they did not ship you the incorrect package, and they certainly did not write the rules on why certain items can not be discounted. Learn some respect. How would you like it if someone called you up at your job and yelled at you for something you had nothing to do with.

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  • Jh
      17th of Apr, 2010

    Wow. Sounds like we all had similiar experiences. The past 3 shopping experiences at Dick's were unpleasant and I highly doubt I'll be returning. Today I went in to buy a 20 inch bike for my daughter. They only had 1 girls 20 inch bike. We had to wait till the inspected it, had to compete a lot of paperwork. One of the statements they wanted me to initial was that I received and reviewed the bike manual to this particular bike. I refused to initial b/c I did not receive one and was told that this bike doesn't come with any manual. The clerk was annoyed at me but why would I initial on it then!?!? So I write in "Not supplied" and did not initial. Then we left, brought the bike home. And when my daughter was sitting on it, the seat was bothering her. I assumed it was just b/c it was new and different from her smaller bike. But I looked and noticed the seat itself was dented (some inspection they did at the store!!). So approx. 4 hrs later, we ended up returning the bike. The clerk that 'inspected' it and did the paperwork was still there. He told me we can not return it. The have a no return policy on bikes. I informed him that he had not told me this earlier. nor did they have any type of notice up, nor did the receipt state this. The receipt actually said the return with receipt was good till July 16, 2010. He, Jeremy, was extremely rude and I asked to speak to a manager. Approx 10 minutes later, he returned with a manager. She asked me what the problem was...I explained and she started to tell me about their No Return on Bikes policy. I began to tell her that when I purchased it hrs ago, no one told me that and that is NOT what their printed our reciept states. She turned to Jeremy and said "Jeremy, you told me they bought this yesterday, ..they bought it a few hrs ago. She then allowed us to finally return the bike. I did thank her but recommended that they put signs up in their Bike section about their No Return policy. This stores customer service along with its products has really gone down hill. I'm beginning to think they look for rude people to hire. And as for Jeremy, I'm not sure why he blantantly lied but I do hope he learns some customer service skills down the line.

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  • Se
      20th of Apr, 2010

    Dicks sporting goods are CROOKS!!!
    I bouth a mountain bike for my son a few days ago and he doesnt like it so we called in and asked if we could return it but they said no because my son Wrode it like twice

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  • Jf
      24th of May, 2010

    Wow...really you think that a $450 full suspension bike can handle “true” mountain biking. So technically you paid a Wal-Mart price and expected a Gary Fisher product. Seriously…most of the issues here are with the manufactures and ignorance of knowing what kind of bike you need. A $400 hardtail may have worked out for you, but the more parts on the bike the easier it is to break. It’s okay though, I would expect people that think cheap bikes can work on highly technical trails to know anything about mountain biking. I have the warranty, bought a well researched bike and have had several happy repairs. Best money ever spent!

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  • Jk
      24th of May, 2010

    jfish315, so in other words, you're saying that you like Dick's...

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  • Du
      30th of Jul, 2010

    First, the paperwork is just your name, address, phone number, you initial a few lines and sign at the bottom. There is no mountain of paperwork. It is all contained on a 8" by 8" sheet of paper.

    Second, you are buying a department store bike that is assembled by someone who probably had no formal training. There is "NO" training process in the stores for bike techs. It is basically a test on a computer. If you pass, you're certified.
    That being said, many of the stores do have very competent bike techs who are very knowledgeable, but they are not just bike techs. They work in hard goods which includes team sports, exercise, bikes, and in some stores the lodge and pro shop(golf). Imagine trying to do repairs when you are the only one covering half of the store. You cannot come in early to catch up nor can you call someone in to cover for you because payroll sucks.

    Third, the stores do not stock bike parts nor do they keep a huge supply of parts in the back. If you brake a derailleur, it has to be ordered. There is no overnight shipping so your bike can be repaired quickly. When the part gets there it gets there.

    And finally, stop calling to see if your bike is done. You just brought it in yesterday and were told it would be a few days. Just because your bike is a quick repair doesn't mean it gets done first. If it was that easy to fix than do it yourself.

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  • Zz
      28th of Nov, 2010

    You [censor]ing idiot. It's a warranty, not a "guarantee". If you think that a company is going to cover your stolen goods than you've got some bigger problems to address. And how is a store supposed to know whether or not you're just pretending that the shoes were stolen?

    Warranties generally only cover natural wear and tear, not misuse by a customer, and CERTAINLY not theft. Get over yourself. And don't go shop at Dick's, they're better off if they don't have to deal with [censor]ic [censor]s like yourself.

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  • Di
      28th of May, 2011

    I have been an employee of Dick's Sporting Goods for three years and understand some of the complaints posted on this site. The general attitude of the company is to sell all warranties possible because a warranty is straight profit for the company, because they basically just purchase a contract with a warranty company and the more they sell, the more profit for Dick's, not the warranty company. However, I must say that the arrogance of the clientele that enters the store is amazing. As a footwear salesperson, I am generally at the mercy of the customers, most of whom are ill informed, to satisfy them. Generally about 75% of customer complaints are made because the customer either doesn't have time to wait for adequate service or they have a personal agenda against department stores from the beginning. A general complaint that is reported to ANY employee is ALWAYS appeased with exceptional service or a discount at checkout. Oddly enough most customers complain on the way out the door and refuse either a discount or opportunity to speak with someone. They do this because they know they can hear themselves talk without pushback from anyone, and they generally don't have a legitimate argument for why they are so upset. As an employee I would say that I understand not having time to wait in certain situations but EMPLOYEES ARE NOT ROBOTS. THEY CANNOT READ MINDS AND CANT BE TWO PLACES AT ONCE. So I would advise customers to be more patient and respectful of salespeople and FELLOW SHOPPERS, and maybe then you will see that 99 percent f the time, we are more than happy to help you.

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  • Od
      5th of Jul, 2011

    I find it funny how I only do Internet research on company AFTER I am unsatisfied with my purchase. If I would've done my research earlier, I wouldn't have been in the situation I am in today.

    My husband talked me into buying a bike at Dick's sporting goods. Originally my heart was set on totally different bike at different store but it was pricey. So my husband wanted to save money and at the same time buy me a bike.

    So there we were at Dick's looking at their bikes. No sales person could be found a mile away! Then 4 teenage guys sales people walked by us and pretended like they don't see us. Nobody offered any help. After looking and trying to sit on one of their bikes I made my choice. I could not test it in store because the store was busy it was 4th of July weekend. So the bike seemed ok. My husband was ok with the price although it was only $80 cheaper than the bike I originally had my heart set on...

    Anyway, so we picked up a bike and riding past 2 sales guys who miraculously appeared out of nowhere. One of them said, "Wait a minute, I need to tune up that bike". He does the tuning. Never said anything about the warranty. Never said that once you buy the bike, it's IMPOSSIBLE to return it. I remember when buying something at Dick's their returning policy stated "refund issued with original receipt" so I was sure I could return it if I don't like it.

    We took the bike home. Drove to paved school's parking lot and I did a few circles on it. I did not like how the bike handled. You could tell it was a low quality bike for jacked up price poorly made in China.

    So in LESS THAN 24 hours we take the bike back to the store to return it. An elderly associate who had hearing problem greeted us at entrance. I tell him we have a RETURN, he says "Service done? I said, NO, a return. He starts filling out papers. Then he gives me papers, I read it and it says "Service request" wth... I tell him NO we have a RETURN! Then he pages their bike department who says that a manager has to talk to us. A few minutes later a guy who tuned up my bike a day earlier with their manager comes down. You could see in their faces - their faces read "You aren't returning your bike".

    A guy who tuned up my bike a day prior asks me "Why are you trying to return the bike?" - I reply, I don't like it. He says "What is it you don't like about it?" - I reply : I don't like how it handles. He says "Why is that?" ---wth? Are you serious? Why do you need to know why I don't like the bike? It should be enough if a consumer says "I don't like it or changed her mind". Then the manager named "Steven" says : This bike is used, it'S been ridden. We cannot take the bike back, the store won't be able to sell it. The store will lose money! How is that my problem? You are a multi-million dollar business. Sometimes you can take a little loss but keep a customer happy because a customer might return and buy something bigger and more expensive. Guess their corporate office did not think of that when they came out with those baloney return policies.

    I tell the manager "Steven" - well I did not know when I was buying a bike that I would NOT be able to return it. He takes my original receipt, flips it on another side and with his pent makes 2 points on my receipt where it reads "Dick's Sporting Goods has a right to refuse a refund at any time". I said, well it also says "Refunds are issued with ORIGINAL receipt" and that's what I had. He kept saying the bike is used and he won't be able to resell it! He refused to take the bike back!

    We were very pissed. At the end we ended up buying another bike for me at another store where they had high quality bikes and 14 days returning policy! They told us about the policy from the start.

    So now I, nor my family will never buy anything from Dick's sporting goods ever again!

    Their customer service is beyond horrible and their return policy is a mystery. Pretty much they can say to consumer at any time "Go f... yourself. It's not our problem".

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