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deVere (via Nigel Green, the CEO, Steven Luckett, the global recruitment director and others) are professional scam artists specializing in ripping British expats off as well as draining their own financial consultants out of money and sexually abusing their female professionals.
Currently they are feverishly recruiting young professionals in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and other western European countries where as a result of the financial crisis many have lost their jobs, but still have some savings left in order pay these criminals tribute for being [censored]d over.
A year ago my friend was cheated out of $ 20 000 after being promised riches (no less than GBP 120 000 a year!!) and a splendid career. During a week-long deVere financial consultants' training course in Malta at the end of which (according to the excited cries of Steven Luckett, hopping around madly with patched up trousers at deVere presentation) participants had to stand an official independent financial adviser exam, she was approached by one of deVere representatives with an open offer to 'treat his male parts', in exchange for them 'making sure she got promoted'. As she refused, the representative suggested later on on the course that she 'lacked necessary sales skills' so to fail her deliberately and get rid of a living stain on his reputation.
As it turned out, she would have been luckier to have failed the course than having been selected for the position of a financial consultant.
Still not convinced? Read on.
DeVere consultants do NOT get 120 000 a year and they do NOT get a professional IFA qualification. This is just a bait for the gullible who believe Steven Luckett, Nigel Green & Co. are telling the truth just because they cannot IMAGINE being fooled by a company with a beautiful website and (seemingly) a lot of connections, in the most outrageous way.
After having passed the 'course', she had to spend another three weeks in Malta at her own cost, because Steven Luckett's announcement that 'deVere will arrange you everything, including visas and employment permits!' turned out to be an outward scam. After finally getting the visa on her own and moving to the destination country, she also discovered that she had to 'contribute' towards their office, heating, coffee, rubbish, toilet paper etc. costs. There were no computers at the office as they could not afford to pay for the Internet!!!
Furthermore, please note: 'contribute' as it is understood in deVere, means to pay your share off completely or not get any commission. Phone bills she had to cover on her own - quite a feat if cold-calling and trying to attract angry for being pestered people takes you 95% of your working time, as it 'is not up to the company to give you leads' (what did we train you for?!).
After having lived for 3 MONTHS on her own and her parents' money, it finally dawned to her that the well-deserved commission was due to her at this rate no sooner than by 2050.
She quit the company and is a living proof that a loss of $20 000 and a sore *ss is all you can get from these beggared scammers, sexual predators who have apparently come from a slum.
Be on your guard.

De Vere financial services scam

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  • In
      May 11, 2011

    I hear that they are particularly active in Ireland - via their recruiter Paul Kingston (if I remember the name right). Do Not even speak to him!!!
    I have read many complaints on various sites about him, people over. E.g., lying about financial consultants' duties and lying about the training course arrangements supposedly made by deVere, until people actually go to Malta and find out that they have nowhere to stay and nothing to eat.

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  • Op
      May 22, 2012

    sadly they are workig on many ambitious hungry individuals that wish to beleive firts !

    Time Share & this is much in common,
    they are just scams,
    here they scam the salesman & sell Third rate product that is so front loaded
    that the customer is scewed - they should be
    banned or better the true representatives, should be be taken asside & brushed up against the WALL! as FSA and officla regulatory authoritiy do not police properly!

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  • Si
      Aug 10, 2012

    Toby Williams of devere Bangkok has given me the run around for 2 years. I originally signed a 25 year Generali retirement policy with him after he did the hard sell on me.. He did say we would have meetings every quarter, this failed to happen;. My investments have gone down, he is too busy trying to earn more commissions with new clients?.

    I feel absolutely cheated, violated by his lies about how good the service would be.. There hasn't been any just excuses?. I've since found out he was selling houses in UK, has no prior financial services knowledge and lies about his past qualifications'. This seems to be a common thread with devere staff, lies, cheating, being conservative with the truth.
    I've since found out that 70% of the staff in that Bangkok office don't even have proper work permits, they work illegally like many other Devere offices. When will the authorities crack down on these parasites that cause so much misery?

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  • Ta
      Mar 02, 2014

    my friend got date raped at work reported it to the police etc - police told her to check her finances as sometimes attackers ask for finance details - her parents live in spain - she thinks they asked for her parents details when drugged and passed them onto this company. Devere started harrasing her parents out of the blue and they had loads of info on them. SCARY STUFF

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  • To
      Jan 23, 2017

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  • Lu
      Feb 09, 2017

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  • Ca
      May 06, 2017

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  • Pe
      Jan 24, 2018

    This really piss me off, I got scammed twice and i couldn’t tell anybody about, this two binary options company are five star rated on different sites and blogs, Many of these brokers misappropriate traders money thinking these traders will not act. Beware of where you invest in and if you lost your money, first I couldn’t reach their vendors and couldn’t sign in my account, I worked at a bank, at least with my knowledge of banking and monetary values should have saved me but that didn’t stop me from putting my life savings and loans into this, I lost my job and I sort for different ways to get my funds back, went to CySEC, credit card companies, my lenders, funds recovery companies and every other way to get my funds back, but still couldn’t get it, I decided to let go and move on, till I met a finance analyst who introduced me to [protected] come, he was really professional and very helpful in six weeks, I couldn’t get my gains but he was able to hack into them to allow me log on to withdraw my invested funds, this really help me put my life back together, for what it cost, this was worth every value, am sure this can help someone here can thank me later.No more funds to be lost! I do hope this post can bring relief and hope to folks out there

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  • St
      Jul 11, 2018

    My word so sorry to hear of your awful stories of loss but its not your fault these guys in De Vere are the best at what they do. The spin doctors employed are incredibly good at giving an air of respectability to a basically a bunch of confidence men. Its worth taking a look at youtube to see the fake news interviews that so called respected journalists get involved with to feed this false [censored]edil;ade of De Vere
    I have become very wary of so called gatekeepers of pension scams for example pension-life a website run by Angela Brooks is quick to highlight other companies and veer from writing anything negative about the De Vere group. Its my belief the site is a mechanism for maintaining growth in various jurisdiction's for De Vere by targeting his competition. I find it incredulous that De Vere has being fined and thrown out of multiple jurisdictions and no one is picking it up.

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  • Wh
      Jul 27, 2018

    Just being approached with this deVere tripe, currently got the 'webinar' that I was invited to open on another tab with Nigel the CEO harping on about the training course. I dug around a bit, warning signs everywhere. And even IF you do manage to make some money (most probably you'd have to be a conservative white male) why do you wanna spend your life/make your money cold calling and scamming people. Slimy, snakey business men.

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  • St
      Aug 14, 2018

    De Vere are scumbags of the highest order. Invested 100, 000 USD. It is all locked up in Notes. I can not get any cash out. I have been in De Vere for 5 years. SCUMBAGS.

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  • Le
      Apr 23, 2019

    I got scammed on their Vista plan and lost 30k dollars. If you're considering doing the same, please research online and don't!

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  • Le
      Apr 23, 2019

    I got scammed on the Vista plan and lost 30k dollars. If you're considering doing the same, please research online and don't!

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  • Mo
      Sep 06, 2019

    Watch out for Dan Lungut in their London office

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  • Mo
      Sep 06, 2019

    Watch out for Dan Lungut in their London office. ...this is a total total scam...

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  • Ss
      Sep 19, 2019

    @Mo Hamad Hey Mo, what happened in your case?

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