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Custom Built Personal Training / Labor Practices - non-payment of trainers

1 NH, United States Review updated:

Since taking over the Training operations at the Workout Club and Wellness Centers in NH. Custom Built has repeatedly taken money from my clients accounts after they have notified them in writing to cancel memberships. The customer service dept does not return emails or phone calls. There is no posting about the day that the paychecks will be distributed. If the pay "date" falls on a Sunday, no checks are issued. The checks are not sent to all the gyms and the managers say it is not "in their job description" to pick up the employees checks and get them to the gym, yet the trainers are not allowed to pick up the checks either. They schedule "mandatory" staff meetings the day of the meeting and notify trainers the meeting will be during their midday break(ie their time off when they LEAVE the gym). These meetings are allegedly mandatory but not posted, noticed ahead of time, nor paid! They recently stated in such a meeting they were changing pay "dates" and the trainers would receive a small check weekly until the new date was in effect. They did NOT do so and instead instituted the new dates without communicating when it would start, or posting in the clubs and made this last pay week a 3-week instead of 2-week pay period again the trainers did not find out until payday that they have to wait another 7 days. It was not noticed and no "official" word came down just rumors and overhead conversations and the lack of paychecks. They treat their clients and trainers the same. Shabbily, illegally and with disrespect. The owner of the club is aware of these issues and continues to use Custom Built even tho he is losing employess and valued customers. Bad business practices all the way around. Stay away from Custom Built. Do not work for them or allow them access to your checking account.

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  • Ca
      18th of Nov, 2010
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    I won't give my name out, but I'm a former sales manager for one of the Custom Builts in the South East. Every above complaint is true. The company screws over its trainers as well. I know this because I played a hand in it. Numerous argument broke out with the General Manager and Assistant General Manager (myself) against the trainers. The trainers were always complaining that they never got paid enough, and that they were missing hours.

    There is a system on the computer, that the trainers would log their trainer number into, and check off their training sessions. One of my job duties was to delete a couple of sessions from each trainer. It was done in such a way that the client would still be charged for their session, but a trainer wouldn't get paid for it.

    For instance, if a trainer performed 60 training sessions, we would only pay him/her for 56. If you did 30, you would get paid for 28. If you did 15 sessions, you got paid for 14. There is no way for the trainers to figure out which sessions they weren't getting paid for, so they always lost arguments against us.

    If they got to clever about it, we would find other ways to get around it. For instance, "Don't worry about those two sessions. You're getting paid for it next paycheck." If you still didn't leave it alone, we would find an excuse to fire you.

    It was a near perfect system. Eventually my conscience got the better of me and I quit.

    Custom Built, plainly put, screws over everybody.

  • Kc
      30th of May, 2012
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    This company is a scam. I have worked for them as an assistant manager and simply had to walk away because they steal people's money. Their entire goal is to lock them in to a contract, and we are talking 1, 000's of dollars worth of over-priced, low quality, training, and provide them no means to cancel their contract. My gm flat out lied to make a sale and ignores customer service issues. In my month as an assistant manager we signed up several people who wanted to cancel but were not allowed to. Additionally, we signed up several people who are still looking to schedule training but once the gm had their money they were worthless to him. I simply could not do this to people, so I tried working as a trainer and scheduling my own clients, hoping to alleviate some of the client's problems finding a trainer and their dissatisfaction with customer service. The company told me I would receive one pay rate and then provided me with a substantially lower amount. They took away commissions that I had earned and continued to lie to me about pay. Enough was enough and thankfully I quit and have found a much better job in which I help people rather than rob them blind. Please, if you have a "fitness consultation" with this company, just don't go.

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