Custom Built Personal Training / Failure to Cancel Contract

4009 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA, United States Review updated:

This company failed to cancel my six month personal training agreement nas promised. Thier disregrad of my letter of cancellation, submitted as required in our contract is totally un-professional and bordering on crimnal.

They have contionued to apply eft charges even after instruction thier local staff to blatently lie to thier customers.

They must be stopped and made to pay for these repeated violations of peoples rights.

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  • Ti
      8th of Jun, 2010

    I agree so how do we stop them? I also had thousands of dollers "stollen" from them. They are rude, disrespectful and yes crooks!

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  • Ti
      8th of Jun, 2010

    There is something in the local news here called "call Curtis" he is a news anchore and gets to the bottom of frauds and schemes I was considering contacting him. He usually gets people there money back but even if not it is LOTS of bad publicity. You are the only other complaint in CA so just wanted to inform you and see what you were doing to get your money back?

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  • Us
      23rd of Jun, 2010

    I recently became a member of the "i'm f'd by CBPT" at the In Shape in Bakersfield. I was never told about any 6 month contract, let alone a cancellation fee... even AFTER I told the [censor] that I was unemployed. My pregnant fiance (at the time) walks in and we tell the guy we have a baby on the way and it's gonna be hard to provide for our child with how this economy is going. The trainer had the nerve to say "great, now sign here". I feel like total crap because I felt this guy was sincere and didn't even bother looking at what I was signing up for! After cancelling with them personally, a month later I get screwed for another $100+ dollars then i'm told that I have to call or send a letter to their HQ. I just got off the phone with these guys from Atlanta and they tell me that I can't get reimbursed for credits that i've got with them, and that I still have to pay that $250 cancellation fee even when I was never told about it in the first place. Now I have a family to take care of, and these guys are not making it any easier for me. I'm at the edge of it all and I need serious help to get my money back from these crooks. If anyone has any information or any help they can offer, please let me know.


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  • Ch
      26th of Jul, 2010

    I'm in Indianapolis, Indiana and i sent in my cancellation letter and they was still taking the money out of my account. When i called Atlanta and asked why, I was told there is a $288 cancellation fee. I'm seeking legal help as we speak.

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  • Ks
      9th of Aug, 2010

    I also am in CA and can join the I got f'd by Custom Built Training. In the amount of $760. I have cancelled the card that they were charging to, filed a report with the Better Business Bureau about Custom Built and Club Administrative Services, and am going to get some free legal advice about fighting htis company.

    Please, let me know what information you get about legal help.


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  • Je
      9th of Sep, 2010

    i too have become a victim of custom built training! i have not had a tranier or any sessions with them since aug 6th. i have written the cancellation letter, they called me a month later leaving me a voice message stating that they have received it and yet they have been taking money out of my acct every month! today i check my acct and still another deduction from them. i have just gotten off the phone with them and the same thing as everyone else here, i wont be getting my money back and i need to send them another cancellation letter with a check or money order of $250 for the etf and that untill then nothing can be done and that they will continue to take the money out of my acct every month till then. they are so rude. this company needs to be gone befor they get a hold of another person. they dont even provide all the services that they say they do! we need to stop them

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  • La
      15th of Nov, 2010

    I canceled my contract for medical reasons and was provided with notice that they canceled it yet they continue to try to auto draft my account, trying to charge me late fees, and having collection companies call me. I can't make them stop. I can't get anyone to answer their phone. This company is horrible.

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  • Ca
      18th of Nov, 2010

    I won't give my name out, but I'm a former sales manager for one of the Custom Builts in the South East. Every above complaint is true. The company screws over its trainers as well. I know this because I played a hand in it. Numerous argument broke out with the General Manager and Assistant General Manager (myself) against the trainers. The trainers were always complaining that they never got paid enough, and that they were missing hours.

    There is a system on the computer, that the trainers would log their trainer number into, and check off their training sessions. One of my job duties was to delete a couple of sessions from each trainer. It was done in such a way that the client would still be charged for their session, but a trainer wouldn't get paid for it.

    For instance, if a trainer performed 60 training sessions, we would only pay him/her for 56. If you did 30, you would get paid for 28. If you did 15 sessions, you got paid for 14. There is no way for the trainers to figure out which sessions they weren't getting paid for, so they always lost arguments against us.

    If they got to clever about it, we would find other ways to get around it. For instance, "Don't worry about those two sessions. You're getting paid for it next paycheck." If you still didn't leave it alone, we would find an excuse to fire you.

    It was a near perfect system. Eventually my conscience got the better of me and I quit.

    Custom Built, plainly put, screws over everybody.

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