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Cub Cadet / Mtd Lawn Mower / Mower will not mow grass!

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I purchased a mid line Cub Cadet ztr mower in the Fall of '05 about 3 weeks before mowing season was over. When I used the mower I found out it would not cut taller, thin grass 'sprigs' even with repeated mowing passes. I contacted my seller (DT McCalls in Cookeville, TN) and they promptly responded, checked the mower, adjusted the deck and pronounced it fit. Well mowing season was over but the problems began again in the Spring of '06. DT McCall picked up the mower 2 or 3 more times and had their repair people check, adjust, replace blades etc. They came out to our house and tried the mower themselves. After farther adjustment their solution was 'mow the grass every day for four days, then every four days during mowing season'. How asinine is that considering we mow about 4.5 acres?

At any rate they would not take the mower, refund our cash payment of course, nor allow credit for an upgrade to a 'commercial grade' mower. At this point they have more or less wiped their hands of the whole affair. Cub Cadet/MTD never contacted us regarding the problems with this mower and has not yet. Evidently there is no living being at the Cub Cadet /MTD operation.

My problem is not isolated as I am aware of 2 other persons who bought this same lemon of a mower with the same problem. The mower looks good, starts and runs good, but will not mow grass. Now I expected a $4000 dollar 'lawn mower' to actually mow grass. Is that too much to ask?

My advice is to never ever buy a mower or other product from MTD. If you have a problem you are on your own with no help or even contact from the manufacturer.

Roger Cunningham,
Liberty, Tennessee.

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  • Ka
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    I agree totally! I bought a Cub Cadet Z force zero turn 48" mower 2 months ago and its been in the shop for 2 weeks. I have commercial contracts to maintain and I cannot fulfill them without this mower. Ron Jones power equipment is the dealer I bought it from and they won't refund or upgrade to a newer model. Cub Cadet/ MTD will not stand by their product and it was like pulling teeth trying to talk to a real live person at Cub Cadet. I have the same advice for anyone thinking about purchasing a Cub Cadet - Don't do it!! I spent $5400.00 on this mower and they took my money and ran with it.

  • Pe
      28th of Jun, 2007
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    No, my Cub Cadet lawn tractor is not broken.

    BUT, I just came from a trip to my local servicing dealer to order a new set of mowing blades.

    OK, they're out of stock- it happens. BUT, it's a "special order." Therefore,

    1. I have to pay up front, and
    2. Although the parts may not arrive for 30 days or more, there are NO REFUNDS, and
    3. I have to pay a shipping charge to get the mowing blades from the manufacturer to the dealer.

    As far as I am concerned, Cub Cadet should require that servicing dealer keep common parts for current models in stock. And, yes, this is a current model- this servicing dealer had several new ones in stock, available for immediate sale. And, surely there is no more common part on a mower than the mowing blade??

    But if for some reason a dealer's common, current parts go out of stock, then Cub Cadet should require a servicing dealer to re-order these parts WITHOUT making the customer to go through a "special order" procedure.

    If you "can't do any better" than this then you have no business selling what is supposed to be a premium product.

  • Ea
      2nd of Jul, 2007
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    I purchased from Lowe's a Cub Cadet model LT1042 lawn tractor in April 2005. Garaged, washed and wiped down after every cut (I bag everytime) and meticulously maintained. However, I am experiencing severe rust up under any and all of the of the body that is painted yellow. On Cub Cadets and MTDs website, there is nowhere to complain or inquire about such a problem and the local dealer was of no help. I call CC on the phone and rudely and curt, "Karen" repeatedly states only that rust is not covered under warranty and she could not help me. I ask for a manager or someone else, she denies me. For starters, the residential warranty that I possess mentions nothing of "rust" or "corrosion". Secondly, she REFUSED to allow me to speak to someone else. Third, this is a two year old, $1600 mower that is garaged and has less than 12 hours on it (I push mow sometimes without ever breaking the tractor out). I am at a lost for words, but I will make this a quest to get on every website and create every blog that I can to ask for help. This should not be happening to a 2 year old mower with 12 hours on it that is stored garaged.
    And for those who say "What are you doing hosing it down after every mow?" Well, it does have a power flush hook up that your hose attaches to to flush the deck with. Come on MTD, rust under paint in 2007 after 12 hours?

  • Ji
      9th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I totally agree. I went on the cub cadet web site to order blades and there web site is so non customer friendly. They have item #s that don't even exist in my book. Then you try to look the item number up that is in your book and it doesn't exist. All I want are 3- 50" blades and I am going through a whole lot of trouble to get some.

  • Ke
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    In March of 07 the temperture here in Tn. jumped to 85F. right off the bat. So I went shopping for a new mower and found a CC ZTR with 22 hp Kawasaki for $1500 plus tax.. All of the stickers says 06 model year. All in all I think 60% wasn't a bad deal. What do you think?

  • To
      19th of Sep, 2007
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    I bought the CC Zero Force 44 about 2 years ago and from day one it has not cut well at all. I had it adjusted several times and replaced the blades. I have had many cheap riding mowers with no problems at all and will never purchase another Cub Cadet product.

  • Ja
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    I purchased the 17HP 48-inch Zero turn mower in May, 2007. It ran good from the start except for a lot of vibration. In August the Throttle cabel broke and then the Clutch went out. This is the 3rd week it has been in the shop and the clutch is still on backorder. I contacted Cub Cadet and was told they are not responsible for backordered parts. So much for customer satisfaction. Do they know or even care how fast the grass grows in the South in summer? I have borrowed my neighbors JOHN DEERE to cut my yard which is about 2 Acres. Talk about shame. I won't make the same mistake twice.

  • Tj
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    I purchased a Cub Cadet 1554. As soon as the two year warranty ended, the mower had all kinds of trouble. It costed me $425.00 to fix. Cub Cadet will not stand by its product. Cub Cadet's stance is that it is a Kohler issue, not Cub Cadet. They refused to help. I would not recommend buying a Cub Cadet.

  • St
      7th of May, 2008
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    got sucked in too! ihave the m 48 the tank. right just started some side jobs w it this year and has broke down 3 times in 4 weeks it only has 245 hrs on it so far the dealer was coopertive and took care of the first t 2 things but mon 5-5-08 took the cake i'm mowing a small vacant lot in well established neighborhood when all of a sudden the left front wheel yoke snapped that 30 min job cost me 31/2 hrs and 75bucks and the really didnt want to help at all looked to me like a crappy weld job so warning take those wheel yokes apart, inspect and have them reinforced . the tank . shure it is.

  • Da
      14th of May, 2008
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    I bought a new cub cadet 1040 in may 06 it now has 60 hours on it and in the shop again.this is the thrid time in two years its been in the has been through two sets of belts new bearing for the deck a new set of blades at the end of last summer.the blades i bought for it were an upgrade and only have two cuttings on them on one and half acre.and still will not cut grass over 6 in. deep.i took it to the dealer for not cutting grass 6in. deep and the rearend making noise over too weeks ago .when i stoped in to check on it he told me the mower was going to need a new trans. so iwill mostlikely be without it for 3 or 4 more weeks. last summer it spent 6 weeks in the shop this mower is a lemmon!!!cub cadet will not stand by there product.this is a number that you can talk to a human 330 273 7400 good luck.

  • Li
      19th of May, 2008
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    I purchased the small self propelled cub cadet to do my lawn on a friday thirteen year old son came to me crying about the injury he received from the recoil from attempting to start the mower, now I am like most parents and assumed he was making an effort to get out of work. NOT!..I started and restarted the mower several times due to it's inability to hold more than two passes of clippings from our small front yard. I was absouletely disgusted when I was finishhed. Not only did the mower have a dangerous recoil, I actually moved the mower backward toward me several times before it would even start. I believe this product should be tested by consumers reports very closely. I am here writing with a sore wrist from the repeated jerking from the recoil on this mower. I returned the product to Home Depot on Monday with no problem...I was ready to defend my position but found that the employee that helped fully understood my explaination. He said he had not had this complaint before, he promptly refunded my money, but neglected to take me up on the demonstration of how unsafe this product is. I was glad to get my money back, but feel this is something that should be logged before someone suffers a more serious injury. I also advise feedback to Cub Cadet for anyone who has had similar issues, and hope they will check into the matter further.

  • Ch
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    I bought a 1042 in July 2006 and have replaced the belts three times. I had the thing serviced and it is still mowing uneven. Two of the tires on the deck touch the ground the other two don't. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the deck? I also had the blades sharpened and the cut is not good at all. If you would like to respond directly to me that would be appreciated,

    I am sick and tired of paying lots of money and getting nothing in return. I am doing to take this job on myself with the help of my two teenagers!!

  • Ma
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    Here is my coerespondence with Cub Cadet:
    The local dealer I am doing business with I do not feel is completely honest. First, I had a cracked head on my mower, my fault. I asked for an estimate and was told the repair would be roughly $180.00. Since your website listed a similar mower around $399.00+ I agreed. It took roughly a month to do the repair. When I picked up the mower they told me that it ran quite rough and that they thought it was the carburetor and that cleaning only works 25% of the time and that I should buy a new one (another $200.00). I refused and will run it as is. Once I got home and started the mower, it was extremely rough; nothing like it did prior to the repair. I had to stop the mower, when I restarted the mower, the recoil on the starter failed too, (another $68.00) I purchased the recoil and another blade I needed. After the new starter was installed, the mower won't start at all. Then I cleaned the carburetor (not done when installing a new head) and noticed that I had a gas leak. The leak was coming from the surface of the Carburetor/head interface. I loosened the bolts and notice no GASKET was placed there after they replaced the head. This would cause an erratic mower idle while running. I will not deal with this Cub Cadet Representative again. I purchased this mower based on the reputation of Cub Cadet and the great success I have experienced in the past. This year, I have spent $280.00 on a mower that still will not run. A very similar Cub Cadet is at the Home Depot for $259.00. This representative of yours should have advised me of my options prior to the original repair. Please contact me.

    What are the torque specs on the head bolts? Last night I was checking the torque and three out of the four were loose in comparison to the fourth. According to the print provided by Kawasaki on the carburetor, the repair shop removed the insulator plate and both gaskets (one on each side) and did NOT replace them. I currently went to another repair shop for Kawasaki motors and purchased these components. Total cost for the three was $2.41. The carburetor visually looked at an angle; it was obvious that something was not right. I did stop the gas leak and feel safer about leaving the mower in the garage.
    Mower still will not run.

    There respose:
    The head bolt torque spec is 16 lb/ft.

    My reply:
    Thanks, that answers the torque question, but what about the initial question on support?
    Who do I contact for answers (complaints) when my local Cub Cadet authorized repair shop is doing me (and Cub Cadet) an in-service?

    There respose:
    While our dealer network is authorized to sell and service our products, they are none the less independent businesses and we have no control over their day to day operations. If you have a dispute with a dealer, you need to address it directly with them. We do not arbitrate dealer/consumer issues since we do not have first hand knowledge of the issue.

    My final response:
    In other words,
    let them tarnish your name as long as you can keep seperated from the deal. In all industries that I am involved with, you are as resposible as they are if your name is on their sign. The only reason they got my business is that they are a CUB CADET authorized repair shop. If your logo was not on their business, I would NOT of gone there. You too are as responsible and you may need to pay attention to their business operations if they are to represent you.

  • No
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    I purchased a Z force 60" cut mower with 23 hp Kaw. engine, in June of 06. After one year I have four holes in the deck. The mower had a two year warranty. MTD Cub said, not their problem "normal wear", will not replace the deck. What can you expect from a $5, 000.00 mower? That maybe you can get more than one year of mowing out of it before the deck looks like swiss cheese. Nice outfit this MDT. Just keep on welding patches.

  • Fr
      4th of Jul, 2008
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  • Vi
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    I bought a Cub Cadet from LOWES and purchased the extended warranty which they stated would, if service were needed on the mower, pay for mowing my grass. I found out that they will pay $25.00 only... Now who would want to purchase a Lawn tractor if they could get their grass mowed for 25 bucks. That will hardly buy the gas to mow my lawn. I mow 3 acres. The mower throws belts off right and left both when you put it in gear and also when just riding along and mowing. It has been in the shop twice for this. It works when they bring it back but in a while it starts doing the same thing again. I am a senior citizen/female and I'd bet I can put a belt on faster than most technicians now.. It threw the belt off 7 times today while I was trying to mow my front lawn.. I finally gave up. I phoned for service only to find out that my extended service warranty ran out in April and neither Lowes nor the Manufacturer had any interest in helping me even though the mower had been in the shop for this problem before. Neither Lowes nor Cub Cadet Mfg. backs up their product. And it does leave blades of grass standing and I have to go over it several times and sometimes even then it doesn't cut them. I am really sorry I purchased this product... Cub CAdet LT1046. It has abt 2.5 seasons of grass mowing and I wish I had never seen it. Lowes said they couldn't help me since my extended warranty had expired and suggested I call the Manufacturer. The mfg. rep informed me that the Mfg. warranty had expired after the first year and that they had no legal obligations.

  • Ke
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    After evaluating several zero turns I bought a 60" cub cadet zero force a month ago, currently has 10.9 hours on it and this weekend the electric clutch assembly simply fell off servering a couple of wires in its fall off the mower--of course the mower wont start so I had to winch it onto a trailer to get it to the dealer.

    Bottom line I expected much better than this from a cub cadet

  • Ke
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I bought a 2005 Tank 50 inApril 06. It was my first (commercial) mower and I put 540 hours on it in that time. I did all the normal maintenance according to manual. The only big problem was an ongoing leak in transmission that Ihad in twice while under warranty. The last time was at end of year last year. I forgot to mention I purchased from a local hardware store and not a dealer (big mistake). After acouple weeks at the beginning of season this year it was again beginning to leak but I continued to use u.ntil early June. I finished mowing for the week and took to local Cub dealer who wasn't thrilled to look at it but said they would reseal for me. They called the next day and said after they put back together trans unit wouldn't work so tried it on other side and that one was in bad shape too. Of course it was 2 months out of warranty so price to fix was $980 per assembly plus labor. So far the most I have got them to do is give me the parts at $500 a piece. Any help would be appreciated. Buy the way when I got on my Gravely for the first time I found out what Iwas missing.

  • Be
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I purchased a new L 1040 last year and cut grass for 10 hours before I had problems. First is kept breaking belts and then got stuck like a break was on rear wheels would not turn at all...five trips to dealer later (45 miles away) I finally traded it in on a new one this year out of desparation and spent more money . I am so upset because now after twenty five hours on the new one It too is in the shop for the same thing...the place where I bought it are treating me like it is my fault. Gee...I have had lawn mowers all my life and mostly bought from Wal-mart cheapy ones...never any any trouble. Cub cadets suck! Never will I buy another. I have $3200 in mine and am so upset. Buyers beware...go to wal-mart and buy cheap...they last!

  • Da
      2nd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I bought a 42 in zero force on 2007. Last night the engine blew apart it had 188 hours and was well maintained. Had nothing but trouble with it from day one.Single cylinder Briggs traded for a Koehler twin. The only reason was friend works at dealer otherwise I would have bought something else.

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