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Dallas BBQ / You better read this

1 United States

I can not believe some of the things that I have seen with this company.I've frequented a few times; giving it the benefit of the doubt. What was one of the building blocks to my explosion is that I stopped by the 72 street location and I over heard a woman talking to a manager concerning a waiter and she had told the manager that he cussed at her. I refuse to get involved, but I had been a few tables next to her and she was complete piece of ###. I'm pretty sure he got into trouble too. Me, honestly taking the time to write this is RIDICULOUS because I know how much no one, honestly, cares. I laugh as I say, I hope you take into consideration that most of the customers I've seen are straight up ###. Frankly, I'm surprised some of your workers haven't decked some of them in the face. On the complete other hand, your time square location is the reason why I could not- not say anything. I hope that some of your employees there get a reality check because I would not tip them ### if I had to. I went there once and I think you'd have to pay me to go back. I cant believe im actually saying this! but, the actual glares I got from some of those employees were completely and utterly disgusting. I'm a server in Manhattan and, my god, I still wouldn't give them a dime for my sympathy. The best thing I've seen so far is those people taking pictures. I gave that girl a bigger tip then my server and Id damn well do it again. This has nothing to do with the mediocre food or even simply, "the customer being right" ###, but the fact of the matter is that for the first time in my life, i feel like Dallas BBQ has single handedly destroyed common sense and rationality and that I can hang my head undoutedly in regards to admiting that i now feel that idiots are actually taking over all of our, what once was, hospitality services. I honestly don't expect too much to happen from this, unfortunately. But, I guess it's better that someone may read this and hide it from everyone else; ignoring reality, as expected.

Jan 23, 2013

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