Diamond Resorts International / time share misrepresentation and sales tactics

Branson, mo, United States
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The Diamond Resorts International sales people are liars and will mislead you into buying or upgrading your time share. We have been to two "member update meetings". They have always turned into 3-4 hour sales presentations. By the time you are done, your convinced that what they've told you is all true and you really should buy. They will take a credit app, have you sign it and then put incomes in there that aren't even CLOSE to what you make, just so you'll qualify for the time share. We were told that the previous sales person "should have told you would save a lot of money if you had bought at the next level, but they can upgrade you, for the same price per point that you bought at is you buy today. We have been suckered all the way up to Platinum level and can't even afford to go on vacation. because of all the money we are supposedly saving by having a time share. Their motto needs to be "stay broke" not stay vacationed. They paint a great picture but lie, lie, lie about how easy it is to book when and where you want to go!!

Oct 16, 2018

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