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Ali Pirzada .
Dawate Rohaniat,
Scam, Fake spell Caster, Lies.
I warn Dear All to be very careful from the above Scammer and a fake spell caster who is shia residing in Hyderabad (Sindh ) Pakistan, real con man and a scammer, undoubtedly he is promoting and selling fake items. I have reported him to the cyber crime Police . I encourage all his victims to come forward name and shame him and report him to cyber crime to have his site shut down to make sure there are no more casulities. Being a Shia he targets peoples from the sunni Sect and will nercelessly financially rape them. This man has deprived me from many thousand Rupees and delivered nothing except lies and fake promises. I warn all those who are planing to deal with him to be extremely cautious. He is a liar, Scamer and a definite Fraud. when he sends items overseas he uses diffrent peoples addresses. he has no physical address. i urge all his victims to please name and shame this evil so save others. His web site is under investigation. He is an absolute Fake spell Caster please do not trust him, send money, deal with him in any formor shaper or you will regret

Dawat e Rohaniat

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  •   Jul 28, 2015

    Iam the big fan of Mr Ali Pirzada he helped me and my family, The man who post this complaint is hide his own identity because he is fake & lier, I know him very well, the man who post this his name is Tariq and he's an indian man live in Australia and he hate Pakistanis, he not live with his family, his family hate him specially his son because he's trying to do sex with his own son's child, shame on him, he is patient of paedophilia and he is also a gay, he intersted in mans and he attaract to Ali Pirzada after seeing his photo at Dawat e Rohaniat site, he not interested any spiritual products but he bought much products from Ali Pirzada then he comes to his point and he said to Ali Pirzada that he fell in love with him and Ali pirzada reject him, not contact him anymore thats why the jealious man share this nonsense complaint.
    Shame on him.
    Aijaz khan
    Fan of Ali Pirzada

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  • Mt
      Sep 29, 2015

    Aijaz Khan is a liar, an ugly Fat face like a monkey who even can not speak english and lives in a toilet.
    Hey Fat and ugly Aijaz learn english first. You are a biggest liar, your photo has also been sent to the investigating authorities and you will be attended to. you know you are a liar and related to Ali pirzada. Can you tell the world why Ali Pirzada web site is removed or you like me to tell the world. This is Aijaz khan true photo.
    Aijaz I warn you if you did not refrain from telling lies than you will be responsible for thew consequences. You are A gay living in a toilet. You can not even see in your dream where I am living with my family. least i do not eat from street nor I con peoples. You can not even wrtite english. I laugh at you. come on be brave and write here why ali pirzada Web site is removed

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  •   Oct 06, 2015

    Ali Pirzada is a Great man...and also my Teacher, i knew him since 15 years,
    I think the man M Tariq is mentally sick...dont have any sense of respect...
    Iam 100% sure this sick man Tariq is liar, fake and evil, please dont trust him and his satanic comments...
    If he is real, why not he share his identity and photo?

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  • Mt
      Oct 08, 2015

    Dear All,
    I am very close to reaching the stage where I post here the evidence how much money was taken from me. money was sent through Western union and I will in due course post the evidence from Western Union and was received by this person and will also post here the details of the investigating officer from the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency with his contact details. I personally has nothing against Ali pirzada but his pimps are forcing me to expose him further and post the evidence. i urge Dear all to please couple of days than you see the evidence how much money was taken from me and nothi9ng happened. I also encourage all to deal with him to0 find out i9f am a liar. I am taking an oath on Quran that every world I( said is true, Now I will definitely post the evidence in here than all will know who is sick and a liar. Above monkey has claimed that I am 100 % liar. I Seek Allah help to give me a courage to share the truth with the world.
    Ok please my friends wait only two days you will see the truth. A 60 years old Man who is critically ill has also been financially raped, We have records /evidence from the western union and am going to post everything in here. Every one knows Dawat e rohani MY friends when you see the evidence of money received and web site was removed and new one is there wioth a different name. Matter is not finished yet Pakistan media is keeping an eye hopefully it soon will be on TV and newspapers and agencies investigations are on ongoing. I have a challenge to bring the truth to you all. Soon you will find out who is a scammer . My friends I can prove am not a liar and you can test them to find out who is a liar and a fraud. I was not going to expose than more than already done, since I been labelled as a liar . I was sitting quite but they forced me to open my mouth now I challenge these pimps I will go all the way. i been called an indian, I will also post proofs I am from Pakistan. I urge all my brothers and sisters to be very careful and wait for the proofs from me will put here in 2 days, if they want to play games I hit a sixth, now i will not stop

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  • Mt
      Oct 08, 2015

    My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

    as you all can see am labelled as a liar, sick and so on. This pimp does not realise that he is forcing me to me post a statement from the western union showing the details of the payment sent to Ali Pirzada with dates, amount and his name, also a statement from an old man who is on the wheel chair, proof he sent money and received fake gidar singi. they have no respect for old and sick peoples. I will also post here contact details of the FIA officer who is investgating this swcam with my contact details, an y one who is effected can contact me to get the details of a Journalisrt who is interogating it an d collecting eveidence so he can publish this story in one of the major newspaper. now they will find out who is sick. After seeing my evidence in here, if you do not believe me than please try it yourself but tell him we will pay after the results noted.
    so i been called, Fake, Evil, Liar, Indian. now I am so upset I will post everything in here that all you will be shocked. I dfid not want to do it but they forced me. Lets go in the ring now

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  •   Oct 08, 2015

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Islam
    After reading above comments I sent email to Ali Pirzada and let him about above story...
    Ali Pirzada said he sent Gidar singhi to him and his friend piaray singh and also sent talisman ring he also have Western union receipts but the man named tariq also want to do black magic on his own wife, son and his daughter's husband, the sick man Tariq sent email with his family photos to Ali Pirzada trying and forcing him to do black magic on his own family members and he also falling in love with a lady named bilqees, Ali Pirzada said he also have evidence and photos why tariq bought gidar singhi and why he sent money, Ali pirzada want to return his money back but sick man not want money he forcing Ali Pirzada to do black magic on his own family, Ali pirzada also have Tariq and his friend piaray Singh Australian address and he will soon share all evidence including emails, photos, phone sms, Australian address to show the world how this evil sick man deal with Ali pirzada.

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  • Af
      Oct 08, 2015

    Mr. Tariq,
    The world wants to know
    *why you sent money to Ali Pirzada?
    *Why you bought gidar singhi from him?
    *Why you not want your money back?
    *Why you forcing Ali Pirzada to do black magic on your own family?
    *Why you want to win games in casinos?
    *You said your age is 60 years old, you are sick and on wheel chair then how how you fell in love with lady?
    Ali pirzada hai all answres of above questions with evidence, photos, e-mails, sms and phone recording voices, postal addresses and He will soon share all to world.

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  • Af
      Oct 08, 2015

    india aur pakistan ke is jhagray mein tabahi dono ki he merae bhaiyo
    dono ke pas atom bombs hain hahahahaha...
    sala krlo dono ke bhalai ise mei hai

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  •   Oct 09, 2015

    See e-mail image of this sick man mr. M Tariq, This is little evidence about him, he said in email that gidar singhi works slowly slowly, but he not interested in gidar singhi...he needs powerful magic for someone...
    Ali pirzada have more evidence like photos, e-mails, phone recordings, sms about this man and will share to world if this man not stop his evil plaining against my master Ali pirzada.

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  •   Oct 09, 2015

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Islam...
    Dont believe in evil sick man's satanic comments... i will show his satanic face to world very soon...
    He forcing my master Ali pirzada to do black magic on his own wife, his son, his daughter's husband and his lover...Ali pirzada have all evidence... sick man sent e-mails with his family photos, his sms and phone recordings and i will show how he deal with my master,
    Ali pirzada sent gidar singhi to sick man and his friend named piaray master said to sick man that if its not work then send me back and i return back your money but the sick man forcing my master to do black magic on his family and his lover named bilqees...
    Ali pirzada also show all evidence to FIA officer when he meet him to show the true face of this evil sick man and his evil planing against his family, what he trying to do using my master...God know,
    Insha Allah i will share complete story of this sick man M Tariq with his family photos, e-mails, sms, phone recordings on blog, news paper and tell all media about his evil planning, This man not sincere with his own family how he be sincere with my master?

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  •   Oct 09, 2015

    My Dear M Tariq,
    Let me how much money you sent to my peer sahab?? i will donate you this money.
    Please don't try to stop the river of spiritual knowledge.

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  •   Oct 14, 2015

    i am not the victim yet but i paid him money on this bank account he provide me 21 days and its not complete yet but i am keep calling him cell phone ring but he is not attending my call now 3 days past not responding him and i have his two cell phone number which are [protected] and [protected] i can not say yet he is cheater or faker or lair or something might be he got stuck to response me i know his teacher Aftab abbasi he is good friend of mine hopefully he will be response well i contact number is [protected]

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  •   Oct 18, 2015

    we were having a problem regarding signals there was no update during the signals problems not i am in touch with him he is back in good supporting i have read some comments regarding ali these were not good about him and i do apologize if any fan of ali hurting i excuse for that :)
    i support him Thanks ali :)

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  • Mt
      Nov 30, 2015

    Dear All,

    Please refer to my earlier posts on Complaint Board about ali Pirzada and Dawat e Rohaniat. After all that ali sat an example of kindness and offer me full refund which I refused and matter has been resolved between, I have withdrawn my complaints to FIA ( Cyber crime). I now am unconditionally apologising Ali Pirzada, Dawat e Rohaniat and most importantly FIA cyber Crime unit if any inconvenience was caused. I now withdraw my earlier posts and again apologise all those effected. This in any form or shape is not an admission of liability nor accepting my earlier allegations were baseless. I decided this upon receipt of Ali Pirzada Kind behaviour. I wish Ali all the best.
    Ali bhai am sorry again

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