CVS Pharmacy / CVS Healthcvs pharmacy at west main street in waterbury connecticut

E Nov 21, 2017

I went there yesterday and called more than seven times about a prescription that was sent there and called in more then four times from my doctor's office urgent care of st. Mary's and they kept telling me they did not receive it and she kept telling me they didn't have the prescription and she kept telling me all that there is no such thing of that prescription online and instead of her telling me that they do not have that prescription in stock and relocating me to another CVS I called CVS on Naugatuck Connecticut and they told me they had that prescription in stock the pharmacist was very rude to me she hung up on me she told me that she was going to call the doctor to get me a new prescription but I thought she just told me that she did not received the prescription how unprofessional this Pharmacy has gotten and instead of relocating me to another CVS like she supposed to because that is her job as a pharmacist she instead gave me the run around and just lied and then just didn't want to do her job I had to do her job for her called another CVS and find out if they had that prescription I will never go to this Pharmacy again I've been a customer there for 17 years CVS just lost me as a customer now I will start getting my prescription at another Pharmacy I will make sure CVS will not make not one more Penny from my insurance company and for my kids prescriptions very unprofessional all I wanted was my damn antibiotic .

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