Dave & Buster’ssecurity guard

My name is Caprisha Green I attended a family party from 2-4 at the Dave n Busters in Daly City ca on October 29th and I sat at the bar with my mom and boyfriend as the sat ate and drank there was a security guard who starred the entire time with a salty dirty filthy look on his face that made our entire vibe there so uncomfortable. The bar tender which was a woman was an excellent employee who made our stay a bit tolerable. Although the birthday ended at 4 we stayed until 6.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Daly City, CA My complaint for the second time was due to the security constantly having their eyes only on us as we sat to enjoy ourselves at the establishment we brought no trouble, or disturbance and yet as there is a whole section of people who drink at the huge bar he starred every time my boyfriend look to the left he look as if he was there for a starring contest it's super disgusting to profile. I have already posted videos of the last security guards who followed us as we were already exiting. We are good working people who don't want to drive to San Jose to enjoy arcades with our children because Daly City is so much closer. The white male was tall and bald wearing a grey security shirt. Although I know it is their job to observe but in an establishment with well over 100 people three people he watched for almost an hour is profiling at first I assume he was doing his job but even as we got up to leave he starred at us the entire time as if it was only us there and the manager was very not really interested in what we had to say. And that's when the bald guy smiled and gave a thumbs up. As if he's was insinuating that he pretty much won't have consequences for abusing his power I hope you guys do something about this thank you

Oct 29, 2017

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