Deal Dashbogus overpriced products

Deal Dash has many products that they have set up like they are selling products only there and on Deal Dash for way over inflated products. For example AAVA Products. It has a website that only sells the products there and at Deal Dash and not anywhere else. I checked Neimun Marcus and you can get for example Stateless Steel Flatware, their most expensive brand, for hundreds of dollars less than what this website and Deal Dash says what this produvct is worth. Funny this website is selling Finnish Products and Deal Dash is located in Finland. Interesting is that the box says it is made in China.

This same things goes for many products sold on Deal Dash.

As far as electronics go, they probably buy the products at a deeply discounted rates and sells you at a retail price that is at a unbelievably market up price. Do yourself a favor and check the prices at real stores, plus oftentimes these items are sold at a huge discount, especially from November till January.

Oh and some of these products you'll see selling on Amazon. They're from winners at Deal Dash, lol.

Jun 26, 2017

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