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Rental Ripoff. I checked the rental rate for a condo in St. Maarten. I am an interval member and they have an agreement with Diamond Resorts. I got a rental rate of $138.00 via Expedia. Then I called Diamond Resorts and they told me the rate was $137.50 per night BUT they would give me the 2nd night free. So I booked two units at $137.50 for $275.00. I even commented to my rep, Ethan, that he saved me $275.00.

When I checked into the condo, the rate was not clarified as 1 night free but I was told that the front desk would look into it. When we checked out, we were charged $137.50 per night per unit. An overpayment of $275.00.

I have since called Diamond Resorts. What a bunch of flakes. After a series of frustrating semantics on Rack Rate vs. "Discount". I asked to speak to the Vice President.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVJason Toste. Of course, I was told he was not in (they never are...). Well Jason ended up answering the phone after all. Then he told me that " Ethan, my rental agent was smart enough for a bait and switch...He only makes $10 an hour. "
When I asked to hear the recording, Jason said they don't exist. Then he went on to say, "Why would we rent it to you for $137.50" when that doesn't even cover our maintenance.
Bottom line is: I pay a monthly fee to Interval. Which is in partnership with Diamond Resorts.. And when it was all said and done, they did a bait and switch, using semantics and I saved a whopping $1.00 by booking direct with Diamond Resorts.
Save your money. These timeshares are a ripoff and the agents will tell you what you want to hear, then deny, deny, deny.

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  • Pa
      Jul 02, 2009

    Dear Mrs. Franks:

    During your several conversations with our staff about the 50% discount you intimated at being a member. Your not! You intimated that Interval owns Diamond doesn't.
    You also signed the registration slip at check-in accepting the $137.50 per night rate. (50% off the Rental Rate of $275.00 as featured on Expedia)
    You also received verification through your booking engine of the $137.50 rate (50% off the Rental Rate of $275.00 as featured on expedia)
    Your fee to Interval is a separate and personal fee and has nothing to do with this vacation or the rates that you were abundantly made aware of long before, and during your vacation.
    We understand you enjoyed your vacation and certainly look forward to assisting you in the future.
    Should you need any additional assistance, please feel free to reach out.
    Most cordially yours,
    Patrick Duffy
    Cheif Experience Officer

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  • Dr
      Jul 07, 2009

    First off, I never "inteimated" at being a DRI member. That's pretty hard to do if you don't have a DRI Member Number, now isn't it? And I never "intimated" that Interval owns DRI. I said they have the same company handling their partnership for rentals. Which they do.

    Ethan quoted me $137.50 for one night and the 2nd night free. Per condo. Period. End of subject. Don't believe me? Then replay the original tape recording like I asked. You legally can record me and I legally have a right to hear that tape. But Ethan and your VP refused. Seems it suddenly disappeard.

    I signed a rental rate at check-in, and indicated to the front desk staff at the time, that the rate was incorrect. Their response: We'll look into it. When we checked out, we got billed the whole amount because they never checked into it. We could dispute it right there, or miss our plane. They told us we would have to take it up with DRI, anyway, so we decided to hop a plane and take care of it when we got home. Wouldn't you?

    Also, you said that we received verification through a "booking engine." What is a 'booking engine?" Would you speak in layman's terms. AND NOWHERE did anything state 50% off of Expedia's rate. Once again, you guys are lying. Repeat: LYING about the intial offer. The RENTAL RATE FEATURE ON EXPEDIA was and is: $138.00. Period. Renters could care less about "rack rate" they care about the amount of money charged for their room.

    And, I know exactly what a maintenance fee is. I am an interval member. It was YOUR Vice President who said, "why would we only charge you $137.50 when that doesn't even cover our maintenance." Mr. Toste, you would charge me $137.50 because that is what Ethan, the rental agent quoted me! I asked to listen to the recorded conversation but that has mysteriously dispappeared.

    We enjoyed our vacation with exceptions. The front desk was as rude and condescending as the DRI Rental Office with Jason Toste & Ethan. At your least your consistent.

    As for our vacation? We tripped over paint cans that were all over the exterior and closed the windows to avoid the fumes of the airless and the noises but we befriend the painters who were out in the sun, working so hard, and still had more smiles on their faces than any of the DRI front desk staff. What a disgrace. You could all learn a lesson from these guys.

    Ethan gave me one quote. And DRI billed me for another. Stop playing semantics and just send me my refund. $275.00 is what I am owed for the orginal quote I was given.

    Again, if you don't believe me...let me listen to the recorded phone conversation. It's my legal right. Which you have refused.

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  • Dr
      Jul 07, 2009

    One more thing.

    Mr. Patrick Duffy...if you are the "Cheif Experience Officer" then you should have enough experience and professionalism to know how to spell
    "CHIEF Experience Officer" or at least hire somone who knows how to spell it. Or perhaps you should pay more than $10 an hour if you want better help.

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  • Dr
      Jul 08, 2009

    Mr. Duffy wrote: During your several conversations with our staff about the 50% discount you intimated at being a member.

    Mr. Duffy, when you wrote that comment you confirmed that I was quoted a 2nd night FREE quoted by Ethan. BUT DRI baited me and then switched to charge me both nights because I was not a member.

    When callers call into DRI or Interval, the first thing a caller has to do is input their member ID number. I do it for Interval. But I can't and didn't with DRI because I'm not a member.

    Thank you for confirming the original quote that Ethan gave me. By the way, every time I have checked Expedia, including today, the rate was and is STILL $138.00 per night! DRI did not give me a discount of $275.00 of Expedia's rate. The rate I got was $138.00 then and still is. Imagine that.

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  • Je
      Jul 11, 2009

    WOW!!! Thank you for this information. However, I booked through Expedia and it was pretty clear tyo me the "Regular" rate and the 50% off rate...Really Clear. I guess everyone has a grip.
    BTW----Your spelling leaves alot to be questioned too..."inteimated"... You know, stones and glass houses...:)

    Your signature and email verifications (if correct) make you look in the wrong...sorry!

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  • Dr
      Aug 31, 2009

    Jenn, you're very busy. Sometimes you're Kyle. Sometimes you're Terry. You signed your last comment as "Jenn." BTW, grip should be gripe. That is pretty clear 'tyo" me. How long have you worked for DRI???

    To DRI...We got a call a couple months ago from the staff at DRI and they were going to send us some coupons for our dilemma. . Never got them. Called back to the CR Rep last week. Nothing. No phone call. No email. Nada.

    But I know if I went to a DRI presentation, those sales people would be calling me on a regular basis...

    Is it any wonder why Corporate America has collapsed. All the greed and lousy customer service and misrepresentation...

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  • Pa
      Aug 31, 2009

    Mrs. Franks,

    From 2 months ago already. If you would like to call me, please feel free. I can be reached at [protected]. It's much easier to speak this through to a kind resolution.
    Thank you,
    Patrick Duffy
    Chief Experience Officer

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  • Dr
      Sep 04, 2009

    Mr. Duffy, I have called your office 2 months ago. You would not speak to me. Unlike Jenn Hann (aka Terry & Kyle) I did not speak to you at any time. Instead, one of your staff was discussing the matter with me. They assured me they would follow through. I waited patiently. Nothing. So I called your office last week. Still haven't heard back from her.

    DRI has my number. Wouldn't have been easier for you to just to call me if you really wanted to resolve this?

    I will await your call.

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  • Pa
      Sep 06, 2009

    Mrs. Franks,
    Thank you for calling me last week. It was indeed a pleasure to speak to you. I hope you enjoy what we forwarded to you in the mail and do let us know how we may assist you in the future.
    Patrick Duffy

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  • Dr
      Sep 14, 2009

    Good Morning Mr. Duffy,
    Yes, Mr. Duffy I got tired of waiting so finally called you. . And yes, you answered the phone. But I still haven't received any mail yet. As I told you, the street number is 128, not 125. I hope DRI will update my record to reflect tat as you indicated that the wrong address of 125 was on file.

    Thank you for your attention to these matters.

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  • Dr
      Nov 15, 2009

    Mr. Duffy,
    I have received my mail. And I feel that the situation has been resolved very well. It took a while but Diamond Resorts stepped up to the plate.

    Thank you for rectifying the situation.

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  • So
      Mar 14, 2011

    The rental rate they gave you is 40% less than what timeshare owners at the Resort are charged for the maintenance fees of the same unit.
    Thousands of owners have been ripped-off by this Company since they took over Resorts from GVC and Sunterra.
    Unacceptable increases in maintenance fees, unacceptable increases in Management fees and now people can rent directly from them for much less than what owners pay.
    Thousands of owners all over the US and Europe have been ripped off by Diamond Resorts. Check DRI Protesters Group at if you want to know more about their unethical practices.

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