Davison Inventions / lied to, deceived, and paid $10, 000.00 with incomplete services

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I am writing about Davison and Invention Land based in Pittsburgh. Davison has taken over $10, 000.00 from me and claim they have done nothing wrong but I have been robbed. I have also been lied to, falsely misled, and pressured into signing an agreement with lies.

When Davison submitted my product concept to me in drawing form, I was very concerned that it did not reflect my concept at all. Davison does say that the final product may not look like what the person originally thought it would. I understand that, but the whole concept was different. I was given a drawing of a manual product and my concept was for it to be automatic. When I expressed my concerns to 2 of the coaches, I was told that this is to just get us in the door with a major company then they would present the automatic idea. I made 8 phone calls before I signed to make sure this was true. I did not feel comfortable with signing it, but was assured that my “automatic concept” would be really what is being presented.

I signed it under their pressure to trust them and that they needed this manual version to get a foot in the door with the company to market it. It was rejected. When I talked to Mr Vescio he claimed it was my concept. After a long conversation he admitted it was not my concept at all and he would give me a new start and they would go back to the drawing board, so to speak, and give me a new drawing of my automatic concept. It has now been 6 months and I have heard nothing.

I sent a letter giving them a chance to admit that this is not a possible product to make my concept a reality. In the letter I told them I would be happy to cancel the whole thing and requested 65% refund|. I thought this was fair since it allowed them to keep 35% ($3, 500".00) for their work even though it was not my concept and was filled with lies and deception, . I gave a June 14 deadline and told Davison that if I don’t hear from them by that date I would contact you and some other complaint organizations/.

Lastly I am a priest and I am appalled that they would lie to me with no moral objection and steal money from a minister by using lies and deceptions..

Do not use Davison for any ideas you may have'.

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  • Sc
      May 16, 2012

    Davison Inventions stole my invention And its at WalMart, Rip off ### George,

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  • Sc
      May 16, 2012

    Rotten ### took my invention that I invented not yous ### george nick willma william maridith Every one of yous had something to do with stealing my invention some day you will all pay ! Take me to court you ### or give me my invention back and the money made from it, from Angel care, Angle Care Products sells stolen inventions ( MINE ) Its at WalMart

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  • Fr
      Jul 21, 2012

    Same thing happened to me as did FRAG. I was also "fortunate" enough to have a discussion with mr vescio in which he educated my dumb butt on how great he is and how great his company works for their clients and it could take 10 times at $333 a pop to get someone to license it. They also kept putting off my concerns saying it would be taken care on in the next step, just sign the papers. I wish I would have taken my $12000 to Atlantic city and blew it !! At least I would have the memory of having a good time and possibly met some DECENT people that I could have some life memories about. The way it is now, I have a big folder with a bunch of crap from INVENTIONLAND that I could have made in my basement for TEN BUCKS.
    Stay away from them and remember what they say about their lips moving !!!
    Sign me still mad after 2 years. 7/22/12

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  • Ja
      Sep 21, 2015

    I lost $795.00 for no results with my idea, no patent search, no prototype, no picture or drawings, just some DVD's and a contract wanting $8, 770.00. I understand it takes money to get an idea going but I wanted results pertaining to my idea and never got anything, very hard lesson learned especially after being unemployed for three years and husbands hours cut back. After reading all the complaints against Davison's, I still gave them the benefit of doubt, had I of known the upfront cost to begin with, I would have never done it and Justin Garvey was great while I was paying money, when I didn't have $5, 000.00 of the $8, 770.00 it was a different attitude. I was told in the beginning $795.00, then there would be other charges, no problem but $5, 000.00 more at one time was to much when nothing had been done. I pray for people who can scam others without blinking an eye. Justin made the remark "I hate to see you let your idea go and then down the road you see on all the shelves", I'm ready for it !!!

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