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Dell Computers / poor quality of the dell computer products and the quality of the dell service

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I am writing this letter to complain the quality of the Dell Computer products and the quality of the Dell Service.

I bought a Dell Inspiron 1705 around the end of July. Right after the product was delivered, I noticed the newly arrived computer had several serious problems. First, the LCD display contrast was way off. I noticed user could adjust the brightness of the LCD screen display. But we could not adjust its contrast. The problem became quite obvious while we were playing movies (with Window Media Player). The picture was too dark to watch while the brightness was lowered. And a layer of white fog showed up on the screen if the brightness was increased. The display brightness problem bothered us badly since we got a headache after working on the computer for more than one hour. As a result the computer is not usable at all.

I also noticed the audio output was not working properly. The sound from the build-in speaker was always muffled. The output sound was distorted and with very poor sound quality.

Additionally, I found a problem with the flash card reader. At the time I inserted the SD card into the flash memory slot, the system reported “some problem” with the drive. But the device manager claimed the flash card reader was “functioning properly”. The window explorer never reflected the existence of the drive.

I have been patiently working with Dell customer support team to resolve the problems (case # [protected] and [protected]). Unfortunately, we are getting anywhere even three months after the computer was delivered. I have run the system diagnostics with the Dell support team and Dell technician for more than 10 times. I have updated the BIOS. I have installed several and different versions of device drivers. But, the problem persisted. Finally, Dell Support claimed the motherboard is defective.

It took another one week to see the Dell technician with the replacement motherboard. Unfortunately, the Dell Support delivered a refurbish board, and it was DEAD ON ARRIVAL. It even did not boot up after it was installed by the Dell technician, who decided to put the original motherboard back.

I call Dell customer support again complaining about the situation. I elevated the problem to the highest level possible. I was able to speak with Mr. Bernard Santos, who claimed to be the highest level manager in Dell. His title was “Manager of Support”. I specifically complained about

The quality of the Dell computer I received.
I paid the price of a new computer, and I got a refurbish board for the replacement.
The replacement board was dead on arrival. As a result I have not been able to use the computer for three months.

I spent more than three hours on the phone with Mr. Santos, and he hanged up the phone on me. I did follow up several times. My phone call was either transferred to an extension without attendance, or the line was cut off automatically. I could not believe the quality of the Dell product was so poor. And I could not believe the way Dell Customer Support treated their customers.

A week later, the Dell technician showed up with a replacement LCD display. I was told that Dell did not deliver another motherboard with the reason that Dell “had already delivered one motherboard, and it did not resolve the problem. It got to be the LCD display”. Obviously, they did not aware that the motherboard they previously delivered was dead on arrival.

The Dell technician successfully replaced the LCD display, but the problems persisted. The display contrast was still way off. The audio was still not working properly, and the flash card reader was still not functioning. I took a peek at the flash card slot. I noticed there were two pins inside the slot were bent and touching each other. I showed my discovery to the Dell technician, who agreed with me the mother board originally delivered with the computer was defective. That was the main reason why the video display, the audio and the flash card reader was not functioning properly. Blindly replacing the LCD display panel did not resolve the motherboard problem.

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  • Ha
      26th of Jun, 2007
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    I can only adjust the brightness of the screen. My eyesight is impaired and I need to have contrast adjustment.

  • Ho
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    Don’t buy from DELL. They lie about their good services and I can prove it to you. They don’t care about their customers at all. When I was buying, they made many promises on how they services and support will be and now, I would say, they lied to me.

    I will tell you a short story and if you need more, contact me.

    I bought my brand new DELL XPS 1330 on Jan 19 2008. It was fully loaded and I though I will be happy with it. The first week I noticed 4 issues in the system.
    1 - The display had a line inside the display which made it ugly specially in Vista.
    2 – The hard disk made a noise like hammering.
    3 – The wireless card was very very slow like 20 kbps
    4 – and finally sound card vas very noisy as I was not able to listen to any music.
    5- I was not able to watch movie, it was framed frame.

    I have 3 years on site warranty with complete care. But after almost 2 months. They still haven’t fixed my notebook and neither exchanged it. I spent at least 60 hours on the phone with many people from TechSupport, CustomerCare, ResolutionSpecialist and international support, still nothing happened. Seems they have some problem with their support when the system needs to be exchanged. I wrote many complain email and still no response, they keep passing me from one to another and nobody want to have this issue resolve. My huge mistake buying from Dell.

    So if you get lucky and you dell notebook works when you buy it, you are fine, but if you need service, don’t even think about it. So my suggestion to you is, BE LUCKY.

    For more detail, contact me at

    Notebook initial value: I paid 1600$

    Damage Resulting:

    I have lost 600$ on international phone conversation.
    I have lost 60+ hours by spending on the phone in the 2 months duration and speaking with many people in different departments.
    I have lost 20+ hours by chatting on dell site with tech support and customer care
    I have lost 2 months and still no notebook
    I have lost my travel planning because of their issue and delay on resolving it.

  • Ji
      12th of May, 2008
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    i have bought 5 new dell pc's and 2 laptops the last being a inspiron e1505 it is the worst ive ever owned it constantly locks up
    saying program not responding. and niether does dell they just put you on hold they really dont care about you once they get your money, and i have been a very loyal customer i really think we all need to tell everyone about dell so they dont continue
    to sell poor computers and service .

  • As
      29th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow, I was about to buy XPS M1530 for my son. Now I need to think about what your guys say and thanks for your comments!

  • Ca
      5th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I bought Quick Books Pro 2010. It slowed my computer down and it was not what they said it was. It was not what I wanted and they said I open it and no refund would be given. I explain that they sold me something that I didn't need and could not use. They said sorry and have a nice day. They enjoy taking the little mans money. No more Dell because it was not a deal. Scammers and not a good way to do business. Shamefull

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