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I'm on Day 112 of my (never-arrived) order. Around Day 70 I requested a Paypal refund, on Day 93 they offered me a refund and told me it would take 1-2 weeks because I had taken over 90 days(!), on Day 98 they asked me which email address I'd like my refund to be sent (!!), and today I thought I'd find out why I don't have my refund. As they've closed my ticket, I've used Live Chat and been given "Starck" as an operator. I'm cutting out the part of the conversation where they told me my package had not been lost, but returned to them (as their English made the final fate of the parcel quite ambiguous).

Starck: Please hold on for a moment while I check on that for you.
Me: thank you
Starck: the refund ha been rejected by paypal .we shall submi another refund for you
Me: will this take 1-2 weeks?
Starck: yes, since it is overdue refund,
Me: can you please confirm for me the email address you're sending the Paypal refund
Starck: anyhow live chat con;t handle the refund issue, of course don't know which accout applied the refund from
Starck: also
Starck: there is no more can be said if you stand against us still
info: Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.


Sep 03, 2014

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