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DentalPlans.com / Scam on automatic renewal!

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DentalPlans.com ripped me off when I first bought a plan from them that was no good and was not accepted by any dentist, then one year later, they charged my credit card for an automatic renewal even though I reported to them from the beginning that I did not want their plan, that their plan was bunk, and I was very disappointed with their service.

After the first year, they charged my account without my permission another $129.95. I called them immediately to try to clear up the problem and get my money refunded and was told they would not charge my account. Five business days later, I checked my account and the charge of $129.95 from DentalPlans.com is still there. This company is a total rip off/con artist.


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  3rd of Jan, 2008
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I have a similar situation. I was very unhappy with their coverage. When I needed a crown, both my dentist's regular cost and the covered cost were within $10 of each other, $740 and $730.

They did an automatic renewal and have refused to refund my money.
  11th of May, 2009
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We first purchased a Aetna Dental from DentalPlans.com on May 23, 2006. This plan was ERRONEOUSLY renewed on May 11, 2008—TWELVE DAYS BEFORE IT EXPIRED.

I informed DentalPlans.com and was told it was corrected.

The next year, you renewed our plan on May 6, 2008—SEVENTEEN DAYS BEFORE IT EXPIRED.

I informed DentalPlans.com and was told it was corrected.

This year, once again, they are trying to cheat us out of seventeen days of coverage. I also note that you attempted to charge my credit card well in advance of the fraudulent due date as well.

I have contacted them repeatedly and the only thing they have ever responded to was a request for an update in the credit card number and expiration. They will not respond.
  11th of May, 2009
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i got the phone numbers before i signed up to local dentists and all said they've nevered heard of the "GE wellness plan" i e-mailed dentalplans.com telling them they need to update their site & tell me who DOES accept their coverage in my area and they never e-mailed me back. guess i won't send them my money.
  11th of May, 2009
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I also had some trouble with finding dentists that accepted Aetna. Some who said they did, actually didn't. They just gave a very small discount, but not even the minimum required. When I spoke to DentalPlans.com they said they would resolve it and contact me. Never did.
  11th of May, 2009
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Today, finally, a "director of sales" contacted me. She apologized for the problem she said was caused by "manual renewal" and says the problem will be solved with the new "automatic renewal."

I don't buy that, but they did extend my coverage for two months for free. We'll see if we want to renew in July.
  29th of Jul, 2009
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I came close to getting a plan from Dentalplans.com and the dentist I chose was listed as accepting 4 plans from this outfit. I called the dentist before jumping on the plan and he said he had never accepted any of these plans. When I contacted Dentalplans.com, they sent me an acknowledgement email and that was that. No further communications; however, they did want my address, phone number and other personal information undoubtedly to sell to other con artists. Glad I bypassed this outfit.
  29th of Nov, 2009
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Thanks for this post. If I had not seen this my plan would have automatically renewed in April and I did not realize this. I just logged into my account and selected to NOT renew automatically. I've moved and the plan I had does not work here. I am buying another one though because it was great savings for me. I paid like, $130 for the card and I saved AT LEAST $1, 000.00 at the beginning of this year on a root canal and crown that I otherwise would have had to pay over $2, 000 for all parts of the procedures. Just make sure you change your settings in your account and they shouldn't automatically renew. These plans can save you tons of money, especially if you find one that saves you on vision, dental, chiropractic and fitness!
  22nd of Mar, 2010
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Thank you. I almost fall for it.
  15th of Apr, 2010
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I did my research before I put any money down... I was looking for a dentist in my area and found one that i liked. Before enrolling in the plan, I called up the dentist and found out that they didn't accept their plan. Also the average dental rates are completely off for the area that I live.
  20th of Jul, 2010
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Watch out folks.. I was very interested in this Discount Plan that DentalPlans.com offered..my dentist was on their list, I was thrilled! I called and asked a question about the plan and the guy who answered was very enthusiastic, "oh yes your dentist does have the plan", etc etc he tried to get me to sign up right then but I told him I wanted to be sure my dentist did in fact honor the plan. Im so glad I waited because my dentist had no knowledge of it. I called DentalPlans.com back and they said well, they just didnt recognize it because you told them the name of the card..tell them it is a dental discount plan by cigna ..so I call my dentist back and once again no..he did accept health insurance thru cigna but he had NEVER signed up for this dental discount plan, he had called DentalPlans.com to inquire about why his name was associated with it and was told that if a dentist signed up with Cigna or Aetna Insurance that they are automatically enrolled in this discount plan, but then it is up to them if they want to ACCEPT it or not...apparently they arent informed of it, because I have read other complaints online of other dentists having NO idea they are supposedly signed up with these dental discount plans...ANYWAY..so now we know the truth..my dentist was AUTMATICALLY ENROLLED and put on the website even though he had never signed up for it...so I called DentalPlans.com back and told a different person this time that my dentist who was listed with them said he had no idea about it..he says Oh yes your dentist IS listed, how did you describe the plan to him? I told him and he said well sometimes dentists get confused..I interupted and said no he is not confused, and that he had never signed up for it, that he was automatically enrolled but had never accepted it..the guy then says Oh yes that is possible! DUH well, if I had not checked with my dentist before purchasing I would have been ripped off! It is FALSE ADVERTISING when you have a list of dentists on your website as being part of a plan and they really ARE NOT.
  27th of Jan, 2011
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To benefit from the plans listed, you'll have to do your research. It'll pay off. I called my dentist and they said that the plans come in 2 forms: coverage backed by a major insurance carrier irregardless of the plan name (Aetna, Cigna, Humana...), or a membership plan where the dentist has to be a member (Careington...). My dentist will accept most plans backed by a major carrier but they needed to know what Fee Schedule to use. If they already accepted the Fee Schedule, they would charge me the discounted rates on that exact schedule. Major insurance carriers use different Fee Schedules. I called DentalPlans.com and found the names of the actual Fee Schedules for 3 plans: Preferred Network Access by Cigna uses Cigna PPO Fee Schedule, Aetna Dental Access uses Aetna PPO Fee schedule, and OptumHealth Allies uses Humana fee schedule. Even though my dentist was not on any of their lists, the dental office would accept the plans because they already used the 3 Fee Schedules and knew what to charge. (You'll need to check before buying any plan because the Fee Schedules might change at any time.)

So why not go directly to Atena, Cigna, or Humana? It's always good to try, but watch out for wait periods for some services, they might charge more, or longer activation times. Again, it pays to shop around.

After all this research, contacting my dentist's billing department, and comparing discounts/costs, I chose the Atena Dental Access plan using DentalPlans.com. DentalPlans.com was cheaper, and I was able to find a 25% discount code online. Note: DentalPlans acts as a broker for the various dental discount plans, the list of dentists is piped in to their site by the individual insurance companies, and may not be accurate. Even if you don't see your dentist or a good dentist listed, it pays to give the dentist a call and check if they accept the Fee Schedule/Discount Plan. After reading this blog I will not use DPs auto renewal, and have Bank of America issue a temporary credit card number with a set cash limit, so they cannot apply their glitchy auto renewal on my account. (One final note, when searching for a new dentist, look them up on Google Maps and read their reviews. Some dentist have great reviews, while others are scary with billing issues, unnecessary charges, poor quality control...)
Thanks everyone for writing in, and helping us new customers avoid future headaches:)
  16th of Oct, 2013
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You have to remember it's a "plan" not insurance. Every state is different. We live in Florida...it is very affordable and saved us thousands of $'s!! You can register an account online and check the option to not automatically renew. I question the charges up front at the dentist office so there is no surprises! All in all we are happy and plan to renew.
  18th of Oct, 2013
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My plan just auto renewed for $194 which is higher than advertised, they did it to me last year too and were supposed to refund excess amount of $79 and take me off auto renewal. I did not get money back and was hit again. When I called they transferred me to another department and when I said I did not have my acct number they hung up. After the third call I said not to transfer but put supervisor on and take care of reimbursement which they say will take 10 days and they will not refund overdraft fee's. STAY AWAY FROM DENTAL PLANS .COM
  18th of Jun, 2014
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My plan auto-renewed, without my knowledge, almost a full 2 month before it even expired. I requested a refund, and was told the 15 dollar processing fee was non-refundable. Awesome. I've purchased these plans in the past, and never had this happen, so I was completely unaware. I also don't use this particular bank account very often, so of course it overdrew costing me 50dollars in fees. Super awesome.Jerks. Never again.
  21st of Aug, 2014
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I have been having problems with the dentists that DO accept the dental plans. They are typically not dentists you would chose if you could go anywhere you desired. The choices are very limited.

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