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After having many good holidays with our timeshare over the years, the time came when we had to surrender our (INVESTMENT) due to job loss and illness, Thats when we relised our investment was worthless, cant even give it away, and apparently cant even give it back free, we were told so many lies to buy into this, we can go to our unit through on line agents for a fraction of the cost of the maintenance, but we were told this was an exclusive club, members only, it was then we relised what sort of company had taken over our accomodation, the man at the top i note has his hand in all the main pockets of the elite, so i guess nobody will challenge him, but here in the uk there is a group of about 1500 non payers who are well in arrears, some havent payed for four years, and are refusing to pay, even though the debt has been passed on to a collection agent, but they cant do anything, as you tell them you dispute the debt, and so we are in stalemate here in the uk, not one person here in the uk has been taken to court, because if diamond resorts lose the case the gates are open for all to claim, your timeshare is worthless, you cant sell or give it away you will never get your money back.

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  • Fa
      Nov 05, 2011

    I believe the biggest problem with people who own timeshares is that they think their lifestyle will remain such as it was at the time time of purchase forever. Most people dont take into consideration that times might change and once youre locked into a legal binding contract which at most times the purchaser never even bothered to read then youre done. Thats why they give you a recission period to read over ALL of your contract and decide if this is what you like. I'm sick and tired of hearing the sales man promised me this and that when it clearly states in your contract that such contract superseeds any verbal agreement. Bottom line, people buy this stuff even some who barely make 30K a year buy into to because they're sold a lie. Any good salesman will sell you the world, it is up to the individual to decide and READ what they got. I do agree with the increase in prices as those go hand in hand with the economic times we live in, naturally things get more expensive so people will pay more to maintain such luxy properties. Make no mistake this is a luxury item which if neglected will affect your credit which lets be real most people could care less about. People will ultimately blaim the company they bought this timeshare in weather its Diamond Resorts or any other and would naturally accuse them of bullying and harrasing them? Really, is it really that evil collectors fault that you cant pay your bill after you signed a legal binding contract and a promisary note which states how much youre paying per month, for how long and at what interest rate? Please people stop blaiming your own failures, misconceptions and bad decisions on others because of your innability to follow through. You must first come to terms with what you've done, accept you messed up and admit you cant follow through with what you said you would. There's nothing worse than a grown person blaiming another for their mistakes and then turning around and saying they harras them?. Anyway, All you have to do you geniuses is type up a letter to whatever company or bill collector is calling you nonstop and ask that the calls stop. It's called a CEASE AND DESIST letter and it's the most unknown peace of information most people dont even bother to research. Make no mistakes just because they wont call you doesnt mean you dont own the $, they will still report to your credit and eventually whatever it is you bought or owe will default and get foreclosed upon or canceled. Unexpected things do happen in life, people die, jobs are lost i understand. But stop your damn complaining, man up to your decisions and continue on with your life that's all there is to it.

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  • Va
      Nov 24, 2011

    Stop justifying you former carrier of ripping off vacationers fasdfaf If that is your real name?

    TS today is a rip off and probably always was a scam that millions have been sucked into over the 40 or 50 years. Now there is this pool of Timeshare carrier "has beens" that have sold these "Holiday Intervals" that is all they know (except for those that have crossed over to the big TS UNDO SCAMS).

    Is the TS Industry too big to FAIL TOO!!! Do you think I care about a bunch of rip off artists ConMen not working because SALES are DOWN, the whole Industry has become a cesspool of GREED and CORRUPTION with the top of the pyramid really keeping their slice of the residual payments we are forced to pay WHICH IS DAMN NEAR EXTORTION it certainly is a form of FLEECING. From the looks of your post fasdaf, you may still have some financial ties to the industry. Seems to ruffle your feathers that some of the sheep might stray from the Shepard with the big boots.

    Of course everything I say on these boards is just my humble opinion.


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