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Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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What it all boils down to is that many of these big trucking companies like CRST get $11, 000 from the government for each person they send to a driving school that graduates. So they offer to send you to school and pay for it under the guise that you will work for them under a contract for 8 months in return for them sending you to school. The school charges them roughly $3, 000 and they pocket the remaining $8, 000. The recuiter has a vested interest in making sure you make it through the school. In my case, when he called I told him I had a problem with my employment/driving record and he assured me that it was so long ago that it would not be a problem (I had tested positive on breathalyzer back in 2000, no conviction). So I spent 3 weeks in the driving school even though I already had my CDL to get the required hours behind the wheel to make me ok to hire. So I go to the terminal in Oklahoma City for orientation and at 14:00 on the second day they told me I had falsified my application and was free to go. Suddenly my recuiter could not remember the conversation where he assured me everything was alright. Evidently all he was concerned about was the fact that they slicked me through the school, got the government money and he got his comission. It is a real shame that I was 100% straight up with them from the beginning and they played me like that. The guy that sent me packing said they got the report at 09:30 to let me go yet he waited til' 14:00 to tell me so I had to scramble to evacuate the sleazy hotel they put me up in and make it to the bus terminal, and yes at my expense. I am not one to piss and moan about the small stuff but there were other drivers on the bus with me with almost identical stories. I know that here are bad seeds and people who lie on applications but I am not one of them.
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D  26th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
Absolute and utter nonsense and government subsidies ~ CRST gets ZILCH from Uncle Sam or anyone else for training new drivers, and frankly you're an IDIOT for saying it. I defy you to find ANY evidence that your comment is true, because I know for a fact it doesn't exist. (Trust me on this one, I would know.) Gotta' love those ridiculous rumors though, people say the darnedest things.
A  11th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Just left today from CRST in Iowa do to a family Emergency, Family and I went over all of this with the Recruiter Sarah S before Left to go there for Trucking school. She was asked in case of a Family Emergency what happen? . Sarah S stated "we will get him back home" A family emergency came up two days of being there. I went to Sarah S and plus she received the phone call from home. She stated "I can not send you back home, you will have to get back home on your own" There I am stranded in IOWA, not knowing anyone there, my family was already over budget sending me to CRST in Iowa trucking school. Then I am told "get home on my own" you are right about CRST stranding people that they bring to their training centers. That is very sad. I know Inmates when they are released from prison are given bus fare or some sort of transportation back home. To say the least the place in Iowa felt like you were locked up in a Prison. No windows on the windows. Let me add the lunch lie Sarah S told my family and I. Sarah stated that "you will be responsible for your breakfast and dinner. CRST provide you with Lunch. Came lunch time yesterday. There were slips handed out and if you did not have a slip you had to buy the lunch that hey had there for the group that had slips. (another lie that was told). There is more, but I have already posted what my experience was like going with CRST for my CDL. I can assure you that you live and you learn. NEVER again will go back there once my family emergency smooth over. I will be looking for another company.
D  14th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
I have been with CRST for 5 months and my weekly paycheck has never been more than $300 dollars. I have been through so much with this company that it has burned me out over OTR driving. I have proof and paycheck stubs. I either spent days at a truck stop or at a terminal waiting on truck repair or a load .The worst was waiting 5 days for a repair. I spent a lot of money at truck stops just for basic needs.
N  15th of Oct, 2015 by    0 Votes
crst is a joke and their drving schools.their recruiters will promise and lie to u so fast, , my recruiter lied to me, they just want to get ppl in and fool them, i was told after I left my trainer and got with co driver we be making 50 cent split per mile and all the miles we wanted, i never saw that, my average check was 200 dollar a week.then your dispatcher want u to drive with they want and not the one u want to team with, i had 2 co drivers, first one I knew front school, he couldn't drive or back or do the paper work, i got rid of him, then I got another one, he was mental patient I guess, didnt care how he drove or anything, drove with him 3 weeks and got back to the riverside yard as I getting out of the truck the boy punch me from behind went I reported it to crst nothing happen, that show me crst hire anyone, they fired me, then send me a letter stating I owe them 6000 dollars for school and all, it stated if I go back as rehire and finish my contract up I wouldn't owe nothing, come to find out they will not rehire me, so that telling me they can fired anyone understand and want them to pay them for the contract, they are ripping ppl off and messing up their credit
N  11th of Feb, 2016 by    0 Votes
I would like to respond to a few of the issues I read from the initial complaint article, as well as the follow-up comments. Please read to the end before you throw me under the truck. Many of the arguments are spot on correct, however, I do think some attention should be paid to a larger issue the commercial truck driving industry is facing. Yes, government tax money has become a very real part of the recruitment/hiring process. Yes, the initial pay rates are VERY low. Yes, there are quite often issues with employment/driving/legal histories the applicant may not even be aware of on their own until the background checks are performed. These (as well as many other issues involving housing/food/personal essentials/etc.) are very real unfortunate details, but, this is where it becomes even more muddy in trying to understand and/or resolve these issues. First, these complaints do NOT apply only to CRST, they apply to any major company. To get your foot in the door with commercial class A trucking, unless you have a personal connection with someone who is willing to take a chance on $200, 000 worth of equipment with a new hire locally, you must go through the process of earning your way via the long haul system. That typically means finding a large company with deep pockets - that can support the logistical costs of wrecked trucks, accident/product recovery/personal liability costs, and so on. Trucking companies try to protect themselves by weeding out applicants (no matter what any recruiter tells you) throughout the hiring process. Many of the things listed above can be (in many cases) simply a way to thin the herd. I'm not saying I approve of it all, but I do know a little bit about it. Any new hire into the trucking industry needs to be aware that someone is going to check EVERYTHING about them that can give it the edge. The prospect of making $50, 000 a year from the start (as printed on the sides of most of the truck driving school trailers around the United States) is another huge lie. Whether you get half of the truck's miles (team drive set-up), or a start up trainee pay rate, don't expect to see much more than $300-$350 (before tax) a week for probably the first 8 months to a year. Don't expect to go home (unfortunately - even for family emergency situations) any more than once every couple months, and expect it to be on your dime. Remember, these are basically feeder companies, hiring newbies, who exist primarily on the subsidy moneys they receive. Think about it, if a company has a turnover rate of almost 100%, they don't keep enough drivers long enough to get a large return on their investment. It may not seem so, but these large companies do spend quite a large sum of money on the housing/feeding/training of their new hires, only to lose almost all of them usually within the first calendar year to attrition or the advancement of the new hire to a more stable long-term type of employer. I personally wish the very best to anyone who becomes an OTR truck driver. This industry has been VERY good to me for a long time, and I still enjoy the life on the open road. Just remember, do as much homework on ANY company you apply to as a brand new CDL A driver as you can. Hang out at a local truck stop (if nearby) and talk to drivers - be sure to check first and see if they have a couple minutes (please keep it brief - sometimes we really don't have any extra time right then). Whatever you are told, expect less - you are the new puzzle piece in a system that has been around for a long time - it takes time to figure out how things really work in any industry. Take care and be safe! Oh, BTW, I worked for and trained for CRST for quite a while, worked rather closely with their recruiting and fleet supervisor departments, have since moved on to opportunities better suited to my desires, and actually do have many happy memories (as well as a few that still make me cringe) of my time with that company.

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