[Resolved] Davison Design & Developmentinventor's scam

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I wish I had checked this site before signing Contract with Davison, I might never have had to deal with Crooks.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Beaumont, CA by Jan 2016, I had signed my Contract, and sent some$7, 000 PLUS, to this Corp, thinking, obviously like everyone else, that the Volume they deal with would be a sure sign of Professionalism. they sent me a Welcome Letter, and a DVD, to Date, nothing else has been forthcoming. I suppose it's now time to seek Legal help.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • To Mr. Dan Hoquist -

    We understand that customer service is vital in all businesses and is imperative when operating a successful business. Customer concerns upset everyone and the staff works very hard to troubleshoot them so communication errors are kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, a breakdown in communication is precisely what occurred. Specifically, the representative assigned to work with you had ended their employment and the project was not re-assigned. The project has now been assigned to an Executive Vice President who will be in contact with you promptly. Davison extends its apology for this breakdown.

    The following brief summary of events is provided as a full disclosure of events and is not intended as an attempt to excuse the lack of communication. You contacted Davison by submitting an idea for a new product. You entered the initial pre-development agreement and those services were performed. You completed a questionnaire about these initial services, providing positive feedback. Subsequently, you entered an agreement for the creation of an integrated product rendering to depict your new idea. On 03/18/2016, you informed Davison that you would be unavailable through the end of April 2016; as such no calls were scheduled for that time period. The representative assigned to the project ended her employment and the project was not re-assigned. Prior to receiving the current complaint, there has been no communication either to you or from you. As stated, Davison extends its apology for its part in the breakdown of communication.

    For over 25 years, Davison has helped everyday people prepare and present their ideas to corporations, manufacturers, and retailers to see if they would be willing to license the product ideas. Our exclusive idea to product method is responsible for more products on the store shelves than any other competitor in this industry.

    Quick facts about Davison and our process

    • We are based in Pittsburgh, PA and works with clients from around the world.
    • We have been in business since 1989.
    • Our products have been sold by over 1, 000 stores & online retailers.
    • We design, build and package products for both individuals and corporate clients.
    • Our staff of 250 plus are dedicated to helping bring new product ideas to life.
    • Our staff has won numerous design awards for innovative product designs.
    • We are a member of the Online Business Bureau and other affiliate groups.

    We encourage any questions or concerns be brought to our attention at [protected] Maybe we can help. Thank you.

Jan 09, 2017
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  • Je
      Feb 06, 2017

    Davison is a scam. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.
    "The owners of an invention promotion operation have agreed to pay $10 million in consumer redress to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceived consumers across the country. The settlement includes a cash payment of $6.9 million, plus other property valued at $3.1 million."
    This was a lawsuit settled in 2008. They also had a sister company called "New Show Studios" who ripped creative writers off as well. Chadd Murray is a thief and a liar who should be thrown in jail. They are ruining the American dream and peoples lives and should be shut down.

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  • Ca
      Sep 01, 2018

    hello i was ripped off by the tune of 699 dollars by davison by davison .an invention .i couldnt beleive the drawings of people sending him kids type drawings .?////?.i spoke to davidsin ..oh the idea of the game .eduvcation learning for kids and adults would have great fun .he could see him and his friends playing the game idea .payed 700dollars over a couple of months then when it was payed in full .i got a phone call from davisons assistant, saying to go forward with the promotion of the game i would need to pay another 4, 000 dollars i told him after i saw my boxed dvd and promotion box .nothing in it exept my name spinning about on the dvd .i told matt i was not going to pay anything else towards a product because i felt i had been scammed andthat i saw complaints about his company how davison had ripped them off .he gave the excuse they were not telling the truth about the company anything said was untrue.i beg to differ people can not slander companys online and say untruths because they could be sued for slandering any company if this is not right it would be on a complaints board of complaints i live in scotland and they would hope i never got to no how big the scam was .probably laughing at me and othes paying into there name is, , carol hall.glasgow g13 2ae.telephone number ..[protected].

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