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This message comes in frustration and desperation...with a very simple question: When will our cars be delivered?

The order nos are [protected] and [protected]. Two cars dropped on June 26th at the eagle auto drop off in Seneca Falls, Upstate NY to be transported to San Jose CA.

ETA given was July 12th. We understand there could be delays during transport but guess what... The cars haven't yet been picked up (today being 7/28)

Even more frustrating is the answers we get from the inefficient customer service department and Manager Mia Collins... ' No updates' the easy way out of further questioning is 'you could cancel the contract and find another service...'. Sometimes she doesn't even return calls!

Really? Telling the customer to find another service after 30+ days of being paid for a service is unacceptable, unethical and completely not DEPENDABLE; Why were we not told in the first place that these guys are too overbooked and are short of trucks and drivers? Why are they still accepting new quotes? Why can't they do their bit and move wires to reach customer satisfaction and deliver a product already paid for? Who pays compensation for the cars rented week after week for not having our own cars delivered? This is unacceptable!

This is not dependable at all...This is a horrendous service... Please please dont waste your time, money and peace of mind. Any questions call me at [protected]

Jul 28, 2016

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