SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / broken goods, delay shipment, missing goods, you find it all

United States

I'm very unhappy with the results of buying from <[protected]>! In the end I pay MORE fot fake, broken and not as shown in the on line catalog NOT to MENTION all BELOW.

* I waited very long! Exactly 30 days to get to my hands and I pay DealExtreme all my items on the 13 October 2008.!
* Still ONE item (SKU 2838 ) NOT YET ARRIVED to ME: USB Handheld Trackball Compact Mouse - in my invoice is number: 02838 ( x 1 Pending $7.80)
* I was obliged to pay 25 % the total value of SHIPMENT of my order here, plus 20% of total value for IMPORT purposes! GIFT = seems that means its from CHINA and you must pay shipment plus import taxes ALL TOGETHER 45% !! Not a GOOD DEAL! Not at all!
* One item here is BROKEN (*photos ( bluetooth-broken.jpg (image/jpeg) 228K
broken-left.jpg (image/jpeg) 292K
broken-stereobluetooth-left.jpg (image/jpeg) 395K
headstereo-box.jpg (image/jpeg) 277K
headstereo-open.jpg (image/jpeg) 296K)to show defect, and open box with elastic band to hold the content inside).- 12286 Behind-Neck Bluetooth Stereo A2DP Earphones Headset with On Ear Controls (Phone and Music) also you send it with electric outlet for USA and delivery to me in SWEDEN/Europe- ( I had to buy extra converter for it)

----------Here its my ADVISE to you folks; don't be fouled by it..its a scam and hurts our pockets whe arrives ..if arrives! Be far better off it...


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