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Dave & Busters / bad service

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Dave & Busters staff verbally and pysically assulted me during my visit there. I have been there many times before but never have I been so humiliated. Never visit this place!


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  14th of May, 2009
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i have a gold card with dave and busters, went every wen, with my kids, i and my kids will never go back to any dave and busters because of the way i was treated in tulsa!!! management was rude, mans name was brad and dave amuesment manager, said i was bumped a coin game, when tulsa opened was nice place to visit, i spent on avreage about a hundred dollars every wens, throw your d&b cards away; spent your money were they will resect you and your family!!!thank for making me and my family feel welcomed!!!
  9th of Jun, 2009
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Terrible Place!!! I made my Birthday party there and invited 18 people. The waitress was rude and was ignoring my friends. A different waiter took our order and said we had all doubled our meals when we had not! He accused us of lying and was not professional. They did not want to split the check because it was time consuming. The manager was the same way. He wanted things his way and did not try to make us happy in any way. They messed up out bill and did not match the playing cards to the plates. Terrible experienced!! Not recommended!!! The manager and the waiter came out laughing from the kitchen. Rude and unprofessional! This was the location in San diego.
  26th of Sep, 2009
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Beware !!...Stay Away! from this place. I was here with 25+ coworkers, together combined we spent "hundreds" of Dollars on food and drinks. We received very poor service from the staff. The "bartenders" are very RUDE!, offensive and confrontational. We had cluttered table tops as the waiters did not take away our empty drinks. also kept on carding our group in a rude manner after 4 hours of "selling" us the "same drinks". If you complain to bartender's or the so called assistant general manager named "Brandon Ball", they will offend you and throw you out on the street. These people are seriously cruel and cold hearted with no consideration and regards for their customer's. If you have a large group gathering, go elsewhere. Service was lower than "one star".There are better places to spend your $100's and receive decent and respectful service. Good Luck !!!..
  8th of Mar, 2010
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I would like to know which Dave and Busters Gus 7 went to so I do not go there
  2nd of Oct, 2010
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Hello i just left Dave and Busters in St Louis on Riverport Drive. I had a great time after spending 850 dollars and got doubled charge. I love that place and its fun but the management was an [censor] he kicked us out without saying thank you for comming, come back again, please come back, sorry you gotta go we are closing...but no we got a very rude guy named Mike saying You got to get out after speending a lot of money was not a pleasent way to end the night!!!
  2nd of Oct, 2010
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The magaement was Very Rude!! didnt like how I waas treated after spending 850 dollars...No Thank you or Thanks for comming or Sorry we are Closing but Get Out!!! Very rude!!! this was in St Louis...
  10th of Sep, 2015
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I recently busted Dave and busters in Pelham ny to celebrate my birthday with my daughters and little cousin. After spending hundreds of dollars on games I decided to eat dinner there. While I was eating my nachos I found a long hair in my lettuce. I told the waitress and she was on her way to make a new one I then told her to cancel the order. I just didn't feel to eat it since I was so turned off by the hair. Then manager then comes out and asks what's the problem. I told him the issue and he said ok they'll bring another one out for you. Explained that I didn't want a new one and he just walked away. He didn't apologize mor did anyone ask me how I was for the rest of my stay there. I paid my bill and walked out. Passing the manager who once again said nothing. I was expecting him to at least apologize and tell me to enjoy the rest of my evening or something similar. I am highly disappointed and will not be visiting that location again.
  9th of Aug, 2016
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Last week, I went to Norfolk, VA, to visit my Son and his family. He and I each got the $27.99 meal, which included the play card and my Granddaughter ordered the macaroni and cheese. We ate, played games and took home a couple of prizes. What really upset me was...
1. Seated ourselves, since there was no one at the station to eat us
2. Had to go and get our server, to let her know that we had seated ourselves.
3. The waitress was obviously stressed and it showed.
4. We the saw (we're guessing) the Manager, who was bussing some of the many tables, that were filled with plates, glasses, etc.
5. Our burgers, were actually good.
6. My Granddaughter asked if she could have a "refill" on her mac and cheese. It came in a small bowl and was about 1/3 full. She is not a big, or fast eater and I actually commented to my Son about the portion. Boxed mac and cheese!
7. Our waiter said that she would be "right back" with soda refills. I was almost empty and my Son was empty, BEFORE we got our meals. We got our refills, as we were sitting there talking, AFTER WE HAD ALREADY EATEN OUR DINNERS!
8. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with the service and portions!
  15th of Mar, 2017
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I was assaulted as well! And kicked out for no reason.. The manager came up from behind me wrestled my beer out of my hand. Shouted it was his beer for me to let go and leave his bar. He told me he would call the cops when I sat down to call the cops he asked me to leave. PAUL MARTINEZ IS AN A HOLE. got pictures of bruising on my arms and wrists.

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