SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Extremely slow delivery

Galesburg, IL, United States
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I was a DickBlick customer for a long time now and liked everything about them, products always arrived on time, customer service was nice, but my recent experience was terrible. I have ordered some brushes and professional oils from this site and I needed them fast.
I was preparing for an artist competition which was held overseas and I needed to take all of the tools with me. They promised fast delivery but my order did not arrive on time! It was terrible! I had to leave, but I did not have anything - no brushes and no paint! These guys almost ruined everything, I had to buy at least something so I went to a local store and bought some cheap quality oils there. I live in a small town and we here do not have professional stores for artists, so I have to buy everything online. I'm very disappointed with DickBlick!

Aug 15, 2016

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